How to choose a trending niche and gain followers on Instagram?

Why are some Instagram accounts so popular? Trends come and go, so what was interesting today may fade into oblivion tomorrow. In this article, we will talk about 5 niches that will allow you to quickly gain subscribers. When choosing a blog topic, make sure that you really like it. There is no point in torturing yourself for the sake of success - it may not come. In addition, it is important to imagine the end result in your head. Why are you creating a business account and not a personal page for friends? Can you highlight the main idea of your blog?

Instagram has experienced a boom in topics - travel, fitness, lifestyle, cooking and much more. Let's see what's popular in 2022!


Memes have come a long way in development: at first they were funny pictures that we exchanged with friends, and now they are almost an independent way of communication. Which of us doesn't have a stock of memes for all occasions? The Instagram audience gladly subscribes to accounts with memes, because there is nothing better than a good laugh (and they are also actively shared and saved, which also affects the blog’s statistics).

Memes are an easy way to gain followers on Instagram. Here are some advantages of this niche:

· no need to create content;

· no need to think about how to sign a post;

· Publishing takes a few seconds.


Who among us doesn't like a dose of cuteness in our feed? Love for our little brothers is a great option for how to quickly promote Instagram. Accounts with horses, puppies, ducklings and foxes collect millions of likes and thousands of followers. Why don't you benefit from this too?

Pets are always a trending niche as many people have pets. But you don’t need to get a dog or cat for the sake of a blog: your account can be dedicated to other people’s pets. Photos for your posts can be found directly on Instagram - just don’t forget to ask the post owners for permission to publish.

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Traveling is the best way to gain followers on Instagram

The tourism industry is experiencing its best times in the 21st century. It seems that Instagram is already overflowing with travel-related blogs, guides and travel agencies. But demand for tourism continues to grow even after Covid-19.

According to statistics, about 90% of travelers look for inspiration for their next trip on Instagram, and 40% will choose a destination because it is “Instagram-worthy.”

You don't necessarily have to travel around the world for a travel blog. What options are there in this area?

1. Travel tips (for example, where and when to buy cheap tickets);

2. Visa support;

3. City/region guides;

4. Selling travel-related products (passport covers, airplane pillows, foldable toothbrushes, wallets, portable chargers, sleep masks, etc.).

Don’t forget about proper promotion - the more users see your posts, the faster you will achieve success. In our article “What ways to increase followers on Instagram really work?” you will find five useful promotion tips.

Motivational posts

We would all like to make better decisions and be more educated. However, instead of reading long and complex self-help books, we prefer to scroll through inspirational quotes on social networks. You can easily gain followers on Instagram by sharing your and others' wisdom with others.

If you love reading (or just have a knack for finding motivational quotes), make motivation your main theme on Instagram. By observing how people react to your posts (number of likes, saves, and shares), you can decide what type of content to publish next.

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Earn money online

We are extremely lucky to live in the age of the Internet - it has given us endless opportunities to earn money. The growing trend of entrepreneurship and startups makes people seek knowledge. And where do they go to get them? That's right, to good old Instagram. Rest assured that there are thousands of people desperate for business tips, tricks, techniques, life hacks and even motivation.

If you don’t understand how to quickly promote Instagram, choose this niche. It has enormous potential for development, and the number of topics is truly endless. Know some great startup ideas? Tell us about them! Do you have experience in online marketing? People thirst for your wisdom!

How to Stick to Your Topic

Developing the blog in one direction, leIt’s easy to become a prisoner of your topic and quickly run out of ideas. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated:

1. Ask your subscribers what they want to see on your blog. Feedback is a great way to understand people's expectations.

2. If your account is not yet very popular, you need to buy Instagram followers to create activity. Millions of subscribers will not come to an empty profile.

3. Work on improving the quality of your content (and forget about low-quality photos and videos forever).

4. “Make friends” with other bloggers in your niche - join forces in working on content.

5. Plan your posts in advance.

Conclusions: how to quickly promote Instagram using the right niche

Getting started is the hardest part of any endeavor. Don't worry if things don't go as you planned. With practice comes not only experience, but also mastery in blogging. Take action! Write down a list of blog ideas, make sure you really like them, and choose “the one.”

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