Why fast Instagram likes are still important for a blog

Have you also noticed that the number of likes on Instagram has been treacherously falling lately? This is not a myth, but a reality! Our favorite social network is once again changing its internal mechanisms, and real users suffer from a lack of understanding of what to do next and how to increase likes on Instagram.

Even with the ability to hide the public number of likes under posts, they are still an important metric for many brands and bloggers. Likes reflect the engagement of the audience in your content, so if you want to be recommended, you need a quick boost of likes on Instagram under posts.

In this article, we will share 10 ways to improve your content and, as a result, increase your likes on Instagram. We will give both free recommendations and advice to order promotion on Instagram - use every idea and raise your account to new heights!

Free and paid tricks on how to increase likes on Instagram

There is nothing easier for the user than to like on Instagram - just double-click on the post. But why do people do it less and less often?

The reasons for this can be endlessly enumerated. And here is just the tip of the iceberg:

· Your content does not have a “wow effect”. Roughly speaking, he

People don't want you to know they've seen your post

· The hashtags you have chosen do not work

Users envy you

There are too many of you in the feed

They just forget

This list could go on and on, but we are not here to discuss this issue. We want to tell you how to increase likes on Instagram using simple free tricks or order promotion on Instagram. Both ways are equally important if you are serious about growing your blog and brand.

Without further ado, let's look at 10 ideas on how to get more likes on Instagram!

1. Proper use of hashtags

What do most people do with this valuable promotional tool? They spend it on spam, tagging their posts with high-frequency tags #InteriorDesign #summer or #nature. What actually works is being more selective in choosing hashtags.

First, create a unique hashtag for your brand - perfect for both business accounts and personal blogs. Always add it to your posts. Encourage people to follow your unique tag (yes, we can now follow hashtags too) if they don't want to miss new posts.

Second, add some low frequency hashtags specific to your niche. Do you organize weddings or bake trendy bento cakes to order? Find relevant tags for your niche and use them.

Thirdly, create a note on your phone with a selection of hashtags. It's time to get serious about your blog! Later, it will be easier for you to select the 20-30 tags you need for a new post.

Together with this technique, we recommend ordering promotion on Instagram. If you see that the selected hashtags are not working, you can always buy a few hundred likes to increase engagement.

2. Write an interesting description for the photo

There is no need to write a three-volume novel under each publication. You can make the description short and concise and still get a lot of likes. Here are the best tips for creating captions that will help you quickly get likes on Instagram:

Start with an attention-grabbing phrase (but avoid cheap clickbait)

· Write in short sentences. People have no time to understand your phraseological units

Give favor in your posts

· Ask questions

Use a call to action (“subscribe”, “join”, “come in”, “buy”, etc.)

Motivational quotes (do not forget to indicate the source)

Analyze your previous posts and see what users liked the most. A poetic description of your weekend? Create something like this again! Funny story from your childhood? It's time to share another one.

3. How to increase likes on Instagram using geolocation

Location is another great way to get more people to see your post. If you don't add a geotag, you'll lose a lot of user attention.

However, even 100 thousand post views rarely translate into the same number of likes. We still recommend buying likes on Instagram and ordering blog promotion. Prosmmtop has a ton of options for newbies and big accounts.

4. Post user-generated content

People are fed up with the “artificial life” of Instagram. Show them something real for a change. Do you sell sneakers? Place a photo of the family in your product in the feed, and not just a photo of shoes against a wall or box. Do you share useful recipes on your page? Make a carousel of the top 10 dishes prepared by your followers.

This advice is suitable for any account - personal blog or business. And yes, people love it when they see their photos on someone else's Instagram. So give your subscribers and clients a moment of glory - here's a real trick for you how to increase likes on Instagram, norwhat for this without doing.

5. Spy on your competitors

Where do you get inspiration and ideas for your posts? In your head? Well, we have some very bad news for you. In this case, just buying Instagram likes can help you get more reactions.

There's nothing wrong with seeing what works for other blogs in your industry or a related one. After all, competitor blogs can be a great source of inspiration and fresh ideas. Moreover, it is important to follow more successful accounts in your niche and interact with them constantly (for example, leaving comments). Why? Because their followers can become yours!

6. Order promotion on Instagram

We've been going around and around this topic for a while now. Now it's time to tell you straight: ordering promotion on Instagram is a must if you want to see fast results. Prosmmtop offers over 270 services for all social networks. Visit our website and find the option that suits you in terms of price and quality - subscribers or likes without write-offs, views of posts and stories, and much more. Each new user of our service can also take advantage of a free trial offer for a quick boost of likes on Instagram.

7. Share memes on the topic of the blog

Even the most serious blog should have room for a joke. Show the audience that you have a sense of humor. There is no better advice on how to increase likes on Instagram than posting a meme that resonates with people. By the way, according to statistics, it is memes that people send to each other most often.

Tip: Dedicate a specific day of the week to posting memes. See how your subscribers react. In case of low response, buying Instagram likes will fix the situation.

8. How to increase likes on Instagram with personal content

Important events like weddings, baby showers and birthdays are guaranteed to grab attention. If you need a quick boost of likes on Instagram, be sure to surprise your audience from time to time.

Here are some examples of such wow-posts where you don’t need to get married at all:

Birthday (great for both personal and business accounts)

Buying a dream

HYIP or trending topics, such as the series "The Squid Game" or the Olympic Games

Graduation or education

Meeting with a media personality

Sudden change in appearance

Check how your subscribers react to this kind of content. If it seems that nothing will warm their hearts and make them click on your post twice, then buying Instagram likes will solve all problems.

With Prosmmtop, you can decide for yourself how many likes each of your posts will get without waiting for the mercy of the audience. Register now to take advantage of our free trial offer! While you are postponing the promotion order on Instagram, others are already promoting their blog with might and main!

9. Get Instagram likes fast with contests

Yes, we know what you are thinking right now. Contests mean you really have to give something away. For free. However, it doesn't have to be a luxury car or a trip to the Maldives. You can choose as a prize a postcard from a beautiful place or a big discount on your products. There are so many inexpensive things to offer in exchange for a quick boost in Instagram likes!

10. The easiest strategy to increase likes on Instagram

When all other audience engagement methods and techniques fail, nothing works better than simply asking. Be polite, don't push or demand. Remind people to like or save your post. Yes, in theory such “begging” may look stupid, but it works 100%!

And, of course, do not forget that the fastest way to get likes on Instagram is to buy Instagram likes! Start promoting your blog right now with the help of SMM services from Prosmmtop. Our site knows exactly how to increase likes on Instagram in a few hours!