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Use these tactics to increase your Instagram followers in 2023!

Growing followers on Instagram is not easy. Social media is all about keeping up with the times, but bloggers struggle with these innovations. If you feel lost in this advertising game, read this article to understand how to increase your followers on Instagram.


We're not going to reinvent the universe, but we will show you simple and effective tactics that will ensure consistent growth in your account. From free promotion methods to SMM panels for Instagram, we've collected everything that will help you reach more people organically.


Try these tactics.


Switch your account to a business profile


Start with the most important rule. If you haven't switched your account to a business profile, you shouldn't even think about promoting it. Go to "Settings" and select the appropriate description of what you do, such as "personal blog", "shop", etc.


Why this step is important


1- You will have access to statistics - you will be able to better analyze user behavior and see other important indicators.

2- You can let the app know that your account is not just a private account for sharing photos with family and friends.

3 - this increases your chances of getting on the “reviews” page (after all, Instagram only promotes business accounts).


Once this step is completed, it's time to create a profile that everyone will want to follow.


Show why people should follow you


One of the main ways to increase your Instagram followers is to show people that they need you. Just like you do on social media. Of course, with the help of smart self-presentations.


There's nothing better for Instagram than a profile bio. This is the first thing a visitor to your page reads, and you have the chance to make that first impression truly memorable.


What to Add to Your Bio Something that tells people why they should choose you over thousands of similar blogs. Does it offer practical advice on how to achieve financial security? Do you read self-help books and write weekly reviews. People are desperate for life advice and are looking for it on the Internet.


Add popular places to your stories, videos and posts.


It may not be a secret, but people forget this all the time. Tricks like these help increase your audience reach (so that people check out posts from specific locations). This will lead to your audience becoming interested in your blog, which will ultimately lead to more followers on Instagram.


Consider adding geotags to your stories and posts if you


- You live in a beautiful tourist place;

- You travel to popular places and use photographs in your blog; or

- You want to target an audience living in a specific location.


Improve your post with SMM panel for Instagram.


Believing in organic growth in 2022 is a rather naive idea. For example, when posts and videos are accompanied by hashtags. But the truly successful blogs are at the top of the list thanks to cheap SMM providers. Take advantage of this service.


With Prosmmtop you can get all the types of promotion you need: order likes and comments that will improve your reach or increase the number of views on your stories and videos, without dumping posts. Our services are cheaper than other promotion methods.


Post at the right time


By posting your content at the right time, you will get more views and likes on Instagram. Instagram is guaranteed to get you more views and likes. As you probably know, recent posts are prioritized - when users open the app, they see the most recently added content. Knowing when your audience is most active will help you gain more followers on Instagram.


Analyze the behavior of your subscribers in the settings and publish Stories and posts immediately before they appear online. This usually happens at night (before everyone wakes up), at lunch (when everyone is eating) or in the evening (when everyone leaves the office).


Conduct an experiment and observe people's reactions. Take notes and, based on the audience's behavior, note the best time to post. If something goes wrong, you can always improve your statistics using the SMM panel for Instagram.


Use user-generated content


Not many people use this technique, but by leveraging your existing audience, you can significantly increase your Instagram following. Encourage users to tag your profile name in stories and posts, which will encourage them to check out your page.


Don't forget to thank all users for sharing your content (in comments, private messages, or simply by sharing stories in which you are tagged).


Don't be afraid to experiment with formats


Sticking to one type of content is dangerous: our minds get tired of repetitive things very quickly. Use all the features of Instagram - Stories, Live, Reels, Posts - to make your blog better and more interesting. Play with style and presentation and see how your subscribers react.


If your audience is not happy with your experiments, use an SMM panel for Instagram to improve the reach and statistics of unpopular posts. Prosmmtop has almost 500 services - join us and get more likes! This way you will get more likes, views, savings and reach. And, of course, learn from your mistakes.


Share more often and you will get more followers on Instagram.


Instagram loves when users are active. If they check your stories, like your posts, and are willing to communicate with you via private messages, it can be assumed that your blog is actively developing. Apps promote content that users like.


Even if the content is objectively good, subscribers may not leave a reaction. You can remedy the situation with the help of an inexpensive SMM provider - Prosmmtop allows you to buy any type of activity, including comments in several languages. Check out our services.


Weekly results analysis


Promotion consists of many aspects, and regular analysis is one of them. As a blogger, you can't eliminate this part. Seeing people's reactions to your stories, posts and videos is part of this process. If you really want to know why people come and go, be sure to conduct a weekly analysis.


If you're serious about promoting on social media, don't think it's an easy path to an ever-growing loyal audience. Growth is a difficult process, but with quality content and a little help from an Instagram social media panel, you can achieve great results.