Как создать телеграмм канал

Top 8 Telegram channel ideas for any niche

Creating a thriving community on Telegram is no easy task: Blogging on Telegram has become commonplace only recently, so naturally many people still feel lost and make a lot of mistakes. No matter how much success you've already achieved with your Telegram channel, there's one universal piece of advice: get a response from cheap Telegram and Prosmmtop members before you start promoting it - real users are more likely to join your channel. channel, they are more likely to join.


We have already written a lot about Telegram promotions on our blog and have nothing to add. In the absence of offers and advertising posts, there is only one way to attract more users. Yes, we say it again: share content that is relevant, interesting, engaging and useful.


Below are eight post ideas that will work for any channel, no matter the topic or niche.


Collections and collections


This type of content is always relevant and suitable for any niche. Create lists of the best books to read, YouTube channels to watch, useful apps and websites, music albums of the year, most anticipated movies, or gifts for any occasion. Such posts are appreciated by users because it saves them time by allowing them to search for these items and create a list with a short description.


One of the advantages of such publications is the possibility of receiving many reposts. However, be prepared for users to visit your channel. Prepare your blog in advance: buy group members on Telegram, order reactions, views and fake comments to increase activity under old publications. Otherwise, visitors may not stay.




Writing reviews is a great way to express your opinion about news, events, books, films and everything else. People love to read different opinions on current topics. As a blogger, you can find ways to post review articles on your blog. Additionally, you can look at the same event from different perspectives. Some examples:


- Fashion Channel - rank the best outfits from the Oscars;

- Cinema channel - be the first to write a review of a new film;

- Channel about cryptocurrencies - review of new coins.


As you can see, there are really a lot of ideas for reviews. The more unusual your point of view (for example, "This is why I didn't like Avatar 2"), the better your arguments supporting your opinion, the more views you will get. People will be happy to share your unique point of view with their friends. And if your review does not get the required number of responses, buy views of your Telegram post from trusted people.


Memes and GIFs


Even the most serious readers have moments of laughter. Free people from the endless parade of useful information and post memes that are relevant to your blog. For example, post a sarcastic or funny GIF at the end of the week.


Of course, it's impossible to attract new members just by sharing memes (unless your channel is dedicated to that topic), so use Prosmmtop to get cheap Telegram members and get real users to see the value of your blog and subscribe. Do it.




This type of content is always in demand. Today, people search Google for recommendations on anything and rely on information they get from websites and blogs. Tell your audience how you can overcome obstacles (download books and movies for free, watch Netflix online, use a VPN). A feed filled with valuable life hacks for all occasions is a guarantee of success.


Otherwise, people will never visit your blog again. You don't have to hack it, just Google it and find everything you need.


Manuals and instructions


Simple and clear instructions are better than long texts. Guides and instructions save a lot of time: people don't have to search for information, everything they need is in one place. Again, this type of content is suitable for any niche:


- Travel blogs - write about 10 places you must visit or 10 steps to get a visa to a certain country;

- Channels about DIY - show step-by-step gift wrapping; And

- Cryptocurrency blogs - guides with screenshots on how to register on Binance.


Add visual details to your guide, such as screenshots, photos, and maps. People will appreciate it. To make sure your instructions are popular, buy views for your Telegram posts on Prosmmtop.




This section is probably familiar to you from visiting many sites. And readers of your blog will have many questions. You can create a FAQ for newbies and pin your posts so they can easily find them among others. To find out what interests your readers, ask open-ended questions.


Another tool for finding out reader preferences is a survey. Sometimes subscribers are shy or and are lazy to click on answers the first time. However, you can incentivize them to respond by purchasing votes for specific polls on Telegram.


Digests - brief summaries of the most relevant information


Weekly or monthly digests are a great way to remind your audience of old articles. When new users visit your blog, they view these old posts, increasing the number of views (and the likelihood of replies and comments). On Telegram, it is much more difficult to get people to view past posts. But with the help of a digest, you can get people to pay attention to them.


Another advantage of digests is that they require minimal effort to create. Just scroll through the feed and select the most relevant publications.


Photo collections


Due to frequent interruptions in the work of Instagram, bloggers are moving to other social media platforms. For content creators, nothing is easier than uploading ten high-quality photos, and users love to scroll through those too. And users love scrolling through photos.


It is difficult to create truly high-quality, informative posts on Telegram. Competition is growing and users are becoming more selective. Try all types of content and see what your audience finds more relevant - don't forget to buy votes on Telegram, order reactions and views on your posts and buy membership in Telegram groups to reach your desired heights faster.