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12 ideas for a content plan to increase the number of views on Telegram

Everyone who has a blog faces the same problem. Creating a content plan can be challenging because ideas can quickly disappear. In this article, we present 12 ideas that can be adapted for any social media platform - if you want to increase the number of views on your Telegram posts or need fresh material for other platforms, try one of our recommendations.

  You can repeat these types of posts from time to time, keep them traditional, or adapt and change them to suit your audience's needs. One thing is for sure: these types of posts will add freshness to your feed and make you stand out from the crowd.




People love posts that compare two or more things. And the best part is that they are suitable for any niche: two cosmetics or two films, two restaurants or two cities, two airlines or two cryptocurrencies and their market potential. The list is truly endless. At the end of the comparison, subscribers are invited to share their thoughts on the topic.


Behind the scenes


Behind-the-scenes moments bring you closer to the audience. People will be interested to know what goes on behind the scenes. The only downside to this type of posting is that it cannot be used frequently. At the end of the day, this content is more about building trust with subscribers than providing them with something valuable.

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Quick tip


In 2023, people are overwhelmed with information. They don't have time to read long posts filled with unnecessary information. So now is the time to show respect and be as short as possible. If you know something that will help your subscribers and can explain it in one or two sentences, feel free to share this tip on your channel.

  For example, you could make it a habit to send a new short tip to your channel members every Monday morning. This will create a certain pattern in their mind and they will look forward to your posts.


Honest posts (revealing secrets)


Another type of content that people love. By sharing what others wouldn't talk about, you can earn the trust and respect of your audience. Such revelations attract more views on Telegram posts than regular posts, and you will notice a spike in engagement, such as comments and reactions.




Many people tend to think that FAQs are only for store owners, but that is not the case. For example, you can create FAQs about upcoming movies (for movie blogs), books, fashion trends, any event or subject. Even if no one asks you a question, you can use your imagination to create an FAQ article.


Advantages and disadvantages


Another great type of article that people enjoy and tend to read to the end. Explain to your followers the pros and cons of any event, thing, item, idea or concept. Finally, ask for opinions. This will help you collect comments.

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Discuss trends


Knowing your audience and their preferences makes it easier to connect with them on different levels. Discussing trends and current events in your niche (or in general) is another idea for bonding. There's always something trendy going on, so you can give your opinion on it or ask the channel members for their opinion.


Niche and similar topics


Bloggers who complain about lack of content ideas are simply not looking around. There will always be something to write about. Try starting a discussion about something related to your niche and if you don't get the expected results, move on to another idea.


User Content


This is content created by users on your behalf. This can be reviews, comments, photos and anything else that channel members or clients share with you. Of course, always ask permission to use a post or photo before you publish it.

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Motivational Quotes and Photos


Another great idea for morning posts and traditional posts. Quotes are the easiest and best way to inspire people, make them think, laugh, encourage and motivate them to action. And the best part is that quotes are suitable for any type of blog. 



This post encourages followers to help each other: give them a topic and let them start a discussion. This could be anything from simply choosing a movie for the evening, or recommending a country to visit on your upcoming vacation, to talking about what you feed your pets. There is no need to stick to niche topics. Any fashionable topic will lead to a long and heated discussion.


Showcase your values


Sometimes you can step away from niche topics and talk about your values and life choices instead of just providing useful information. By showing what is important to you, you become closer to your subscribers and understand that you share the same values and life principles.

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