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8 Ways to Promote Every Post on Instagram and Increase Your Followers

Imagine: you worked hard on a post or video, collected interesting information, created a video and chose a trendy audio track. Then you publish it, but it doesn't get the recognition you want. It's disappointing, isn't it? In this article, we will tell you how to promote any post and increase the number of followers on Instagram.


What I'm going to tell you next may be a little complicated, but it's the truth about how to get more likes on your posts and videos. The truth is that you need to get more likes on your posts and videos. Creating a great and interesting post is not enough - you also need to put in the effort to promote it and get it across to your audience. Here are eight ways to do it.


Repost the post in Stories


Cunning algorithms make publications increasingly difficult to understand. Feeds are created in a strange way. As a result, some subscribers may miss your new posts or videos. Remind them of your new post by sharing it in Stories. By the way, if viewers watch your video in Stories, the number of views is also taken into account. So, in this case, you kill two birds with one stone: earn views for your Stories, earn views for your videos, and show people your new post.


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Find out when your subscribers are most active


The number of likes and organic reach of your posts depends on the timing of your posts. You need to determine the time when your target audience is most active on Instagram. For example, people typically scroll through their feed and view Stories on their way to work, during lunch, or on their way home from work. It's also important to keep different time zones in mind. Use this knowledge to choose the best time to publish content.


If you've done everything right, but your posts are still going unnoticed and ignored by your audience, use the Instagram Social Media Panel to get the engagement you need. But don't give up and keep working on your content.


Inform the date and time of publication


One of the most important things you can do to succeed on Instagram is to interact with your followers (and anyone else who opens your account). It doesn't always have to be one-way communication. You're creating content for people, so be sure to let them know when they can see it.


Why is it important to announce the date and time of publication?


- Subscribers will know the exact time when your post will be delivered. And if they feel like they're not paying much attention to it, that information will be imprinted in their memory.

- They will look forward to your posts and videos and take the time to read and watch them.

- They will expect valuable content, especially if you tell them how hard you worked on it.


Bonus tip: You can ask your audience if the date and time you choose is convenient for them. Create a story with yes/no questions and see how many people are waiting. After these tricks, you will be surprised that more people are paying attention to your content than expected.


Don't post anything on weekends or holidays


Social media is hugely popular, but people don't spend all their time there. There are families, children, pets, hobbies, work, school and life in general. And you need to devote time to blogging too. Taking a break will give you more ideas and help you create better content in the future. Plus, if you share content when no one is looking, it's unlikely to increase your Instagram following. Therefore, avoid making large or important posts on weekends or holidays.


Buy activity in the SMM panel for Instagram


You will not be able to gather an audience of 100,000 people without SMM services, so this step is inevitable. Especially if you're just starting out. A robust Instagram follower panel will help you in the early stages of growth - you can get your first thousand followers or reach the number of followers you want. In addition, you can now order some additional services to attract people's attention.


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Choose unusual times to post


If you know that your followers typically open Instagram at 5:30 p.m., schedule posts a few minutes later, say at 5:34 p.m. This will give you a huge advantage. So far everything is ok If they publish content on time, you can get ahead by waiting these four minutes. More recent content is better promoted by the algorithm - as long as it is fresh, even if it's only four minutes. This trick works at any time of the day, such as 7:02 or 9:06 am.


To get more Instagram followers, post content regularly


You've probably already noticed that posting photos right away or posting as soon as you're done doesn't work anymore. Therefore, you need to plan your posts in advance. We've talked many times about the importance of a content plan, but if you don't have one, then it's time to seriously think about your work as a blogger. Otherwise, every cherry that falls from the pie will be picked by someone else.


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Use relevant hashtags


By 2023, hashtags will be the only way to achieve organic reach. We've already published a great article on reel hashtags here, but you can also use our recommendations for your own posts.


Don't forget that blogging is not only about posting photos and videos, but also has aspects related to human and artificial intelligence. Keep creating unique content, selling Instagram likes and creating the illusion of a successful profile, and real users will start following immediately. Visit our blog for more tricks and secrets and subscribe to Prosmmtop for high quality SMM services.