Как раскрутить instagram

How to increase your Instagram followers on a small budget

Advertising on social networks requires the allocation of a certain budget every month. Even if your Instagram account is just a side hustle and you can't afford to spend huge amounts on targeting and advertising, that doesn't mean you can't grow your Instagram followers. In this article, we will reveal five tips for free promotion and tell you where you can buy activity inexpensively.


But is it possible to grow on social media without a budget at all? Is it possible to attract an audience without spending money? Yes, it is possible, but it requires more time and effort. If you have a clear idea of what you want to do, don't be afraid to invest money in promoting your blog. You haven't found your niche yet. Check out which niche can get you subscribers that won't drop.


If you already have a profile and a theme you want to stick with, check out the guidelines below.


Be the first to share news and updates in the niche


Competition on Instagram is fierce, and you probably know dozens of profiles dedicated to the same topics and niches as you. It's hard to stand out, especially if you don't have the extra money to buy the latest iPhone, professional camera, or everything else you need to take good photos and videos. So try to reach new people by posting updates on niche topics.


To do this, love your topic with all your heart and check news and other blogs daily. React quickly to everything that happens in your niche, including news, updates and new releases. Such publications usually generate a lot of responses and reposts. This means that more people will see your profile, and you will quickly gain new subscribers.


To get new users to click the follow button, use the Instagram followers panel for your first promotion. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars - with Prosmmtop you can get enough followers to get your page engaged.


Use hooks and other interesting techniques


Every time a follower responds to your story, video, or post, the algorithm becomes a little happier and promotes your content to a larger audience. On social media, the main goal of any blogger is to generate a response, be it positive or negative. You can use classic but working techniques: ask questions at the end of posts, create polls or quizzes in Stories, run interactive games, add emojis stickers to Stories and other ways to increase reach and engagement.


People like to press different buttons and see the results. You don’t need to come up with complicated things to increase the number of followers on Instagram, simple questions that are relevant to many people are enough. Think about what interactive elements you can add to your blog, use one technique a day and see results.


User-Generated Content is a Great Way to Increase Your Followers on Instagram


It is ideal for those on a tight budget. By mentioning you in their profile, other users give your blog free advertising. In response, you repost their stories to your account. It's a win-win situation for both parties - you get new visitors and potential subscribers, and they get their moment of fame. How many people want to be reposted on social networks?


User-generated content is a technique that famous bloggers often use. But it works even if you have 100 subscribers. However, you should not promote your account until you reach your first thousand followers. If you don’t know how to do it quickly, try the SMM panel for Instagram. Get SMM followers from cheap panels.


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Focus on quality content


It's better to make 2-3 really interesting and exciting posts a week than 10 bad ones. Your readers, especially newbies, will judge your blog based on the quality of its content. Is there anything in it that is relevant to them? Is the information interesting? Are the photos alive? Despite the importance of these points, it is better to fill your profile with a variety of content in the beginning. This is so that people can examine your account and decide whether it is of value to them.


Don't forget to use Instagram's SMM panel to increase engagement on your posts. Another criterion for evaluating new profiles is the number of subscribers and likes! numbers. Don't think that people will blindly join your page just because you're incredibly cool. Make them feel important.


Analyze your past posts and their reach


Without analysis, all the work you put into your blog will be in vain. It's part of the process. Set a time frame (a week is best) and see if your content meets the following criteria


1. which topics provoke the greatest reaction?

2. Which formats are people most likely to respond to?

3. at what time of day do users respond to your posts and stories?

4. Which days of the week get the least responses?

5. which topics generate the most interest and which attract the least attention.


This valuable information will help you build the right strategy and improve your content planning and story writing techniques. For best results, use all of the above methods in combination with low-cost SMM services and you will see how new people turn into a loyal and active audience.