Как накрутить подписчиков в телеграмме

What to publish to attract subscribers to your Telegram channel: main types of content

There are not many strategies for attracting subscribers to a Telegram channel. In fact, the right niche and a good script are the two pillars that make users click the join button. However, this is easier said than done. In this article, we'll look at what kind of content people expect when they open your blog.


From the very beginning of your channel, you must demonstrate your competence. This means working on every post, making sure the information is correct, and only uploading high-quality images and videos. It is important for channel owners to disseminate deep knowledge on a particular topic.


We have not yet decided on the main topic for our channel. Read our article “Which Niche Will Help You Get Telegram Followers in 2022” to get an idea. Remember that you must love the niche and demonstrate your expertise in it (or at least be able to Google it).


Differences between Telegram and other social networks


Do you already have a blog on Instagram or YouTube? it won't work in Telegram.


Here are some unique features that will help you better understand how Telegram works


- You don't need to write every day;

- You are not forced to shoot a video or write 10 stories every day to get more subscribers on Telegram;

- You can attach files of any size to your posts (even one movie).


To make your channel more attractive to new subscribers, you need to use the Telegram promotion service. Creating activity on your blog is the best way to get people engaged.


What content will attract users?


When choosing this social network, focus on the quality of posts: since promotion on Telegram occurs mainly through word of mouth, make sure that each post is interesting, informative, funny and useful for your audience: life hacks, DIY projects, movie/TV series lists, educational content, etc.


Topics should be relevant to a large number of people. Your job is to make users feel connected to your post and respond by leaving comments, sharing it with friends, etc. Here are some examples of viral posts


- Office tattoos: to cover or not to cover.

- Cafe with dogs: yes or no.

- Popular books on (time management/investments/vacations, etc.).

- Fun communication games for parties.

- Top X films worth watching with your partner.

- Must-see places in city X.


Once one of your posts goes viral, use Telegram's low-cost dashboard to increase engagement on other posts. This will give the impression of a popular blog and encourage people to join the community.


Create interesting posts in your Telegram feed


Engagement is critical to growth. It helps to start a dialogue with the audience, increase reach and engagement. Not every post has to be a story or opinion of the channel owner. Asking your audience about their preferences is also important for building good relationships.


Try different types of interaction, such as polls, questions, “share your breakfast/pet/workplace in the comments,” and quizzes. See how your subscribers react and track your level of engagement. If necessary, use Telegram advertising services to increase engagement. This way you can stimulate real user reactions. If you notice that channel members are not showing much interest, buy post views on Telegram. You don't have to entertain your audience with new posts every hour, so you can focus on creating truly valuable content. Let's look at how to improve the quality of your publications.


Structure of a good publication


The good news for all channel owners is that you don't have to post every day on Telegram. Users get bored with too much information and it loses its value even more. The best promotion strategy is to spend a lot of time and effort on each new post so that subscribers want to share it. Luckily, Telegram has tools to help you create top-notch posts.


Here is a step-by-step creation plan:


1. Write the text (or hire a copywriter). Make it informative, concise and useful.

2. Prepare your media files. As you know, Telegram allows you to publish all types of media files, including photos, images, videos, YouTube videos and audio. Choose high-quality files.

3. think about good formatting. It is very important to divide the text into several paragraphs - one paragraph = one thought. Use different fonts and styles, highlight certain parts, or use icons.

4. Insert links into words and phrases.


Try different types of posts and see what your audience responds to. Don't be afraid of failure. If you notice low engagement, buy views on your Telegram posts.

Keep your content varied


Telegram is a great platform for I express my creativity. The same types of publications (text + photos every time) will bore your audience. To attract subscribers to your Telegram channel, you need to combine all types of publications: expert texts, videos, photographs, audio and video messages, voices, etc.


It's important to not just publish posts. Try to track people's reactions to each post. This will give you feedback and the opportunity to improve. The moods and needs of your followers change quickly, so you need to stay one step ahead - and don't forget about Telegram feeds, which can be a great way to get your message across to your subscribers. An inexpensive service will help you improve the statistics of unpopular posts.


Content to Avoid


Diversity is the main reason for the existence of many social networks: YouTube is a huge video library, Instagram is an excellent photo album, and Telegram is information on selected topics. When choosing a platform to create a blog, you need to look for content that is inappropriate there.


Here are the five main prohibitions on Telegram:


- Spoilers for films or books

- Too complicated facts

- Extremely personal opinions

- Unconfirmed information

- Lifestyle content


Visit our blog for more helpful social media marketing tips. Creativity, professionalism and timely use of Telegram promotion services will take your blog to the next level.