Накрутка дешевая в телеграм

Six tips from bloggers on how to get more SMM subscribers on Telegram

In 2023, Telegram will become the second most popular instant messenger in the world after WhatsApp. This means that millions of people choose this platform to communicate, and it is also a great place to blog. However, there is a small problem. It’s difficult to promote a newly created blog without SMM subscribers, because thousands of people are thinking about the same thing.


Successful promotion of the Telegram feed is impossible without a systematic approach and careful planning. Identify your target audience, create interesting and informative content, post it, track results, and adjust your strategy for maximum effectiveness. The following six tips from popular bloggers will help you improve your Telegram channel.


Master the art of launching.


This is the main secret of bloggers with thousands and millions of subscribers on social networks. The thing is that strong emotions (and often negative ones) attract more audience to your channel than any SMM provider.


Here are the three main types of triggers


1. personality - the blogger himself acts as a trigger, so people discuss his life and decisions and comment on their behavior;

2. content - each post contains a trigger, for example, if it has a provocative title or meaning. The key here is to express the least popular opinion on sensitive topics (eg, "This is why Trump was a good president");

3. channel topics - the author chooses a narrow, in-demand niche. Your goal is to attract an audience who will read your post because it evokes negative emotions, for example: “My dog is my child.”


When working on trigger content, don't forget to analyze comments. Don't be afraid to receive negative reviews: by purchasing a Telegram membership, you will quickly attract attention to your blog.


Develop your strengths


What is your expertise, what are your strengths, what do you really want to share and why do you need a channel? By the way, the last question is the most important. Because the answer “I want to share useful information about cryptocurrencies” is not a question of motivation. Share information about what needs to be done. This could be a desire to increase your recognition, increase your expertise, or make money by selling advertising. The more honest you are with yourself, the faster you can build the right strategy.


If you don't have answers to these questions, you shouldn't create a Telegram blog. One of the easiest solutions for beginners who want to succeed is a panel of SMM providers. It’s better to buy channel members and other activities than to wait years for results from organic promotion methods.


Using the SMM provider panel


Buying activity for your blog has never been as easy as it is now. With a wide range of services available, you can change the impression you make on people opening your Telegram channel for the first time. Thanks to the low cost of a reliable SMM panel, increasing the number of post views, reactions, comments and channel members will make your blog more valuable in the eyes of viewers.


Luckily, with Prosmmtop you don't have to worry about promotion. We have everything you need to strengthen your social media presence. Boosting subscribers, various reactions, viewing posts and other services - our group of SMM providers will make sure that your order is completed quickly and with the best results.


Collaboration with other bloggers


Collaboration is becoming a trend on all social media platforms and benefits all parties. For example, two bloggers recommending each other on each other's channels may seem like cheap advertising. However, if two bloggers (Telegram channel owners) jointly create a post, a set of stickers, or a product for users, they both will have the opportunity to increase the number of subscribers.


Finding the right channel to collaborate on can take time, especially if your blog isn't that impressive yet. Many successful blogs don't want to "deal" with newbies. To improve your channel statistics, you can order more SMM subscribers and more article views, as well as quickly negotiate with top bloggers.


Implement agile methods.


Telegram values the creation of unique content and an individual approach to writing articles. Each blogger has their own unique style that sets them apart from the thousands of channels covering similar topics. To find this style, try a flexible approach: try out several theories about content, use the ones that work more often, and forget about the ones that don't. To get an advantage, order inexpensive services from SMM providers.


If this type of content resonates the most with your audience, you won't have a hard time creating new posts that will grab people's attention. So move quickly from one idea to another, from one theory to another, to save a lot of time. Additionally, purchasing Telegram members will increase your chances of getting real subscribers.


Focus on getting recommendations.


If your blog is good and people genuinely enjoy your content, there is no need to ask friends and colleagues to recommend your channel. Word of mouth is the best way to grow organically on social media, and this trend isn't going away anytime soon. Here are two ways to get people to recommend your blog:


1. 1. improve the quality of your content and make it viral, trendy and shareable

2. invite friends and offer bonuses to those who help you increase the number of subscribers on Telegram.


Once you start taking blogging seriously and spending even an hour or two writing quality posts, you will notice changes for the better. Don't worry about the number of views or comments - you can get them at a low price in our SMM panel. And if your information is useful and valuable, it will work “for you” and attract more subscribers and channel visitors.