How to gain subscribers to a Telegram channel? 4 proven tactics

A blog on Telegram is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your audience. Many bloggers are “moving” there en masse from the unstable and advertising-filled Instagram and are trying their hand at a new messenger. Thousands of people are already subscribed to some popular channels. But is it possible to reach the same level and gain subscribers to the Telegram channel if you start now? Or is it too late?

Promoting a brand on Telegram is not the same as posting a video on YouTube or Reels on Instagram. There is no algorithm that shows your posts to other people. Users subscribe to channels they find interesting and receive notifications as if they were receiving a message in a group chat. Thus, traditional methods of attracting attention (hashtags or sponsored posts) simply do not work.

Below we share the 4 best ways to grow on Telegram! To achieve quick results, we recommend using them together.

Mutual promotion (PR)

One of the easiest ways to get subscribers on Telegram is through recommendations. For example, if messenger users begin to forward your publications to their friends. Mutual PR is based precisely on this principle. 2 channels advertise each other for free and essentially “exchange” their audience.


· there is no guarantee of attracting new subscribers;

· you must already have at least 5 thousand subscribers (this will make the channel more attractive to potential subscribers);

· It can be difficult to find a similar channel for mutual PR.

If the channel has just been created, then ask your friends to forward your most useful publications to their friends and colleagues. Word of mouth has always been a great promotion tool! And to attract a really large number of subscribers, use our next tip.

Do you want to grow? You need to buy subscribers for your Telegram channel

Once you create a channel and invite a couple of dozen friends there, the burden of promoting an unknown blog will fall heavily on your shoulders. Let's say you were able to recruit about 100 participants (people you know). How to grow further?

Telegram channel promotion and SMM service providers will help you with this! This is the only way to break through the ceiling on the path to success. And Prosmmtop will help you make it happen. We offer an integrated approach to promotion and affordable prices.

Here is a list of our SMM services for Telegram:

· channel/group members (with avatars, without unsubscribes)

· real post views

· all types of reactions (positive and negative)

· comments

voting in polls

We are constantly adding new services based on customer needs to make sure everyone gets everything they need to grow in Telegram. Buying subscribers to a Telegram channel is an easy way to increase your channel to a nice number and focus on content. And real users, seeing activity on the channel, will subscribe to it with much greater joy.

Promotion through social networks

Thanks to countless social networks, you can easily gain subscribers to your Telegram channel for free. Start sharing your channel links on sites like Quora, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Don't forget about your own social media accounts. Some of your Instagram followers may not know that you have a great channel to join! Although this method helps to get subscribers on Telegram, their number will be quite modest.


· this type of promotion requires a lot of free time;

· your comment may be lost among thousands of others;

· There is no guarantee that people will come to your channel (you may end up wasting time).

Use other Telegram groups for promotion

Attracting new subscribers from the outside can be difficult, but most people will willingly switch to your channel if they see a link to it in Telegram itself. One of the most wonderful ways to get subscribers on Telegram is to find channels where your target audience sits and attract them by leaving comments (not links or advertising!).

How will this help you gain subscribers for your Telegram channel? It's simple! Your task: find a very popular channel in the same niche as yours. You join it and start leaving expert comments in the discussions in the hope that people will become interested and visit your blog.

Again, your posts should not look like spam or undermine the authority of the author of another channel (this can get you banned). Be polite, interact with other participants, and try to appear expert.


· this approach requires a lot of time and dedication;

· there is absolutely no guarantee;

· you may be suspected of poaching subscribers and banned.

These were 4 proven ways to promote Telegram channels. If you combine them all with quality content, the result will be amazing. However, besides good ways to grow in TG, there are also some promotion methods that are not worth your time.

In this part of the article, we will share some unsuccessful marketing moves that can only lead to a waste of time and have zero effectiveness.

These are the methods:

1. Adding users from your contact list manually. Let's start with the fact that it is simply rude to force a person to join your channel if he does not want to. Instead of forced subscriptions, send everyone a private link to the channel with a request to rate your “brainchild.”

2. Buying advertising from administrators of other channels. You never know if it will be beneficial. After all, the owner could simply buy subscribers to the Telegram channel in order to look more respectable and sell advertising.

3. Don't waste time adding your channel to directories. Focus on reaching your target audience INSIDE the messenger using the tips we gave above.

Conclusions about promoting Telegram channels

As a channel administrator, you should always know which methods can attract new audiences and which ones keep you stuck in one place. Be determined to discard anything that doesn't work and always look for ways to provide value to your subscribers (and this should be the main goal of your channel).

The path to increasing your subscriber count is not easy. You can't just buy subscribers to a Telegram channel and expect it to magically become mega-popular. However, without paid promotion of Telegram channels, you won’t get far either. Work daily to improve your content and try to stay one step ahead of your competitors.