Как раскрутить канал в телеграм

5 ways to boost comments in Telegram from SMM provider Prosmmtop

Telegram channels with comments are significantly superior to channels where readers are forced to remain silent and do not have the opportunity to leave their opinions. Typically, blogs with comments enabled gain more followers, are more active and vibrant, and users tend to spend more time reading both the comments and the blogger's content itself. The easiest way to get a large number of comments on a post is to buy them from an inexpensive SMM service provider, but there are also ways to get them for free.


If you're obsessed with promotion and new users aren't subscribing to your channel, you might want to increase your engagement by purchasing post views, reactions, and SMM subscribers. Only in this case will you be able to attract real users who will happily join a channel with good activity. In this article, we provide five techniques that will help you attract people to write comments on every post.


Reasons to comment on Telegram


1. Comment channels seem more engaging. A user who accidentally opens your blog will think: “Wow, there are comments under posts, I’ve never seen that before.” Casual visitors are more likely to subscribe to such channels.

2. Channels gain the trust of their audience. In addition to being a source of information, they also serve as a forum for communication and allow users to share useful information on a topic.

3. receiving answers from bloggers (even if they are not super famous bloggers) is the limit that everyone dreams of.


It can be difficult at first to get people to comment spontaneously. You can ask your friends to help you, or you can use the cheapest SMM panel to increase engagement on your blog.


Ask questions at the end of the article


It's become something of a rule: a post without a question won't attract many comments in the long run. Ask a simple question at the end of your post. Even if your channel is not very popular yet, an interesting question should be short and simple. This will increase the likelihood that more people will read and comment on it. For example, a “yes” or “no” question would be ideal.


You can increase the number of comments using a panel of verified SMM providers - Prosmmtop offers random comments in seven languages, so by ordering this service, you can trick your audience into thinking that other users are actively participating in all your discussions of other users to believe that they actively participate in all your discussions. Another way to quickly increase engagement is to use a survey with yes or no questions.


Buy comments from cheap SMM service providers


You can't grow your blog if you expect people to miraculously find and join your channel. If you want to grow, you need to constantly attract new people. However, this can be difficult if your stats are woefully low. No matter what the cheapest SMM panels say, this is still the best way to quickly promote your account and get the necessary engagement.


Visit Prosmmtop and get everything you need for promotion: views and replies to posts, SMM subscribers without drops, comments and even votes. Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you start with good enough numbers (1,000+ subscribers and a seemingly active blog), newcomers will be more interested in your blog. And don't forget about quality information - this is always the basis of a good blog.


Create interactive posts and games to get more comments


Games and riddles act like a magnet, attracting comments. Depending on the niche of your blog, create game posts and give people the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and experience. For example, find a bug in the code / write a caption for an interesting screenshot from a movie / guess the missing ingredient in a recipe. People will be more interested in your content and even start a heated discussion.


Interactive content is the key to success on social media, so most of your Telegram posts should have interactive elements (questions, polls, games, quizzes, etc.). The larger the community, the more real comments will come from real people. In the meantime, you are not there, use the services of SMM providers.


Be provocative at times


Although this technique is not recommended to be used often, it is still one of the best ways to get people talking about your blog. An unpopular opinion or provocative comment on a fashion topic can resonate well with your readers and attract many new followers.


Observations have shown that provocative posts are more likely to generate interest in your blog and get people to join your feed or come back to read the next 3-5 posts. The only disadvantage of this trick is that it cannot be used very often (if your channel is dedicated to provocations at all). However, By using the services of a reliable SMM provider, you can always increase your statistics.


Ask viewers for their opinion


When you finish your post, don’t forget to ask your audience for their opinion. When describing a situation or event, ask them to express their thoughts about it. This is especially true if you're writing about something that many people care about, such as traffic jams, worries about changing jobs, or the challenges of raising children. The more relevant your post or question is, the more realistic comments you will receive from users.


It may take time to turn passive followers into a loyal and active audience, but if you follow our recommendations, purchase low-cost services from a proven SMM provider and accelerate your promotion, you will have no problem with sustainable growth on social networks.