Why won't your blog grow without buying Instagram followers?

Fierce competition on Instagram forces bloggers and online business owners to fight for the attention of every user and it can sometimes be difficult to stand out among competitors. However, you can win the battle for user attention by buying Instagram followers.

For a long time, Instagram was the “people’s” social network, and anyone could become famous and influential without any investment. All you had to do was post beautiful photos. But recent changes have proven to the world that the platform is becoming focused on making money and receiving money from its own users.

With the advent of sponsored posts and smart feeds, the demand for paid subscribers has also increased. Simply because buying Instagram followers is much more profitable than giving the site money for advertising. We have collected 5 reasons why SMM services have become relevant again.

No. 1. Instagram mainly promotes paid posts

Smart feed is the object of fierce hatred of every Instagram user. It creates many difficulties in promoting a blog and maintaining contact with the audience.

Here's how Instagram works with the introduction of algorithms:

1. The uploaded post or Story will not be visible to all subscribers.

2. Unknown accounts and their posts appear in the feed from somewhere.

3. Instagram suggests liking posts and following accounts based on your interests.

As a result, people don't see about 70% of posts and Stories. To be visible, you need to constantly interact with other accounts - post reactions to Stories or respond in comments and Direct. However, keeping in touch with everyone is not easy, especially if you have thousands of followers. That’s why it’s better to use paid promotion (for example, buy Instagram likes cheap) - this guarantees that your posts will be popular.

No. 2. Competition is constantly growing

Despite the new rules of the game, Instagram still remains one of the most popular platforms for personal blogs, business and brand development. And, as you understand, the number of accounts continues to grow.

Remember that just 10 years ago there weren't as many bloggers, shops and experts as there are in 2022. Of course, competing with everyone and everyone is incredibly difficult - you have to constantly prove your worth and retain a capricious audience that can press the “unsubscribe” button at any second. But there is a simple way: getting subscribers will allow you to stop worrying about algorithms and increase your reach.

There are a lot of sites where you can buy Instagram followers, so finding a reliable SMM service provider may take some time. We recommend starting by purchasing a small number of Instagram likes or looking for sites that offer free services.

No. 3. Everyone uses paid subscribers

Living in a world where you can buy Instagram likes cheaply on a thousand sites, it’s hard to believe that everyone chooses organic growth, isn’t it? The temptation to buy Instagram followers is too great! Even celebrities are turning to agencies and SMM service providers for help to increase their reach.

It’s easy to tell with the naked eye whether a page has been promoted: just check the ratio of likes to subscribers. An account with 10 thousand followers generally needs to have at least 15% engagement (that is, at least 1,500 likes per post) to be considered successful. But is it possible to reach such heights with the help of cheating?

Prosmmtop offers you a comprehensive approach to promotion. You can order various service options:

· quality subscribers;

· likes on publications;

· views of downloaded videos;

· random comments in several languages;

· coverage of posts and Stories.

As a bonus for every new client, we offer a trial version of our services in exchange for quick registration. You risk nothing when placing an order - we do not ask for your password or other personal data.

No. 4. Instagram intentionally limits organic growth

To squeeze more money out of desperate users, Instagram is slowing down organic growth and making free account promotion almost impossible. You may have noticed this yourself: the platform constantly offers to buy advertising. From now on, Instagram is not a storehouse of quality content, but a poor man with an outstretched hand.

Buying advertising in an app compared to paid subscribers looks like robbery. Robbery with no guarantee of results. Competently creating a sponsored post (one that will be shown to random users) is quite difficult. One wrong step and your entire promotion budget will be wasted. Wouldn't it be better to spend this money wisely? For example, buying Instagram likes is cheap.

Prosmmtop will increase the engagement of your posts at an affordable price. Before placing your first order, receive a small number of likes as a gift: a free trial is available to all new clients of our SMM panel.

No. 5. Trends change incredibly quickly

Instagram is feeling the pressure of other social networks (first it was Snapchat, now TikTok) and a hundredstrives to keep up with global trends. Users have a hard time endlessly trying to adapt to these changes.

If you are not thinking about buying Instagram followers, you need to quickly adapt and study which promotion tool is the best at the moment. Minor spoiler alert: it's currently Reels. Some bloggers find these short videos wasteful and not worth their time. But this way they lose all chances to attract a new audience, because others are already posting one video after another and successfully promoting their accounts.

If you don't have time to constantly follow trends, but still want your business or blog to grow, buying followers, likes and comments is the only way.

Final Thoughts on Organic Growth on Instagram

The good old Instagram that we are used to no longer exists. Organic growth has been replaced by marketing gimmicks and a parade of changing trends. As a result of these manipulations, it is almost impossible to get new subscribers without paid promotion. Choose quality services on the Prosmmtop provider’s website, and you won’t have to worry about promoting your account for a day.