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Quickly increase engagement on Instagram: 8 tips for SMM Panel and Stories

Instagram engagement includes all the ways users interact with your content, including likes, comments, shares, and saves. Lately, bloggers have noticed a significant drop in engagement. But are there ways to increase engagement again other than a low-cost Instagram SMM panel? Let's think about this together.


You may have already purchased SMM panel services such as Instagram account followers. However, a large number of subscribers does not guarantee a high level of engagement. If you want the Instagram algorithm to prioritize your content and reach more of the right people, try these eight best practices for Instagram Stories and you'll notice the changes.


Share best practices for everyday life on Instagram Stories


Cooking tips, cleaning hacks, cheap places to dine, ways to save money on going to the theater or cinema, time-saving tips - anything that makes everyday life easier or helps “make life a little better” will be appreciated by subscribers, because everyone knows how to make everyday life easier. And in exchange for your valuable recommendations, users will like you! and answers.


Views of stories, likes and comments, another easy way to increase activity is to use the panel of SMM providers. Money spent on this type of promotion can quickly pay off as seemingly successful accounts attract more people.


Goals for one week or 30 days


If you want to engage your audience and get them to view your stories daily, think about what you can do in the long term - like setting a challenge. Here are a few steps you can take to make your Instagram challenge successful and fun:


1. 1. Choose a challenge (an unusual activity that you will do over the next week, two weeks, etc.). Don't try to come up with an activity that fits your niche, whatever it is.

2 - Determine the reward (for completing the task) and the punishment (for failure). You can ask your followers to help you choose rewards and punishments.

3- Decide on the duration of the task (1 week, 2 weeks or 30 days). Encourage users to follow the story within these time frames.


The goal is to increase engagement, not to think about the content plan. Unfortunately, if you do a new task every month, your audience will get bored. If you need to quickly increase activity under posts, use a cheap reseller SMM panel.


Showcase your day for a price


We all like to know how much other people spend on a typical day. Why not show people how much money it costs to eat, buy groceries, go on vacation or spend a day in another city? You'll be surprised how many followers will view your stories, and even if they aren't followers, some may visit your account out of curiosity.


To attract these new people and make them stick around, prepare your account with the cheapest SMM panel and IT services for Instagram. Users tend to spend more time on pages with more activity.


Share your achievements (personal or professional)


Meaningful and meaningful events in people's lives and careers attract more likes than anything else. You may have noticed that they attract more likes and comments. More reactions and likes on Instagram You don't have to get married or buy a luxury car to get more likes and reactions on Instagram. List your personal and professional achievements and let users shower you with praise and encouragement.


This is also a very good idea for monthly or yearly posts. People will be glad to see you as a role model. And if for some reason they don't like your achievements, you can get more likes on your posts on Instagram's SMM Dashboard. to your posts.


Set a public goal and show how you will achieve it


This may remind you of the same "call hack", but here's the difference. If you set a vague goal (lose weight, learn a new language, finish writing a book, etc.), people will want to support you: ....... Or they will want to see you fail. Either way, it's interesting to watch. You may not need an SMM panel service at this stage since users will be checking your Stories to see how you are doing.


Get More Engagement with Cheap Instagram SMM Panels


Not all blog promotion ideas will work, and that's completely normal. If for some reason you find that people are not responding to your content, you can always make changes - visit the SMM Reseller panel to find a quality service that will help your account stand out.


Prosmmtop is your reliable source of loyal followers, likes and comments on all platforms with social networks. Despite what many say, SMM panel services are still popular. And most importantly, quickly promote any account.


Host a quiz (with prizes)


A short quiz on Instagram can be a real boost to engagement, especially if it's relevant to your niche. This is a great opportunity for your audience to test their skills.

They can gain knowledge, learn something new and maybe even win prizes for correct answers. You don't have to promise prizes to your followers, but when it comes to free brain training, engagement levels increase as users become more lazy.


One of the most reliable engagement boosters is a cheap SMM panel for Instagram. If your audience is passive and not interested in your content, you can always turn to our website for views, comments and likes! to increase the number of views, comments and likes.


Share your long-term plans (personal or professional)


Building trusting relationships with subscribers is the next level for bloggers. Many people find it difficult to open up and share the most vulnerable and personal moments of their lives. However, this is what brings content creators and readers closer together. When you share your deepest plans with hundreds or thousands of people, it feels like you've stepped into your best friend's life, turning many users into a loyal audience.


Once you try all these hacks and get more engagement from our panel of cheap SMM providers, you will notice positive changes in your account dynamics and it will be easier for you to start promoting your Instagram account.