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All about Telegram Premium subscribers and where to buy it

The Telegram Premium theme is relevant today, because the changes have led to a huge, previously unprecedented transformation of the messenger. Initially, Telegram stated that the subscription would bring a lot of benefits to ordinary users, but recently thousands of channel owners received an unpleasant message - the fate of their channel now depends on premium subscribers.

The creator of the messenger also made it clear that the future of the Telegram blog will largely depend on the support of premium users.

Pavel Durov, head of Messenger, personally spoke about changes to the promotion rules and that these innovations are aimed at strengthening the platform’s reputation system. For those who are having difficulty organically attracting current premium accounts, there is a solution: now anyone can purchase a premium Telegram membership, as well as the necessary additional features such as post views, boosts and reactions.

How Telegram Premium Members Are Changing SEO

Telegram developers are doing everything possible to attract more users to this subscription game. Users who have purchased such memberships have become valuable members of the channel, but unfortunately, although the rules are universal for everyone, it is neither fair nor possible for all channels to evolve in the same way.

Firstly, the question of how to get a Telegram Premium membership has become the most popular in the messenger, since it is impossible to manually find users with paid subscriptions and send them all text messages with invitations to visit their blogs. As a result, many simply cannot find them.

However, paid subscriptions are extremely important for all channels as they affect their rankings. Firstly, as announced, the more premium members Telegram has, the better (and higher) it will rank in search results.

As an added bonus, premium members can also vote for their favorite blogs. Once they reach a certain level, channel owners will be able to “unlock” the stories feature and post stories as the channel administrator.

Why buy Telegram premium membership to improve your ranking?

Navigating Telegram search and understanding how it works has remained a mystery for a long time. There seemed to be no logic in his work. But now, with the advent of the new ranking system, there is a special focus on getting quick access to more premium accounts through the top SMM bar. Only these accounts can affect a blog's search ranking, so attracting thousands of subscribers or buying Telegram post views from premium users is the only way to grow.

The number of premium users interacting with a channel increases its ranking in search results. However, there are some nuances to consider here. For example, if premium accounts subscribe to too many blogs, their reach will be reduced to almost zero.

To ensure you get 100% unique subscribers to help you promote your channel, purchase a premium account at Prosmmtop.com. Our services offer an ongoing subscription and ensure that your premium account will review and respond to your latest messages from time to time. All premium services guarantee uninterrupted operation for a certain period of time - from seven days to six months.

How to enable Stories in your Telegram feed

Another interesting change that channel owners may notice is the ability to publish stories. By default this feature is not enabled. Bloggers who want to add stories to their channel must obtain special permission from their premium account. Apart from the question of how to get premium membership on Telegram, channel owners need to worry about this too.

Channels can be voted up to certain levels, which Telegram calls "boosting". After reaching each level, the channel can publish one more story per day.

Currently, these votes or "boosts" are received by users with a paid subscription. Channel owners will be able to see how many votes they have received and how many remain to activate a story or move to the next level. Luckily, Prosmmtop is a reliable SMM service provider that offers this service for all social networks. When promoting a channel, it is also important to increase the activity of premium accounts.

Buy premium Telegram accounts and bonuses to activate your stories

While many are confused and cannot understand the new rules and rating system, others are wasting no time. They realized that searching for organic premium members will not yield good results, so they take the initiative and buy Telegram premium members.

If you want to rank higher in Telegram search results, cheap SMM services will help you. You can focus on what your audience really needs: providing quality content and information, and Prosmmtop will take care of the rest of the promotion. Thousands of bloggers have already tried it our service and were satisfied.

SMM service Telegram: where to buy premium membership

Prosmmtop is an affordable SMM service provider that gives you the opportunity to take your channel to the next level within all the rules. We offer premium Telegram members at affordable prices to help you reach the next level and attract new subscribers. Here is a complete list of our services

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2. Prove the value and popularity of your channel by leaving positive and negative reactions

3. receive views of publications from premium members (randomly added to the latest publications); And

4. purchase Telegram boosters.

Conclusion: How to Buy Telegram Premium Membership Safely

All this may seem scary, but if you look at Telegram shares from a global point of view, you can see that these channels and groups are only increasing the “weight” of users. They have become a fashionable way to get the latest news and information. If you put enough effort into making your channel attractive, you will attract a lot of attention and readers.

However, Telegram does not help bloggers promote their channels in the traditional way. New rules that increase the role of premium accounts have caused a lot of misunderstanding among channel owners. However, some (for example, Prosmmtop clients) are already taking advantage of these SMM services. If you want to stay up to date with the latest changes in the messenger, purchase premium subscribers and campaigns on Telegram.