High-quality Instagram promotion: is it worth buying likes?

The need to have your own Instagram account touches all areas: if you are not in the virtual world of social networks, it simply means that you do not exist. This applies to both business and ordinary people. And if for some people the number of likes on Instagram under their posts means nothing, then most users still strive to build a successful brand - for example, by promoting their services or products.

We will not go into details about what role social networks play in your business or personal brand and will go directly to the main thing: how exactly you can ensure high-quality promotion of Instagram and what methods are considered organic and effective.

In this article, we will compare the use of an SMM provider and the usual (free and paid) ways to grow on Instagram. The following aspects will be considered:

growth from scratch (for new accounts)

advertising from influential bloggers or SMM services

account growth rate

The quality of likes and followers on Instagram

Instagram Promotion Tools

The task of growing an audience on Instagram from scratch is quite difficult. Of course, hundreds of guides and recommendations have already been written on how to attract the first thousand subscribers, but for some reason not everyone manages to “break through the ceiling”.

Some users believe that they can achieve heights with free methods and hard work. This means that their daily task will be to create interesting and high-quality content, engaging stories and other steps to attract new people to the blog. Others do not want to spend precious time trying to prove their reputation through thorns. What helps them achieve the desired results? Instagram promotion for money.


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Which path should you choose at the beginning of your Instagram career?

As common sense and basic knowledge of psychology suggests, users tend to trust accounts with a large number of followers. So no matter how high-quality your products are or how interesting or valuable the information in your posts is, if you don't have an impressive amount of followers, people will simply not pay attention to your profile. So why not promote your blog just a little bit more at the very beginning of the journey?

Choose a cheap SMM panel like Prosmmtop to check how Instagram promotion for money works. Start by putting quality content on your page – make at least 20-30 posts. Then buy Instagram likes to create activity. Add a few hundred subscribers using services - there is no need to immediately chase big numbers, for example, 100 thousand. Upon completion of these simple steps, you can exhale: your profile is ready to be seen by real people.

This method is useful both for business accounts (trainers, stores, experts, services) and for personal blogs. First you create the basis (content), then you start promotion.

Instagram promotion for money: PR from bloggers or buying subscribers?

When it comes to further promoting your Instagram account, there are several working tricks. Unfortunately, they all require certain financial investments.

Here are 3 main ways to increase your followers:

1. target launch

2. buying ads from another blogger

3. SMM provider

Let's take a closer look at each of these options.

Target is an official, but not always high-quality promotion of Instagram. It requires the deep work of an expert: creating advertising, determining the target audience, working on ads and publishing them. This is a long and slow process, which is also quite expensive.

Buying ads from influencers and bloggers is another way to get noticed by a huge number of people at the same time. For example, if a blogger with an audience of 150 thousand agrees to mention you in their stories, you will most likely get a couple of hundred new subscribers. However, no one will give you guarantees. Basically, the arrival of new subscribers depends on whether the topic of your blog or your products matches the interests of the audience of this blogger. In addition, do not forget about unsubscribing - some of the people who come will definitely unsubscribe (which, as we know, is a bad sign for Instagram).

The SMM provider offers instant attraction of any number of subscribers of your choice. For example, when using Prosmmtop, you can set the desired number yourself - from 10 to 200 thousand per order. In addition, you can choose the quality of the service - by choosing, for example, followers without unsubscribing.

If you only want to reach new audiences organically (i.e. not buying followers), increase the number of likes or views under your posts. These services are also available on the Prosmmtop website.

Instagram promotion tools: where to get followers quickly

Let's now analyze the growth rate of your blog. It's no secret that you will have to devote all your free time to blogging - leave comments under the posts of popular bloggers, collaborate with other accounts, create content (and good!) Every day, follow trends and trends. However, there is never a 100% guarantee that all that hard work will pay off and people will notice your product or blog.

Instagram promotion tools just provide this guarantee. The Prosmmtop service offers a huge range of services and a full description next to each option, including the real percentage of unsubscribes and the speed of order completion.

High-quality Instagram promotion - followers and likes without write-offs

The next aspect of our discussion is the quality of the audience. It is only natural that some people will not be loyal to you until the very end and still click on the "Unfollow" button. Don't blame yourself right away. People's interests may change, they may no longer need your product - and unfortunately, insurance or protection against human will has not yet been invented.

When it comes to SMM provider, you can always choose the option you want. The cheapest Instagram promotion options for money include bots (so don't expect any activity from them) and a certain unsubscribe rate. The same rules apply to likes.

If you are ready to pay more and promote Instagram online, be sure that the purchased number of followers will remain with you. The better the accounts you want to see in the lists of your subscribers, the more you have to pay. For example, top quality followers will have an avatar and even a few posts in their accounts.

Pros and cons of organic growth


· only real users who are interested in you and your product / service

no need to pay


May take a long time to build a reputation

daily work

· slowly

loss of potential audience (users who do not want to subscribe to small or beginner accounts)

the constant need to remind your followers to leave reactions

Pros and cons of Instagram promotion for money


· fast

available to anyone

Great opportunity for beginners

various options - likes, subscribers, views (including without unsubscribes)


These followers are not the actual audience you are interacting with.

High-quality Instagram promotion: conclusions

High-quality Instagram promotion is, first of all, what leads you to the desired goal. Instagram promotion for money is still working and remains a useful tool for a million people. This is the fastest way to build a reputation and motivate random visitors to your blog to subscribe. Services are only getting better, so now you can choose between likes without write-offs, or "designate" the geography of new followers. Try Prosmmtop's Instagram promotion tools and you'll notice that success is not as difficult as it seems.