How can I gain subscribers in Telegram?

Have you decided that you desperately need your own Telegram channel, but don’t know where to start? Technically, registering a new channel will take no more than one minute, but all the main problems begin after that. Any admin or channel owner will tell you that gaining subscribers on Telegram is incredibly difficult. But today we are going to share with you a useful promotion strategy.

We don't promise rapid growth, but we will help make it less difficult and more consistent. From choosing the right niche to getting subscribers to your Telegram channel, our 8-step strategy will save you a lot of time.

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Step 1: Do Your Research Before Creating a Channel

Surely you have already thought about the theme of your channel. However, this is not enough. Before you click the “Create Channel” button, ask yourself one simple question (and don’t forget to answer it):

What value do I provide to my subscribers?

In order to constantly grow and not depend solely on getting subscribers to your Telegram channel, your channel must be attractive. In marketing, this is called a value proposition. Think about what you can offer that others don't.

Are you writing about cryptocurrencies? Let dark horses (coins with great potential) become your value proposition. Is the theme of your channel travel? Offer promotional codes for hotel discounts (or a greater discount than your competitors). In every niche you can find something that will make people choose you over dozens of similar blogs.

Step 2: you need to buy Telegram subscribers

Once the key elements of your channel (name, description and photo) have been added, we recommend promoting your Telegram channel using the SMM panel. Why is this important at this stage?

While you are uploading content and performing other development activities, someone will definitely come across your channel. But will people want to be among your very first subscribers? Until you have recognition, it’s unlikely. Having at least a hundred members is important for all young channels - it is important to show users that your information is valuable and worth their time.

At this stage, you can buy Telegram subscribers in small quantities (up to 1 thousand). Remember that an empty channel does not inspire confidence.

Step 3: Think about your content plan

Content is the foundation. No amount of adding subscribers to a Telegram channel will do the work of maintaining the channel for you. It is up to you to find and publish posts. Fortunately, in the messenger your functionality is almost limitless: Telegram offers many functions and options. Upload long videos, share clickable links, add audio, images, stickers, polls and games.

The following steps will help you create a content plan:

determine the frequency of posts;

select the content type (photo, text, audio, video);

always check whether your information is unique or rare;

Decide whether you want to receive comments and reactions to your posts.

There are no universal rules here - everything depends on the topic of each specific channel. For example, a news channel may have 20 posts per day. On the other hand, five new techniques every day is too much for a self-development channel. People simply do not have time to “digest” the information and use it. Try it out, find a balance and see what works for you.

Step 4: add 10-20 posts to promote your Telegram channel

Now that you have a channel, a content plan, and a few hundred subscribers, it's time to add some posts. People need to see what you have to offer before they decide to join your channel.

A couple of strong or useful posts will come in handy. This should be information that people will want to share with their friends. Why is it important? Because the best advertising on Telegram is word of mouth. Users recommend channels to each other. Channels are growing. Everything is positive.

As soon as the first publications are uploaded, use the SMM panel to increase their statistics. With Prosmmtop you can not only buy Telegram subscribers, but also other services. We offer:

channel or group members from different countries;

post views;

all types of reactions;

random comments in 7 languages (including Russian and English);

voting in polls.

Step 5: Collaborate with other related channels

In the beginning, you spied on your competitors. Now it's time to collaborate with them. This can help you gain subscribers on Telegram and gain an interested audience.

Here are a few techniques that you can use for almost free:

Self-PR. Join your competitor's community and leave comments under his posts. Make sure your posts are useful, interesting and meaningful. Other people's subscribers will go to your page themselves.

Mutual PR. Offer your competitors advertising their channel on your blog and ask them to do the same for you.

Hold a joint drawing. After all, everything they love freebies, right?

Joint project: for example, a quiz. With a tempting prize so that people will definitely subscribe to your channel to win.

Mutual reposts. Channels with the same topic may repost each other from time to time. This is a native way to attract more subscribers.

Step 6: Here again you need to buy Telegram subscribers

The above tips will help you gain an audience, but impressive growth is impossible without gaining subscribers to your Telegram channel. Constantly monitor the channel statistics (how many new people have come and left, the ratio of subscribers to views, the number of reactions and comments) and buy the necessary activity.

Set a budget for promotion and use the SMM panel to promote your Telegram channel. Register now and order the service you need. We have the lowest prices on the market and are constantly adding new options. With Prosmmtop you will receive fast and high-quality promotion and will be one step ahead of all competitors.

Step 7: Leave links to the channel on different sites

This is perhaps the most effective strategy that doesn't cost a penny. However, like everything free, it will take a lot of time. Spoiler: a lot of time!

Your task is to monitor information on your topic on other sites and leave a link to your channel in the comments. You don't need to spend all day browsing websites and searching for articles. Use free tools to receive notifications, such as Google Alerts.

Step 8: You can promote your Telegram channel with quality work

To maintain the interest of your current audience and attract new people, you need to constantly create useful and high-quality content. Administering a channel is like a full-time job. You must be completely immersed in the process.

Getting subscribers to your Telegram channel can be a great addition, but not the main tool for growth. It was created to make promotion easier and faster. Go to our website to buy Telegram subscribers and other services at an affordable price.