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7 myths about SMM panels for Instagram

The most popular myths about using SMM panels for Instagram


Promotion on social networks is surrounded by many rumors and speculations. Recommendations and advice spread across the Internet faster than the plague. Today Prosmmtop aims to dispel seven popular myths about SMM panels for Instagram.


People trying to promote their blogs or stores on a social network have millions of questions about how the algorithm works and how to successfully promote. Buying likes and followers for your account is sometimes considered a risky activity. At least that's what numerous websites say. We want to prove that using a cheap SMM provider is simple, affordable and absolutely safe.


Let's look at seven rumors.


Myth 1: Instagram follower panels are useless.


Many so-called experts claim that buying Instagram followers will not bring any benefits. However, it is not.


First of all, this is a great opportunity for new blogs to get into the top 1000. No matter how good the content is, users will always look at the number of subscribers before clicking the subscribe button. Like!" and the number of subscribers is the measure of success on the Internet, never forget about it.


At the same time, practice moderation and don't buy more activity than you need. 10,000 likes on one post is tempting, but it will look ridiculous on an account with 500 followers. Choose a panel that offers a variety of options - and start by ordering a few likes and followers.


Prosmmtop is an inexpensive and reliable dashboard for Instagram followers, likes and comments. We work with all accounts (public and private) and offer more than 300 services for all popular social networks.


Myth 2: Buying likes and followers is a scam


While the best SMM panels can boost your stats quickly, organic growth can take years. However, these likes and comments are not genuine, some users believe. But don't be fooled - likes and comments still matter.


If you want to spend all your time coming up with catchy captions and ways to attract your audience, we can't stop you. But we want you to know that there is another way. And given that Instagram uses algorithms as well as special ranking systems to “mix” our accounts, we may need outside help.


By the way, Instagram likes and subscribers, it is very naive to believe that no one uses the service for subscribers. Why do you think SMM panels for Instagram are in such demand? Because people have tried these services and are happy with the results; Prosmmtop has completed more than 7.7 million orders - isn't this a sign of high quality? Join us today and try it out - we offer all new users free Instagram likes and followers.


Myth 3: You won’t get quality services from cheap SMM providers


Every article about Instagram follower panels literally screams, "Don't buy this. You'll get useless bots." However, the quality of services has improved significantly. Today, you can get loyal Instagram followers, meaningful comments, and likes that won't go away.


Cheap SMM providers can also offer quality services. At Prosmmtop there are options for every budget - you can get thousands of real followers who will not unfollow you. Our SMM services for Instagram All of them have a detailed description: in it you will find information about the cost , account replenishment options and speed of service. Get exactly what you need from our best SMM panel. Myth 4: Dashboards don't improve engagement.


Likes!", comments and followers are statistics that everyone can see on Instagram, but there are also the number of views, reach, impressions and saves of posts and stories. Only the account owner can see them. However, they are also important.


With Prosmmtop you can get the following services for Instagram


New subscribers (real or bots);

Views of your IGTV and videos;

Reach (shows the number of unique users who saw your posts).

reach and impressions by hashtags

High-quality likes for your posts. .


As you can see, a good Instagram followers dashboard can help you improve all your key metrics. But don't forget that your blog should be interesting too - post photos, write captivating captions and communicate with your audience. Find more tips for successful account management here.


Myth 5: It costs money.


Building a strong social media influence can be quite expensive. However, cheap SMM providers can also offer budget options. It all depends on the size of your blog or store. For example, if you only need to buy 1000 likes and followers, it won't cost much. However, as your blog continues to grow, the costs of maintaining it will also increase.


As a rule, the cost of SMM panel services for I Instagram depends on


- Fall speed

- Account type (bot or real)

- quality of attracted accounts (comments from accounts without avatars and publications are cheaper);

- the country in which the account is registered.


Prosmmtop has 319 options to suit every budget. Find out more about our services and prices here. Choose what suits you now and come back later.


Myth 6: Your account may be banned


You've probably heard that using SMM panels for Instagram can get you banned. If this were true, there would only be 100 accounts left on Instagram. This is because the platform does not penalize over-activity. All fake accounts and similar ones will be deleted.


However, there are a few things that can lead to a shadow ban or account suspension. Posting inappropriate content (such as nudity) is against community guidelines. Other people may complain about your posts, but the fact that you like them from cheap SMM providers will not make any difference to the fact that you received a like from a cheap SMM provider.


Myth 7: Promotion is possible without an SMM panel for Instagram


There are several ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram, but none of them are as effective as SMM services. Promotion in apps is expensive and requires hiring an SMM manager, paid advertising from influencers may not work, and LikeTimes can lead to a ban. Don't waste time on ineffective promotion methods.


With the help of a top SMM panel like Prosmmtop, you can improve all the necessary statistics. Our service is safe to use - we don't require your Instagram login details or password. Create an account, top up your balance and select the services you need.