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How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 7 Tips to Make Stories Engaging

Instagram Stories appeared in 2016, but only last year bloggers began to use them for promotion. Stories are a powerful tool for communicating with your audience and improving your brand image. Let's see how you can increase your Instagram followers by posting interesting stories.


Likes." s, fewer comments and slow growth - you may have noticed a sharp decline in engagement on Instagram. For more information about this problem and how to solve it, read the article "Instagram Likes Are Declining: The Harsh Reality." 2023 Naturally, attention bloggers switched from unpopular posts to Stories as the best way to attract new audiences.


All SMM strategists will say that Stories are necessary for growth, because the first thing a person does after opening the application is click on the colored ring. But do you know how to use Stories wisely and increase your Instagram followers? Well, let's share this knowledge with you.


Four Stories Rules Everyone Should Know


1. Don't go with the flow. Planning your Stories in advance is just as important as planning your posts.

2. Users usually like to participate in other people's lives: give recommendations, share opinions and feel involved in the blogger's brand.

3. Stories should not be published en masse. Space them out evenly throughout the day and make sure they always appear at the top of the list.

4. Don’t overload your audience with content: optimally - 4-6 stories per day.


On average, a person follows 150-200 accounts. As you may have noticed, competition for attention is fierce. Therefore, you need to create vivid and memorable stories. If people stop watching your content, your audience reach will decrease.


Low views can be disastrous, reducing the value of your work to the Instagram algorithm. If you notice this, improve your statistics with cheap SMM services.


Creating Stories as a powerful promotion tool on Instagram


For regular Instagram users, Instagram Stories are just pretty pictures. Anything that isn't "worth" anything in their feed can easily be uploaded to Stories and disappear after 24 hours. This approach is not suitable for those who want to grow on Instagram.


Every post (whether temporary or permanent) should have some idea behind it. With a few tips, you can easily increase your number of followers on Instagram and attract new ones with quality stories. Below are eight strategies to help you improve your storytelling skills.


7 Things You Can Try Right Now to Increase Your Followers on Instagram


As you can see from the following recommendations, you don't have to spend hours of effort to create compelling stories. If you choose the right strategy and track the results, you will understand what works best for your blog. You never know what will ultimately help you get more followers on Instagram, so try as many methods as you can.


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Below are seven of the best funny stories you can start posting today.


Interactive games.


Clicky societies open Instagram to relax and have fun. So don't try to give them complex information that will confuse their minds, use simple techniques to capture their interest. For example, quiz stickers asking "What do you like?", guessing games, "true or false", Google confessions (ask the audience to share their last search), etc.


There are a lot of good ideas on the Internet, and such games can be easily adapted to any niche. By answering your questions and participating in such games, your audience will increase your reach. As a result, you increase your chances of being noticed by non-followers.


User Content


This is one of the best tricks to increase your Instagram followers. User-generated content is when your followers promote your account in their feeds and stories. In return, you share their posts on your stories.


It's a win-win situation. Your users get instant fame (15 seconds to be exact, which is why the average story length is 15 seconds) and you get the attention of their followers.




The main benefit of Instagram Story collages is that they force followers to stop mindlessly scrolling and spend more time looking at all the images. you can use app layouts or simply add multiple photos to one story. Use frames, stickers, and other details to make your stories memorable.


While these techniques can increase the reach and engagement of your stories, it's important to pay attention to other types of content as well. If your channel is not as impressive as you would like, use a cheap SMM service to get likes and collect comments.


Add a location and hashtag


Don't miss the opportunity to increase the number of views on your story. To do this, just add your location and hashtag. Your story will be added to the pool of content associated with that location or hashtag.


Always remember subtitles


We all love talking heads in our stories, don't we? It is important for users to see who is behind your blog. So even if your account isn't about your personality, it's important to show your face (and other parts of your body) from time to time.


However, if you don't provide captions for your video stories, you won't be able to gain popularity on Instagram. Respect your audience and communicate the main idea of your presentation in text form.


Before/after stories.


Ideal for interaction. Users will switch between the two stories and be surprised at the difference over and over again. This significantly increases engagement. The more shocking “before and after” photos you post, the more responses you will receive.


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Suggest a game of "A vs. B"


Playing "A vs. B" is the easiest way to attract subscribers. Here, as in any other game, don't give people difficult choices. Sea or mountains, Paris or Rome, books or films, McDonald's or Burger King - your question should appeal to as many people as possible.


You will find useful tips on developing social networks in our blog. Find out how to increase the number of followers on Instagram and order quality SMM services for your account.