5 Tips for Using Top Visual Content to Get More Followers on Instagram

Visual content is a crucial aspect of success on Instagram. Without high-quality and attractive photos, your blog will never be noticed. If you want to attract more followers on Instagram and build a strong and loyal community, you need to find your visual identity. Things like color palette and image selection have a huge impact on promotion.


When a user opens your profile, they should notice that a certain color palette or shade dominates there. Flowers make it easier to convey a message, convince your audience, or simply make them fall in love with your account. Of course, no matter how good your photos are, you won't attract many people without an impressive number of followers and likes. Use a reliable Instagram follower panel to get that base and start working on real promotion.


Visual content trends on Instagram in 2023


Social media trends come and go, and it's okay to discard those ideas and things that no longer work. The same goes for visual content - for example, remember the endless structure that was popular a couple of years ago? Now no one uses it in their feed.


Regularly check sites like Pinterest or Canva for inspiration - there are plenty of ideas you can use on your blog. Finding your style is never easy, but you will have to try again and again until you are happy with the result. If you notice that your posts are not getting as many likes as before, cheap SMM services will instantly deal with this problem. Visit Prosmmtop and order subscribers, likes and even views of Story and Reels.


We can't give you exact recommendations for your visual identity, but we know what will work for anyone, no matter the topic of their blog. Below are our 5 tips to make your visual content stronger.


Say goodbye to artificial emotions and photos


The sooner you realize that there is nothing better for promoting on social networks than being yourself, the better. People can sense fake emotions even through a screen, so if you pretend to be someone else, you probably won't gain any popularity. Say goodbye to artificial emotions, professional photo shoots where you force yourself to smile while putting breakfast in bed or showing off success that you don't have.


You probably look at these photos every day and laugh at the people who post them. They seem so unnatural in their so-called success. In 2023, the priority is to attract users to you, because we all face the same problems one way or another - and you need to show it through photos. If some of your posts are not as popular as you imagined, Prosmmtop offers you to sell Instagram likes. Increase your activity with our continuous likes and other services.


Add more personal photos


You'd be surprised how many newbies think personal photos aren't that important. But even if your blog isn't about your lifestyle, don't miss the chance to attract more Instagram followers by showing them your face and clothes. Yes, we know that many people don't like how they represent themselves on their accounts. However, you will notice that photos with a person usually receive more likes and comments than others. Plus, people spend more time looking at details in personal photos—what the person is wearing, where they are, what's around them, etc.


Another great idea is to make yourself the main character of your blog. Do you write about fitness? Show them how fitness has made you strong and fit. Is your blog dedicated to learning foreign languages? Post more videos of you saying something. Do you have a book blog? Ask someone to take a photo of you holding your new book. There are so many ways to turn yourself into a hero!


Post more before-afters


The difference - what happened before and what is now - is always interesting. This is a great tool for getting people's attention and works for almost every niche. Before-after works best on Instagram Stories. Users will switch between the two stories to notice the difference, and you can enjoy the increased activity.


Before-after can be used not only for weight loss and home interiors. There are many ways to implement this visual trick on your blog. And the greater the difference, the more activity you get. Users love amazing transformations. Sometimes these publications collect so many likes, reactions and comments that you don’t even have to buy cheap SMM services to popularize them.


Show your work process


This recommendation can be applied to many areas and niches. Whether you have a store or offer a service through Instagram, it's always nice to show people the “inside” of your work. The process can be even more interesting than the result itself. Plus this A great idea for carousel posts - you can show multiple stages of your work and show your followers how much effort it takes.


Although Instagram is mainly visual, so not every niche on social networks can be shown through aesthetic photographs. But that doesn't mean your audience will enjoy mediocre visuals. Stop posting low-quality photos and switch to aesthetically pleasing content - if you don't have beautiful shots, at least focus on good editing. Use the Instagram Follower Panel to add more likes and comments to your unpopular posts.


Change locations and background


Instagram is designed to entertain people. If your content is monotonous and the same type, you won't get many subscribers or engagement. Constantly change locations, add more details to your photos, use different backgrounds and outfits. You can take photos in advance and then use them for different situations. For example, in a day you can get 5-10 photos in your office, store, street, home, etc.


Variety will help you stand out from the crowd. Think about how you can surprise people with something unusual about yourself, and your social media activity will skyrocket. You can also find Instagram likes for sale on Prosmmtop if you need some extra action. We have many services for all social networks. With us, even the most modest account can become popular in a few moments.