What should be done before buying Telegram subscribers?

According to polls, 70% of social media users find Telegram more convenient than Facebook and much more useful than Instagram. Have you already thought about creating a channel too, or have you been looking for ways to promote your Telegram channel? In this article, we will tell you what to do.

The very first thought of every administrator or channel owner is to go the easy way and buy Telegram subscribers. However, this should be done after your channel is ready for mass promotion. How exactly do you know about it? And how to run a successful channel in TG? Have a little patience, we'll tell you now.

In this article, we will give you 7 practical methods to manage your Telegram channel. Make sure you use each of them before gaining Telegram followers for money.

Viral content allows you to promote the Telegram channel

Viral posts can make you incredibly famous! They spread throughout the world of social networks at the speed of light. Any viral post is liked, commented and shared thousands of times, and as a result, the account owner may notice a rapid increase in subscribers.

What are examples of viral content?

Any memorable or emotional image, video or text can go viral. However, they must be meaningful. For example, “5 new coins to invest in today” or “3 best books for self-improvement according to Elon Musk” will be published, liked and saved by many people. And this is exactly the type of content that can gain subscribers in Telegram!

Tip: think about what you can do to make each of your posts go viral. What would users like to share and comment on?

Without an individual approach - nowhere

This is true for any social network, but for Telegram it has a special meaning. When you choose an avatar and name for your channel, you depersonalize it (in fact, nothing remains of you there). Let your audience know who is behind the texts and posts (of course, to the extent that you are comfortable with this).

Do not be afraid to share your personal opinion and problems, as well as their successful solution. For example, a self-help channel author might start their post by describing their sleep problems, and then share a few books or techniques that have helped them establish a healthy routine.

How can it help you get Telegram followers? Easily!

Seeing an emotional post with the words “Have you ever spent 3 hours at night staring at the ceiling and unable to sleep?” will make users feel connected to you. Of course, each of us had problems with sleep. In addition, they will definitely share your recommendations. And here it is - your viral post is ready!

Check if your content is interesting

Once you have enough subscribers and posts on the channel, consider buying Telegram subscribers. Until then, do your best to create versatile, emotional, informative and useful posts. No one wants to waste their time on aimless blah blah blah.

Do you write about cryptocurrencies? Please stop talking about the benefits of Bitcoin already. Instead, share 5 dark horse cryptocurrencies.

Is your TG channel dedicated to movies? How about we share the top 5 movies that will make everyone cry? Or movies that are better than books? These themes will definitely be appreciated by your audience.

Before you buy Telegram subscribers, create more posts

Let's face it, a channel with 10 posts won't interest anyone. If you want people to join your community, be sure to give them something to grab their attention. Like posts! Boosting subscribers to a Telegram channel can bring you more people, but it will not create content for you!

Why do we insist on this mass posting before buying Telegram subscribers? Imagine for yourself that you have joined some channel and see push notifications on the screen 10 times a day ... Annoying, right? Lots of notifications and messages will make people leave your channel quickly. So do the "dirty work" of filling the channel before you wind up subscribers.

Interact with your audience

Unlike many social networks, Telegram is a great place to create a community of like-minded people. Especially if you give people the opportunity to express their opinion. People just love to be allowed to speak! Use this to promote your channel and encourage people to be active.

Telegram has many tools that can help you with this:

anonymous polls





This will not only show your subscribers that their opinion matters, but it will also allow you to gain Telegram subscribers. People like to belong to different communities where they can meet new friends and discuss something that interests them.

Add new posts regularly

The number of posts in your Telegram channel depends on the niche in which you work: it is clear that news channels or meme collections will need to be posted more frequently than movie selection channels or motivational blogs.

However, if you are too active, people will quickly hit the "unsubscribe" button without thinking twice. The main thing here is the content plan: plan the number of publications and their time in advance. If you notice that your audience is growing without cheating subscribers in the Telegram channel, this is a sign that you are doing everything right.

Check your posts for punctuation and grammar

We all make mistakes in our native language. This is fine. What is not normal is to neglect your work and publish a text full of spelling and grammatical errors and blunders.

You don't need to open a dictionary and check each word manually. In the same way that you can promote a Telegram channel with the help of external services, there are many sites on the Internet for checking grammar. We recommend Text Guide, an online assistant that reviews your text and highlights errors. By the way, it's absolutely free!

All is ready? Now you can buy Telegram subscribers

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