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How to get premium Telegram members and become number one in search results

The last few months have brought a lot of changes to the lives of Telegram users. And these changes have become especially significant for channel owners. Like every content creator, they are occupied with one question - how to get premium Telegram members? After all, their presence in the list of channel subscribers can become a driving force for its growth.

Promoting on Messenger has been a challenge from the very beginning, but the new rules make it even more difficult. If previously it was enough to buy Telegram subscribers and other activity (views and reactions to posts), now a high-quality service is required. Prosmmtop already offers its users a premium SMM service, and the first overview of the channel’s growth turned out to be useful.

Search ranking system in Telegram

Telegram's search engine has been the subject of endless debate, and no one is happy with the way it works. Unlike many other social networks, there are no recommendations in the messenger. Channels with large readership tended to appear first in search results when users typed the channel name or keywords. However, given the number of publics, it was almost impossible to promote blogs in such a ranking. The introduction of new rules seemed to change the situation, and, in fact, promotion was reduced to the simple task of obtaining premium Telegram members.

This has become the biggest problem for many bloggers. Despite the fact that the messenger developer boasted of a huge number of premium members, many publishers did not have a single one among their readers. But don't think you can succeed without these accounts—even Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, said paid subscription accounts will impact Messenger's search results and ranking system. In other words, if you are interested in promoting your blog, you need to purchase a premium Telegram membership.

Premium search subscriptions and their impact on channel rankings

It may seem that it couldn’t be simpler, because you know how to get a premium subscription in Telegram with one click from a cheap SMM provider. However, there are details you need to know before placing your order. The quality of these premium accounts also plays an important role. For example, if a premium member subscribes to too many blogs (the exact number is unknown), then the impact on channel promotion will be minimal or close to zero.

That is why, when choosing a reliable service for purchasing premium members, do not hesitate to order from Prosmmtop. We have win-win subscriptions to premium search to fill your channels for a period of your choice (from 7 days to 6 months). Additionally, you get additional options such as post views and reactions with a premium account. All this shows the Telegram algorithm that your blog actually has a lot of users with a paid subscription, and increases your ranking in search results.

How Telegram Premium Members Affect Your Feed

It's great to show up in search results and be noticed by millions of Messenger users, but your benefits don't end there. Search engine optimization is just one of the benefits of having Telegram premium members on your blog. These accounts also help bloggers enable the Stories feature.

As you may have noticed, the app is following a global trend and Stories, the latest addition that could change the whole idea of ​​Telegram, is already available to all public users. Public groups will also be able to post Stories, but it won't be as easy. Voting will enable this feature, but only premium subscribers will be able to vote. And again, the need to buy Telegram subscribers by subscription is the most relevant point of promotion. In addition to acquiring loyal readers, you also need to get the required number of boosts (votes for your channel). Once you reach 0.1% of votes from premium accounts, your channel will unlock a new level allowing you to publish one story per day; second level (0.1% more votes) = two stories.

How to quickly get premium membership in Telegram channels

Even for a small channel, getting a certain number of premium members (let alone getting them to vote for your blog) is a rather labor-intensive and time-consuming task. But you don’t need to contact every subscriber you know or look for them in similar publics - Prosmmtop offers you high-quality SMM promotion - and you are already using our service with a premium account! You can:

- New channel members (not subscribers);

- Post views;

- A combination of positive and negative reactions to recent posts;

- Voting (activation of history).

Improve your channel's rankings and boost your algorithm with Telegram's pool of quality premium members. All accounts added to your blog will contain user photos, so there is no chance of fraud detection.

Available SMM services for channel promotion

We understand everything the pain of promoting on social networks. Hundreds of bloggers have already tried our service and noticed significant improvements after adding premium search subscriptions and receiving votes (boosts) to unlock stories.

On the Prosmmtop website you can order

1. up to 4,500 premium subscribers for your channel (to increase your rating);

2. up to 11,000 members and views (random post views are added to your recent posts, which serves as additional proof that the algorithm is working); And

3. up to 4,500 positive or negative reactions to your recent posts;

4. up to 100 boosts (votes); 0.1% of votes will take you to the next level and allow you to add stories to your channel.

Depending on your current needs, you can order just one service or take advantage of a full package of promotions, including your channel members, post views, reactions and votes.

Conclusion: develop Telegram using a premium account

The more active subscribers you have, the more popular and famous your content and channel on Telegram will become. Due to the latest changes, there is now no need to chase a large number of users, but it is important to buy premium Telegram members for search engine optimization. And since these accounts will become increasingly important in the near future, don't wait too long to buy if you want to stay ahead of the competition - especially if you have an affordable and reliable partner like Prosmmtop.