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How to work on increasing your number of followers on Instagram?

Have you noticed that tips on how to get more followers without drops on Instagram appear almost every week? It is very easy to get lost in the abundance of recommendations. And worst of all, not all of them are equally effective. In this article, we have collected only proven methods for increasing your audience on Instagram.


Both free and paid promotion methods will be presented. They only work together, whether you like it or not. On the one hand, you can keep buying fake followers on social media, but you will never get real followers. On the other hand, organic (free) growing methods take centuries to produce the desired results. The best way to become an Instagram influencer is to combine your real efforts with the services of a cheap SMM provider.


Let's take a look at exactly what you need to do to grow on Instagram in 2022.


Enlarge your video


Rollers are not exactly a new thing, but people have not yet realized the power of this additional element. These short videos are the best way to reach thousands of people and gain new subscribers quickly. Video content is the new trend on Instagram, so if you want to grow your blog, you must follow these rules


Creating five meaningless videos a day will not help you increase your Instagram followers. There are certain requirements for uploading short videos.


For example, a million views and likes. Here are some rules for a successful video that can get


1. hold the viewer’s attention for at least three seconds (this is necessary to count the number of views).

2. use trendy music (next to popular songs there should be arrows pointing to the northeast).

3. Post the video in your feed and keep it there for at least 24 hours.

4. educate or entertain spectators.


Even the most successful videos cannot bring as many subscribers as the cheapest SMM panels for Instagram. However, today this is the best way to promote for free.


Use Geotags to Reach Local Instagram Followers


If you are offering to buy a service or product, it is a good idea to attract local people to your blog. Geotagging the location of your posts and stories will help people around you see your posts and find your page more often.


Geotags can be broad (countries, states, cities) or narrow (objects, buildings, metro stations, stores). The broader geotags you use, the easier it is to “drown” in a sea of numerous posts. Try adding more specific hashtags to your posts and stories. You can also geotag a local restaurant, cafe or store, which will publish your story for free and promote it.


Again, this option is not suitable for large growth and does not compare with quality and inexpensive SMM providers.


Break down your story into actionable bullet points.


The key word here is "useful". If your Instagram is a collection of meaningless, low-quality photos, people won't follow your page.


Typically, when a potential follower logs into your account, they will view all the available content and begin to evaluate your value. Newcomers will read a few posts, look at all your active stories (hopefully with daily additions), and check out your "highlights." This three minutes of research will make all the difference for you. And you must have the perfect account to convince random colleagues to follow you.


Don't forget about hashtags


Hashtags on your photos are very important for promotion and increasing the number of real, interested followers. Hashtags make it easier for users to find the desired post among millions of messages. Some people follow the most relevant hashtags so they can see posts from people who haven't followed them.


Hashtags can be any words or phrases that are relevant to the content you post. For example, the city you live or work in (#Toronto), product category (#MensShoes), or the type of content you share (#FluffyPancakesRecipe).


Using any hashtag is very different from using the right hashtag. Using a hashtag that is too common or popular will likely not help new people find you. Hashtags that are used by millions of users (for example, love, sun, beauty) will not lead to more followers on Instagram.


Attract followers on Instagram by interacting with other users


How to get noticed by users Make yourself known. This is a good and free method.


However, there are also disadvantages. Unlike the cheapest SMM panels for Instagram, it does not guarantee new subscribers. In addition, it requires a lot of time and real effort.


What you need to do to attract users' attention to your account.


1. register on his page (this is temporary and you can unsubscribe in a few days).

2. like several posts. for some posts.

3. leave positive comments and questions. Wonderful photos. Where do you recommend?

4. Wait for their response and check your account.


Your goal is to engage them in dialogue with you. This is why questions are preferable to neutral texts and 2-3 emoticons. As a result of these actions, some of the people you follow will join your blog as a “return favor,” thereby increasing your Instagram following.


You've tried all the free methods, but you still need to increase your followers. So you need likes and followers and other actions, it's time to buy them.


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