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How to Trick the Algorithms to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2023

Anyone interested in increasing their Instagram followers should learn how the algorithm works. They manage social media and decide what content to share with your followers and non-followers. In this article, we have collected all the useful information on how to trick the algorithm and increase the number of followers on Instagram in 2023.


There are many rumors and speculations about how Instagram's ranking system works. Some people believe that a huge number of likes on a post helps promote the post, so they mindlessly use instant SMM services to get thousands of responses. Read on to learn how to work organically with the algorithm and how a cheap Instagram dashboard can help you grow.


Learn how the Instagram algorithm works.


There are a number of factors that influence each publication and determine which ones rank higher and reach a wider audience.


- Interaction with the publication. It is obvious. 'Likes'. The more “comments”, “saves” and “reposts”, the better. The algorithm recognizes activity and continues to promote interesting posts and videos. Our Instagram followers panel allows you to buy all these activities inexpensively.

- Interaction with the account. Each user's feed is unique and is formed from posts, profile visits, likes and comments, so interaction between followers and your blog is very important.

- History of relationships. How many users interact with your account, how many follow you and other aspects.


As you can see, sometimes even high-quality posts can be lost for several reasons. So your goal in 2023 is to encourage as much engagement and interaction as possible through your posts, stories, and videos.


Here are six tips to improve your content to please the algorithm and get the attention and growth you need.


Instagram hides content with logos of other social networks


Instagram strives to be unique, but there are many similar apps on the market; if you feel like sharing the same content on Instagram and TikTok, save the original version of your video. Instagram intentionally reduces the reach of posts that contain logos or watermarks of other apps.


The same applies to additional applications used to create content. Instagram's global goal is to encourage users to spend as much time as possible on Instagram.


Rule #1: If you duplicate content from other social networks, make sure there are no logos or watermarks.


Don't underestimate the power of DMs.


Few people take this point into account. However, direct messages are not only about comments, likes and other visible interactions are equally important. While replies to every message won't increase your Instagram following, they should never be ignored. Keep any conversation going and encourage users to send you more messages, for example by asking questions.


Direct messages don't just boost your stats and promote your posts to specific followers. This is a great way to build a strong community. As a result, your blog will have loyal readers who will feel good about you and your work.


Too many stories and posts will reduce your reach.


It may seem that posting more content means that you will always be visible and appear frequently in people's feeds. This strategy is completely ineffective. Instagram makes sure that all users can see a variety of content, and not too many posts from one account. Frequent publishing also leads to irritation among subscribers and competition between issues (i.e., reduced reach of some issues).


If you're already making these mistakes, it's time to stop generating content without pause and interruption. Nobody needs your posts and videos every day anymore. Instead, focus on creating quality content. Don't be afraid to experiment because you can easily buy the number of likes, comments and saves you need on our cheap Instagram followers panel. Visit the Prosmmtop website and choose a service for promotion today.


Stories have a big impact on the algorithm


It's no big secret that every interaction you get with your story is very important. Whether it's a reaction, tapping a sticker, voting, or simply answering a question, Instagram detects activity and shows your content to more users. It's impossible to please every subscriber, but even bloggers with millions of subscribers will never achieve 100% engagement. Follow these simple tips to make your stories more engaging


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may not get the results you want. If the engagement on a video or post is lower than expected, use Instagram's Social Media Panel to buy the engagement you need.


Promotion using videos peaked in 2022, when it seemed like almost everyone had switched to this type of content. Yes, short videos are a big trend on Instagram and you should start posting them if you want to succeed. However, not all videos will go viral.


Initially, the algorithm promoted all videos and encouraged users to download them. However, today the algorithm has become more strict. For example, to get to the top, only high quality is required. Instagram also hides all videos with extra text, borders or logos from other social networks. If you uploaded a video and did not receive enough likes or views, the situation can be changed by ordering an instant SMM service.


Instagram hides all content that violates its terms of service


You probably already know that Instagram prohibits all types of posts, including nudity, violence, hate speech, and harassment. The social network ruthlessly removes posts, stories and videos that violate its community guidelines. It goes without saying that such posts will never go viral. Always read the terms of use before posting anything questionable.


It can be quite difficult to consistently create creative and engaging content. But don't give up if you find that your posts and videos are getting fewer engagements than expected. You can also use Instagram's social media dashboard to find out more about likes, comments, and followers. , comments, views and subscribers to make your account more attractive to real users.