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Increasing reach using SMM panel for Instagram and 4 more ways

Increasing your reach on Instagram is not the main goal that people focus on. However, when your reach drops, your posts and stories are seen by fewer followers. You may have noticed this negative trend. But how can you change the game and beat the algorithm? In this article, we'll explain how an Instagram social media dashboard can help you achieve impressive engagement and why it's important.

Reach on Instagram is all the interactions you receive: likes, comments, replies to stories and views, participation in your polls, saves and quick emojis. Reaching 100% reach is unrealistic because reach is considered a unique engagement (1 user = 1 reach), but dropping below 30% should be a warning sign.

Why is engagement on Instagram falling?

Since reach is what reflects your followers' interest in what you do, your main goal is to do it better. However, it is impossible to predict user behavior. One day you can swim in likes and reactions, and the next day you are unlikely to get half the usual views in Stories.

Why is this happening?

Shadow ban. Instagram suspects unusual activity and intentionally hides your posts and stories from other users. This is something to consider when you are trying to increase activity with a cheap SMM provider.

Violation of platform rules. If you read the Community Guidelines, you will better understand what content is considered inappropriate.

Another user or group of users reported your account/post/story.

If you add too many duplicate hashtags (more than 30).

With the help of Instagram followers panel and other tricks, you can avoid a big drop in engagement. Our 5 methods to combat low coverage are below.

Choose the right time to post

People don't spend all day on Instagram, so your job is to make sure they see your posts and Stories as soon as they open the app. This is especially important if your audience has thousands of other accounts to follow - the algorithms will have to choose which content to show first.

In addition to increasing your statistics using Instagram's followers panel, you can track the behavior of your followers. The best chance of getting likes, reactions and comments is within the first hour of publication. The platform shows the latest content, so your post or story uploaded 5 hours ago may be forgotten and not seen.

Use SMM panel for Instagram to increase your reach

Once upon a time, when Instagram was just a place to get likes and comments, SMM services were of poor quality. People simply bought bots to get a nice number of subscribers. Now that the application offers several types of content, it is recommended to choose a good SMM panel for Instagram with many modern services.

Prosmmtop can help you deal with capricious algorithms. We have 445 different services for all social networks and we introduce new features every month. Now you can choose your future followers' location, comment language, and many other cool features at an affordable price.

Ask questions in your stories to improve personal interactions

When you add questions, quizzes, battles, and discussions to your stories, you get a better experience from your current followers. It doesn't have to be something complicated - people don't have time to discuss such things.

Personal interaction is important for algorithms. When a conversation starts, the app promotes your post or story and shows it to a wider audience.

Keep up with trends and innovative features

Instagram has changed a lot over the past few years. How do you react to these innovations and new features? Reject them? Thinking about the good old days? This is the wrong attitude.

Users with popular accounts use every opportunity to attract new subscribers. Are videos trending? They will make great videos and fill their feed with these short videos. Will the carousel force the user to waste time checking your post? Add as many photos (and even videos) as possible to grab people's attention.