How to promote Instagram: secrets and tips

Instagram is celebrating its 12th anniversary in 2022. And if at the beginning it was a platform for sharing photos, now the site has turned into a real virtual community. Having a successful Instagram profile is a modern necessity – whether you are an expert in any field, own a business or store, or just want to be noticed by millions of people.

In this article, we will share the key points that will tell you how to promote Instagram. Although the platform itself warns of numerous consequences for violating its Terms of Use, there are a few tips that will allow you to safely build Instagram followers, buy likes and comments for your blog.

The most important point here is not just to find some random cheap services, but a reliable and serious provider. Check out the Prosmmtop website and explore our offerings: the service even has a trial version available in exchange for a simple registration.

Now let's see how to order promotion on Instagram in 2022!

High-quality Instagram promotion or cheap services: what to choose

Services that help you increase the number of subscribers and likes appeared a couple of years ago and immediately became popular among both ordinary users and well-known bloggers. Yes, yes, the star or actor you follow has probably also used similar services.

Need a fresh dose of likes or comments on an overlooked and underrated post? Trying to reach your first thousand subscribers? SMM provider will provide any kind of services for your social media accounts:

Instagram: likes, comments, followers, saves and views (both reels and stories)

Twitter: likes, views, retweets, followers

Youtube: views and likes

TikTok Views, Likes and Followers

Telegram: group members, message views

Prosmmtop offers 270 different options - you can choose the exact number of followers without being charged (even specify the region - for example, a set of followers on Instagram from India or the USA), get more profile visits or random comments.

When you type “order promotion on Instagram” into Google, hundreds of web pages appear in front of your eyes, ready to offer you several thousand followers or likes for a ridiculous amount of money. However, not all of them are equally good.


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How to distinguish good service from bad? Let's find out!

Where to find reliable and cheap Instagram promotion services

If you want to spend your money wisely and get the desired (and promised!) results, it's important to take some time to build the right blogging strategy. SMM providers with low prices may or may not be of high quality. When looking for a suitable service, pay attention to the following:

1. Number of services/options offered. A variety of services indicates the quality promotion of Instagram.

2. Description of the service. It should contain all the important information about the minimum and maximum order, price per 1000 units, speed, quality, write-off percentage.

3. Ability to test the service (get a small number of likes for free).

4. Site statistics (how many services have already been provided).

5. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the next part of the article, we will give a plan on how to order promotion on Instagram without problems and losing money.

High-quality Instagram promotion in 2022: instructions

Let's assume that your goal is to create a strong and recognizable brand, and not just indulge your ego. So, in this case, we recommend following the following strategy:

1. Create a beautiful feed, an interesting profile header and organize your Topics. The basis of the work should be a pleasant and aesthetic account.

2. Make 6-9 useful, interesting and engaging posts. Don't forget high quality photos.

3. Visit Prosmmtop to order promotion on Instagram. Be moderate and make everything look like organic growth as much as possible. Don't aim for hundreds of followers in the beginning. Try our service number 12 - this will allow you to get up to 5 thousand likes without unsubscribing.

4. Now your blog is ready to attract people. Promote it using other methods (ad manager, recommendations from big bloggers, collaborations with other brands, comments, etc.).

5. As your account continues to attract more people, you can repeat step 3 and increase your activity again.

If you need more advice on exactly what to do to ensure quality Instagram promotion, check out our article Buying Instagram Likes vs Organic Growth: Which is Better.

Instagram followers and shadowban

If you stick to the plan we just described, There should be no problems with Instagram statistics. Moreover, the more high-quality services you choose (without unsubscribes and write-offs), the less likely it is to be detected by evil algorithms. Yes, such services will be a little more expensive, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

How to deal with an Instagram shadowban in 2022

Shadowban (shadow ban) is a relatively new feature of the platform. And, unfortunately, Instagram never notifies users that they are banned. How do people understand that they did not please the platform?

Sometimes when checking daily statistics (like the number of views of your stories) you can see a huge drop in reach. That's how you know you've been punished for something.

In such cases, we recommend increasing the number of views by going to the Prosmmtop website and ordering service number 47 - it offers up to 5 thousand instant views. Also, take a break - don't post anything for 48 hours. You will notice that the stats will be at your usual level after this break.

High-quality Instagram promotion: final thoughts

Instagram continues to "play" its games with real users - inventing new algorithms to detect violations and inappropriate use of the platform. This is why organic growth on Instagram will be difficult in 2022. However, if you choose high-quality Instagram promotion with the help of the Prosmmtop SMM provider, then you will not have any problems with the question of how to promote Instagram.