Накрутка просмотров бот телеграм

How to easily get subscribers to your Telegram channel: four illustrative tactics

Telegram channels are one of the best ways to stay in touch with a loyal audience. Many bloggers decide to “leave” the unstable and profit-oriented Instagram and try their hand at this messenger. Some of the most popular channels already have thousands of subscribers. But to reach such heights and get subscribers in the Telegram channel. Or it's too late. Promoting a brand on Telegram is different from posting videos on YouTube or videos on Instagram. There is no algorithm to show your posts to others. Users subscribe to public channels that interest them and receive notifications as if they received a message in a group chat. Therefore, traditional methods of attracting attention (hashtags and sponsored posts) do not work.

Here are the four best ways to grow with Telegram. Be sure to combine all of these methods and post regularly to see the results of your efforts.


Cross promotion

We recommend one of the easiest ways to increase the number of members on Telegram. As your posts are shared by Telegram users, more and more people will come to your channel. Cross-promotion (or mutual PR) is when two channels promote each other for free, effectively “exchanging” audiences.



- There is no guarantee of attracting new participants;

- To make a channel “attractive” to potential subscribers, it must have at least 5,000 participants;

- It can be difficult to find similar channels for mutual PR.


If your channel is still new, ask your friends to share your posts with their friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is always an excellent promotion tool. However, if you need to attract a large number of channel subscribers, move on to the next tip.


Buy Telegram members from a reliable supplier


Once you've created a channel and invited a few friends, the burden of growing an unknown blog falls on your shoulders: let's say you get 100 or so members (most of whom you know). How will you develop further?

Of course, using the Telegram panel. This is the only way to break through the glass ceiling on the path to success, and Prosmmtop can help with this. We offer a comprehensive approach to promotion and affordable services.


Take a look at Telegram's SMM services:

- Unengaged group/channel members

- Post views

- Reactions of all kinds

- Comments

- Voting


We constantly update our services so that all users receive everything they need to develop in Telegram. Our inexpensive SMM panel is your reliable partner and assistant. Real users will be happy to join your channel when they see activity on it.

By the way, look at what niches will help you get subscribers on Telegram in 2023. This can help you make the right decision regarding the topic of your blog.


Promotion on social networks


Thanks to the huge number of social networks that people use every day, promoting your Telegram channel is easy and free - share the link and channel name on Quora, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Don't forget to mention your social media accounts .


Don't forget about your social media accounts - some of your Instagram followers may not even know you have a great channel. This will certainly help you gain subscribers to your Telegram channel, although the number may be surprisingly small.



- This type of promotion requires a lot of free time;

- Your comments may be buried among thousands of other comments;

- There are no guarantees (you may end up wasting your time). Use other Telegram groups.


Attracting new subscribers from the outside can be difficult, but most people are happy to look at your channel while on Telegram. One of the most effective ways to promote is to find out where your target audience is and comment on other channels (not links or ads). This will help you attract more Telegram members. Your job is to find channels that are very popular in the same niche as your channel. You join them and start leaving professional comments on the discussions in the hope that people will become interested and check out your blog.

  Again, your posts should not look like spam or undermine the authority of other channel authors (this can get you banned). Be polite, interact with other participants, and try to appear professional.



- Requires a lot of time and dedication;

- There are no guarantees;

- They may suspect subscribers of “stealing” and ban them.


These are four ways to increase the number of participants in your Telegram channel. When you combine all these methods with quality content, the results can be impressive. However, there are also promotion methods that are not worth your time. They are the ones who will not help you increase the number of subscribers to your Telegram channel.

  In this part we will show here are some bad marketing tactics that can waste your time and have zero effect.

Below are the important disadvantages of promoting on Telegram:


1. manually adding users from your contact list. This is because it's rude to force them to go to your channel if they don't want to. Instead, send everyone a link and politely invite them to check out your creations.

2. Buy paid shares on other channels. It is unknown how such advertising will end. What if the channel owner uses the Telegram panel to increase the number of reactions and subscribers?

3. Don't waste time adding your channel to the directory. Focus on attracting your target audience in the messenger.


Final thoughts on attracting new members to Telegram


As a channel manager, you should always know which methods attract new audiences and which are dead ends. Discard what no longer helps or works and always look for ways that work for your followers.

  The path to attracting more Telegram members is not easy: you can't just buy Telegram members and expect your channel to magically grow. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and try to improve your content daily.