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Promoting your channel with premium Telegram subscribers: is it worth it?

In connection with recent changes in the promotion rules on Telegram, many channel owners are asking a logical question: is it worth spending time and money on a new SMM service? Before the new rules, the rule was simple: blogs with larger audiences get all. However, now the success of the channel depends on the number of premium Telegram users and their activity. In this article, we will make an informed choice for you.

  According to the messenger developers, the changes have already received positive feedback. However, there are also frustrated content creators, especially those who have put a lot of time and effort into developing their blogs only to see their efforts go to waste due to a lack of premium accounts in their subscriber list.

  With the help of an inexpensive SMM panel, you can improve the promotion of your channel and do it according to the new rules. Read on to find out what a premium SMM service can do for you and whether it's worth the investment.


How to develop your competitive Telegram channel


Maintaining a Telegram channel requires a lot of resources and experimentation with content, writing style and posting frequency. There is a lot of information in this messenger, and the number of new blogs is constantly growing. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to promote it, and the +1 position to a standard information resource does not bring any real benefit. The only way to continue to grow is to attract more readers through paid subscriptions. For this it is necessary.


1. attract real users to the channel;

2. buy premium accounts from reputable SMM providers.


However, the role of premium accounts continues to grow, and they have more opportunities than regular users in terms of promoting their favorite channels. For example, there is a growing demand for purchasing Telegram services to unlock the Stories feature. And it is worth noting that the average user no longer dares to do such things.


The influence of Telegram premium subscribers on the popularity of the channel


So, you've probably heard about the latest changes in Telegram and are already trying to find ways to increase the popularity of your blog. First of all, it's important to note that attracting premium users (organically or through social media services) is beneficial for your blog overall - the more active accounts you have with premium subscriptions, the higher your blog's search ranking will be. The simplest solution is to buy a premium membership to an SMM panel, which is inexpensive.

  However, if you want to get the so-called "full package", a premium account alone is not enough. Content creators who want to improve their channels and offer new experiences to their audience are also looking for ways to get support for their Telegram channels. This feature does not exist by default and requires granting each channel permission to share stories.


Buy premium membership to rank higher in Telegram search engine


No matter how many users you've attracted to your blog over the past months or even years, it doesn't matter anymore. All feeds are now entirely dependent on premium accounts, as their presence alone affects the feed's ranking in Messenger search results. In short, the more paid accounts you have, the higher your chances of ranking higher in search results.

  Of course, acquiring premium search subscriptions is an ongoing process, and while some bloggers naively believe that they can be acquired organically, others have already purchased them from the sites of cheaper SMM providers and found themselves at the top of the rankings. You can also take advantage of the latest additions to the pool of SMM services - all of which are aimed at increasing the status of the channel and guaranteeing no subscribers, post views and reactions for a selected period of time (from 7 days to 6 months). .


Buy a Telegram upgrade and unlock stories for your channel


Another new feature that has recently given bloggers headaches is Telegram Stories. Initially, the app opposed this addition (well, simply because all other social networks have them), but it seems that everything is not so simple: bloggers “unlock” the features they need to promote their Telegram channel.

  The number of boosts is unique and depends on the total number of channel subscribers. To move to each new level (as well as to publish one additional story per day), the channel needs to collect votes of 0.1% of the total audience. However, only premium Telegram members can vote. And when all the rules are known, the task becomes even more difficult:


- Each account can vote only once a day (24 hours);

- You can vote only once a day (24 hours) from one account;

- Votes have an expiration date (if the required number of votes are not collected on time, they will remain expired).


Activating this story seems to be the most difficult quest. But Prosmmtop is ready to help. On our site you can get up to 100 votes for your blog (enough for a channel with a million members).

Where can I get premium SMM services for Telegram?


As you can see, with the new rules and ranking algorithm there is little time left to create quality content. The quest to get a premium account can be exhausting, and if you decide that you need a quality service to increase your Telegram presence, you can find it in our affordable SMM panel. We have already added a list of premium services that are not drop-down:


- Premium accounts with subscription (7, 15, 30, 60, 90 days or 6 months);

- Random selection of positive or negative reactions to your posts from a premium account with an avatar;

- Buy Telegram boosts and activate as many stories as you want;

- Receive views of your latest publications.


Telegram developers are tightening the rules and striving to ensure that small, high-quality channels can earn their place in the sun, but promotion is still possible with the help of large SMM providers.


Final thoughts on promoting quality Telegram channels


Although these rules are quite new and have caused confusion among content creators and channel owners, there may be a chance to come out on top by purchasing premium services. This will give you an edge in the competition for organic members of your Telegram channel and allow you to focus on what really matters - your content and building connections with existing members.

  By purchasing a new premium search subscription and getting a boost for your Telegram channel, you are investing in the future success of your blog. All social networks tend to change their algorithms and ranking systems, so by quickly responding to changes, you can take your blog to the next level and gain a competitive advantage for relatively little money.