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Is it safe to use SMM panels for Instagram?

When discussing the best ways to promote on social networks, Instagram social media panels are always perceived as something of a villain. Likes! and followers, there is a strong belief that buying followers will only harm your account.


This is not true.


The quality of their services has improved significantly in recent years. They can build a great promotion strategy and also get bots for your blog. Not to mention that moderate use of such providers is completely harmless and legal. If you are still not sure that Instagram follower panels are safe, read our article about 7 myths about social media services and stop believing rumors that are not backed up by real examples.


Now let's see how a cheap SMM provider can promote your blog and increase the reach of your posts and articles. Below are six situations when you can’t do without SMM services


When you become a victim of mass unsubscribes


This may happen if you engage in controversial growth tactics such as "follow for follow" or run a contest that requires users to follow your account to win prizes. Losing multiple followers in a short period of time is a major red flag for Instagram.


What You Need to Do to Protect Your Account To balance your follower to unfollower ratio, you need to gain more followers on Instagram as quickly as possible. You don't need to buy thousands or millions of bots, just use a cheap SMM provider to catch up. This is a basic service that all panels offer. And with Prosmmtop, you can start with a free trial.


By the way: in the future, avoid controversial promotion methods such as subscription-for-subscription exchanges or competitions in exchange for prizes. Some methods just aren't worth it.


Shadow account ban


The thing about a shadowban is that you will never know about it. The app's algorithm deliberately hides all new posts and stories from everyone if your account is considered suspicious. As a result, your posts will not be noticed, and engagement and reach will decrease significantly.


Shadow bans can last anywhere from two to four weeks, during which time they are unlikely to grow organically; even 14 days of unplanned downtime can negatively impact your statistics. Using Instagram's SMM service can help increase engagement. If you notice a significant drop in your usual reach (by 40% or more), immediately go to the website of a reliable and inexpensive SMM provider.


Prosmmtop has everything you need to quickly recover flagged accounts:


- likes on unpopular posts and comments (give us a link to the post and we will start promoting it);

- views of videos and IGTV;

- Access to posts that users do not see.


There are fewer likes on posts than usual


The decline in likes is not a new phenomenon. With the introduction of algorithms, it becomes more and more difficult for app users to get likes every month. Every month, it becomes more and more difficult for app users to get likes. Why is this happening? Basically, everyone It's so easy to make mistakes these days - not engaging enough with your audience, ignoring comments, using the wrong hashtags, uploading low quality photos, etc.


The only thing we can recommend is to "like and comment" (because you can always buy them) and stop worrying about the number of likes and comments and start focusing on the quality of the content posted. Instagram is a competitive social network, so posts and videos must be aesthetically pleasing, interesting and useful.


And when it comes to battling fickle algorithms, nothing drives engagement like an Instagram SMM panel: with Prosmmtop, every order is 100% safe and secure. No passwords or other personal information is required. Like! numbers, link to the post and get ready to see some impressive changes.


Video boost (yes, SMM panels for Instagram can do this too)


Whether you like the trend of short videos filling up your feed or not, it's a global trend. Instagram can't grow without uploading videos. The app freely promotes the best videos, and memorable video creators get more followers on Instagram.


How can Instagram followers panel help you promote your videos? Of course, with the help of a new service: with Prosmmtop you can promote not only your publications, but also all the videos you upload. Increase the number of views on Instagram, likes! and comments to promote your works and see them in the top.


To increase the chances of your videos going viral, follow a few simple rules: add popular sounds and music, create engaging content that will drive Instagram users to your account, and don't forget about captions and hashtags.


Shy subscribers don't leave comments Aryans


The main problem with all social networks is that users are constantly liking and commenting, voting, following and sharing. Comments are a major factor in encouraging other users to (a) spend more time on your page, which Instagram loves, and ( b) join the conversation.


Getting people to write meaningful comments (with words, not emojis) is extremely difficult. Writing a few words takes longer than double-tapping the screen. This is why using a cheap SMM provider can improve engagement under a post. Prosmmtop offers two Instagram options for all account holders: emoji and random comments.


Emoji and random comment. Whatever comment you receive (real or purchased), be sure to respond to it. Like!" or attach a positive comment, leave a few emojis, reply to a phrase or ask a question. Replying to comments increases engagement and shows that you are a social person. Plus, if you reply to every comment, the number of your comments will double.


You're not growing because you need your Instagram audience first


Coming to Instagram with the idea of starting a blog in 2022 seems a little reckless. Even large accounts suffer from a lack of engagement and passive behavior from the audience. Before you can share your content with the world, you need to grow your audience on Instagram.


Organic growth takes years, so using the Instagram followers, likes and followers panel, and buying comments is not a bad idea. Real people are attracted to quality blogs that are full of life, where you publish interesting stories, share useful information and interact with readers. Combine real work with SMM services for Instagram, and you will see rapid growth.