Раскрутка телеграмм канала подписчиками

How to increase the number of Telegram members

Of all the social networks, Telegram is “uncharted territory” for many users. Despite its popularity in India, Russia and many European countries, people still use it as a messenger. There are many more features in this application. Sure, it doesn't have as many users as Instagram or TikTok, but that also means there's less competition.


You can create your channel, gain subscribers on Telegram and make money from it - you don't get paid directly like in TikTok, but you can place paid advertisements and sell products and services.


Before you start using an inexpensive Telegram panel to grow your channel or attract subscribers, make sure it's the right place for your blog or business.


Do you need a Telegram channel: checklist


What's so special about Telegram? Let's figure it out.


- This is the only messenger with the ability to create channels/groups - WhatsApp and Viber have certain restrictions, Telegram does not.

- The emphasis is on information and text rather than visual content.

- The messenger treats external links and YouTube videos conscientiously. Voice messages can also be uploaded to blogs.

- Feeds are displayed in chronological order (goodbye algorithms).

- Inexpensive Telegram panel allows you to quickly attract new channel members. And you will not be banned or blocked for this.


Switching to Telegram also makes sense for


1. prefer text content (news, stories).

2. You should always leave external links (ideal, for example, for movie channels).

3. it doesn’t matter that the number of subscribers is small

4. the channel has a unique product or idea.


When launching a Telegram channel, do not expect millions of subscribers to appear overnight - develop your blog slowly and systematically, using SMM panels for Telegram channel subscribers and free promotion methods.


Secret 1: Find a Niche


It's no secret that choosing a successful niche is already half the success: in Telegram you can use features that are not available in other social networks: external links, downloading videos from YouTube, editing and highlighting text - these are the most important components.


As a result, the most active channels in TG are related to films and TV series, podcasts, news and thematic photographs (memes, wildlife, wallpapers). You can create new channels, fill them with posts and buy Telegram membership.


Remember that when choosing a niche, it should be interesting to you. You won't succeed if you do something you don't like (just like any other job).


Tip 2: Links on other social networks


First of all, you need to get people to pay attention to your newly created channel. Don't expect people to find your channel themselves.


Post links to your channel on all social networks you have. You can also invite your friends to support you. Most people will be happy to help you get started in your blogging career and subscribe to your channel. Feel free to ask them to share the link or recommend your Telegram channel to their friends. Word of mouth strategy is the best marketing.


If you have a small audience and are starting your channel from scratch, be sure to use the SMM panel for Telegram subscribers to get more views and responses to your posts.


Tip 3: Use an inexpensive Telegram channel for fast growth


Some people still believe in organic growth and do not make the most of modern opportunities. You can't blame them (and neither can those who believe in unicorns). In any case, it is impossible to significantly increase the number of Telegram participants without using an SMM panel. If you doubt the safety of using SMM panels for Telegram subscribers, we want to tell you a few important things:


- There is no ban or blocking on the use of SMM panels in Telegram.

- No one can determine whether the views of your public pages or group members are fake or real.

- Genuine people with specific activity are more likely to subscribe to your channel.


But don't forget about genuine activity: buying a Telegram group membership is useless if your account is empty.


Cheap Telegram panel: our service


Prosmmtop is an inexpensive solution for channel owners: with us you can get your first subscribers or reach a valuable number of subscribers. Our services range from post views and number of group members to reactions. You can breathe new life into an abandoned channel or start it from scratch.


Services we offer


1. participation in the channel without exceptions (orders of new participants from India, Iran and Russia are possible)

2. access to posts - even to old publications (up to 500 latest posts)

3. reaction to posts (including free views)


Try our cheap Telegram panel right now! With new group members, you can focus on what really matters.


Secret 4: Vza personal PR will help you increase the number of subscribers on Telegram.

The good old way that works on all social networks. You probably already have a friend or two who are struggling to increase the number of subscribers on their blogs or channels. So help each other and engage in mutual promotion.


Yes, you won't get as many subscribers as you buy Telegram members, but even a small number of new subscribers won't hurt.


Tip 5: Add your channels to the directory


Simply put, a directory is an online database of Telegram channels. It is a practical tool for both channel owners and users. You can add your Telegram channels so that others can find them using keywords.


Let's say you have a channel about IT or programming. If you're looking for a new channel, open the directory and enter "coding" in the search bar. A list of channels will appear on the page, with the most successful (that is, those with the most subscribers) displayed first.


This is another reason to use a cheap telegram bar.


Tip 6: Get Your Current Audience to Support You


The key sign of a successful channel that does not require the help of an SMM panel for Telegram subscribers is viral content. If your posts are not being shared by group members or casual viewers, be sure to ask them to share them.


Don't forget that you can always buy Telegram members and views on your posts, but real action is also important. Being a channel administrator is a responsible and difficult job.