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Why you should buy premium Telegram channel subscribers in 2024

Telegram has become a popular messenger for millions of people: it is used for work, communication and even as a social network. Every day, channels appear on Telegram covering almost all topics in any field, which increases competition for users' attention. And now channel owners are faced with another task. If channel owners want to grow, they need to attract both premium Telegram members and regular users.

News of this update was met with disappointment, but bloggers are easy to understand. After spending months or even years building an audience and becoming the top search engine on Telegram, they must essentially start all over again.

At the same time, this is good news for those with relatively small channels. Purchasing a premium account in Telegram from an inexpensive SMM provider can quickly improve the channel’s position in the search for the messenger.

Three facts about premium Telegram accounts you should know

While everyone wants messenger creators to come to their senses, it looks like we need to get used to the new reality and find ways to navigate it. People are starting to look for premium accounts because the number of regular users on a channel means nothing to its growth and popularity.

Below are three facts about premium users on Telegram and their influence:

- The more premium users join your channel, the more likely it is to rank in the top searches.

- Premium users can enable stories on your channel.

- They can buy quality services and not worry about the actual promotion.

Messenger developers make promotion difficult, but there are solutions. If you want to start publishing Stories, just buy a boost for Telegram from our inexpensive SMM provider. It's relatively inexpensive, and you can surprise your readers with additional features and information.

For a small fee, you can also attract quality channel subscribers. You can buy several premium accounts and see how it works - register on our website and start promoting without delay. Premium account is a popular service.

What Telegram Premium members can do: Stories

Since the Stories feature was added, it has only been available to users. However, recently it became possible to publish posts on the channel. However, not everything is so easy and simple: in order to include Stories in Telegram, the channel owner must receive a certain number of votes from readers. This voice is called "boost".

The idea is very simple: if 0.1% of all members of your channel support you, you will reach level one and be able to publish one story per day; if 0.2% vote, you can publish two stories; if 0.1% vote, you can publish one story per day. However, only readers with premium accounts can vote. And again, many channel owners are faced with an important question, but there is only one answer - buy Telegram's Tweak.

You can spend weeks getting real people to vote for you, or... You go to Prosmmtop and get all the quality services of a premium account: whether you need channel history activation or more premium members on Telegram, views and reactions to post - we have thought of everything.

What Telegram premium members can do: search engine optimization

Another important point for all bloggers who want to have their own channel and be seen by millions of Telegram users is search engine optimization. The problem that people had was that the messenger did not have an adequate search function. To find a specific channel, users had to enter the channel name or keyword. This part hasn't changed, and Telegram still doesn't want to implement the algorithms that work on YouTube and Instagram to serve similar content and accounts to users. However, Telegram is currently updating its ranking rules. Again, Telegram premium members are critical to the overall story and all channel owners should consider how to attract them.

This may seem like a daunting task, especially if your target audience can't afford to pay a few dollars a month for a premium subscription. However, with Prosmmtop you have the opportunity to buy premium Telegram accounts and promote your channel. The more users you have with premium accounts, the more chances you have to appear in the top Telegram searches.

Premium Telegram accounts: how to attract them to your channel

Just like with a premium subscription to Telegram! and subscribers is a sure sign that your blog is popular on the platform. Then the engines begin to push it further. As you gain more subscribers and likes, your channel's rating increases and you are seen by thousands of real users.

For example, if you want to buy premium Telegram subscribers or buy Telegram boosts, you need to analyze the total number of subscribers. Firstly, it's important to attract as many premium readers as possible - some channels have hundreds of them, so they will always be at the top of the list. As for voting (boosting), 0.1% is enough to open the Stories function and look at the reaction of subscribers.

Cheap SMM services to promote your Telegram channel

Although some services (bonuses and purchasing members) are necessary to make your promotion fast and successful, there are others.

Here are all the SMM services including premium membership that you can get from Prosmmtop:

- Buy premium members (an essential service) - they increase your ranking in search results and make your channel more visible to both readers and algorithms;

- Buy Telegram Boost (required service) - they help you activate and publish stories on behalf of your channel; And

- Publish views from premium users (additional service) - helps to “show” the algorithm that your channel has active premium readers who participate in channel events;

- Reactions from premium users (optional service) - they are also necessary to show the Telegram algorithm the legitimacy of the premium subscription.

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Premium Subscriptions on Telegram

There is a lot of talk about the new rules, and there are even more questions about how the channel will be promoted, given the current situation and the growing dependence of bloggers on Telegram premium membership. According to the messenger developer, the first few weeks of working with the new feature were positive.

Not every blog can boast a huge number of organic premium users for story inclusion or the best search engine optimization, but you can get everything you need with low-cost SMM provider Telegram.Telegram Buy bonuses for story inclusion, attract more premium users and achieve higher rankings in search results for next to nothing Prosmmtop promotions are simple, reliable and offer only high-quality SMM services.