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What methods of increasing Telegram members work?

In August 2021, Telegram was ranked seventh among the most downloaded applications in the Apple Store and Google Play. Recently (March 28), according to Telegram statistics, the app reached 500 million monthly active users. Yes, there is a permanent audience that expects entertainment and education.


It doesn't matter if you can reach them all.


If you already have a channel and are trying to increase your subscribers on Telegram, you will understand that it is not an easy task. There are no smart ratings or algorithms, no videos that go viral.


You need a balance between good promotion and great, unique content. We can't tell you how to manage your channel and what information to add to it, but we can tell you about promotion, from using SMM panels for Telegram subscribers to mutual PR.


In this article, we'll share three things you should stop doing and four things you should do to help your TG channel grow.


What to do: mutual PR if you can’t afford a Telegramme member


This method works for new and relatively small channels. This method has two main advantages: it is a completely free promotion that works on both sides. However, there is a second one - a difficult one.


First of all, you need to find another channel to promote together. This channel must have the same number of subscribers as your channel. Make sure it has a similar audience (e.g. interests, ages, etc.). It would be a little strange to see a gaming group ad on this channel full of quotes from classic literature. In this case, don’t waste time and use the SMM panel for Telegram subscribers.


Let's assume that you have found another channel for joint PR. When advertising, make sure that you and your partners follow three rules


1. do not advertise at night.

2. 2. the ad should look like an honest recommendation (native advertising).

3. The owner's personal account must be clearly indicated.


Prohibited: spam in other people's groups.


When self-promotion turns into spam, it's a red light for most users. Nobody wants to constantly see annoying messages asking them to check their account. The same goes for personal messages with links to strangers (for example, members of another channel with a similar topic).


Telegram offers several ways to combat spammers: special bots can detect duplicate messages and block the sender. Some groups prohibit all links. And finally, this is not the most beautiful way to introduce yourself and your channel.


What to do: Try to get on recommended lists


A featured list is a paid promotion where multiple channels are featured in a single post. This method of promotion has its pros and cons.




- Cheaper than paying for personalized advertising.

- Looks more “native”.




- Doesn't attract many people. In any case, it is better to buy Telegram subscribers.

- Account presentation is shorter (2-3 sentences).

- Position in this list directly affects the success of advertising.


If you have extra money for promotion, you can try this method. However, in the long run, the cheaper Telegram panel is a more reliable option. There are no guarantees at all for recommendation lists.


Prohibited: Adding contacts to a channel without permission.


This is a fairly popular flyhack for attracting the first 100 subscribers. However, it should not be used under any circumstances. Imagine opening an app and seeing a new message from a group or channel you don't know. How would you feel?


If you want to increase engagement on Telegram by inviting friends to your channel, do it politely. Send a private message (since Telegram is basically a messenger) and ask some questions (how are you doing, what's new, etc.). At some point, you might mention that you've launched a new TG channel and ask if they'd like to watch it.


What to do: Invite your audience from other platforms to increase the number of subscribers on Telegram.


This method only works for those who already have an impressive number of followers on other platforms (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). All you need to do is regularly remind your audience about your Telegram channel.


Use this simple trick: By offering exclusive content, you can at least entice them to visit your other blogs. Let's say you have a blog about finance. You could post “5 Tips to Make Your First Million Dollars” on Instagram and encourage people to look on Telegram to find three more. Interesting. Really.


If the number of migrating followers does not suit you, you can always buy a Telegram membership. This is a faster option that doesn't require much effort on your part.


Do not add your channels to more than one directory.


When the number of TG channels was relatively small, the catalog was useful. People could open the directory, select interesting channels and join them. Currently, in groups, supply far exceeds demand. Therefore, do not waste time adding your Telegram channel to all possible directories that you can find on the Internet.


What to do: use an inexpensive SMM panel for Telegram subscribers


All of the above options will bring you hundreds of subscribers. But is this really necessary? If you don't have time for slow promotion, use the inexpensive Telegram panel to get as many members as you want on your channel.


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1. channel or group membership

2. post views

3. reaction to the post.


Each option has its own price - the cost depends on the quality of the service and the number of units ordered. Participants without dropouts are more expensive than subscribers whose dropout rate is 10-30%. Whatever your budget, you can find the optimal solution and experience the growth of the TG channel.


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