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5 new tips to increase the number of Telegram members and SMM subscribers

You have an idea to create a creative and popular channel on Telegram. However, once you take the first step, you realize that most of the popular topics in front of you have already been covered by thousands of people. Is it still possible to promote your blog and get real channel members, and not just SMM subscribers? Yes it is possible.


News channels, travel blogs, blogs with entertainment content (music, books, films, podcasts), channels about finance and investments - these niches are potentially profitable, but to attract more real Telegram members, prepare your blog for promotion. You need to publish 15- 20 relevant articles and use a low-cost reseller SMM panel to make a good first impression on all new members.


This article will give you some tips to help you make your content great. Use them all and you will see results.


Work on the visual part of your posts


When creating posts for Telegram, it is very important to present all information through the prism of personal experience. Instead of blindly copying material from Google, share your opinion on it or express your thoughts on the topic. Express an opposing point of view or show your doubts. Having a normal human reaction to a topic will help you get good feedback from your followers.


Here are a few extra tricks to make every post better.


- Include a photo or image at the end of the post to make it more interesting. Plain text, especially if it is long, will look visually depressing.

- Add an activity button to your post. Include reactions and comments. Conduct a short survey immediately after publishing a new story. Ask questions.


Sometimes Telegram channel members do not live up to expectations, and the number of views, reactions and comments decreases. In this case, you can inexpensively change bad dynamics using our SMM panel.


Diversify your content to keep channel members interested.


Keeping viewers interested 24/7 is quite difficult, and at some point people might get bored with your blog. Varying the type of content on your channel will help keep your subscribers interested. In addition, you will be able to find out what content your subscribers like best and what they respond to. In general, once you start promoting your blog on Telegram and gain more members, you will need to switch between different types of content:


- Videos (including video messages)

- Stories.

- personal notes and stories

- Advertising and recommendations.

- Expert opinion.


Of course, when you are just starting to fill your channel with a variety of publications, it is useful to buy Telegram subscribers. Once your blog has 500-1000 readers, convincing new users to subscribe will become easier. Luckily, you can find inexpensive SMM services on our SMM Reseller Panel website.


Make posts with attached links attractive


Pinned posts are another element of the Telegram channel. This is an opportunity for bloggers to showcase themselves and their work in a simple way. Of course, SMM followers will not find it informative, but real users will 100% consider the information in this post before deciding whether to join your blog or leave the channel and move on.


The post should be short, but at the same time include all the necessary information about what users can find here. Don't try to fit all the benefits of your blog, all your experience, all your achievements into one small article. The information in the pinned posts should attract users and answer the question “How is this blog useful to me?” Additionally, if you enrich your content with cheap SMM provider panels, users will have no reason to leave your blog without subscribing.


Increase your engagement by buying SMM subscribers and views of posts on Telegram.


This is one of the easiest ways to promote your Telegram channel at any stage: go to Prosmmtop, select a service, pay and get the required number of new subscribers, post views, reactions or comments.


Keep in mind that using SMM panels at a low price without any other methods of promotion or content placement will not bring any results. In this case, your channel will be filled with bots and fake activity; use your SMM provider's dashboard as an additional tool for your growth - to attract people and show that your channel is worth their time.


For example, if you have few real subscribers on your channel. If you currently have 0-50 subscribers, then people who discover your blog will be suspicious of the content and your expertise. However, if you reach 500, 1,000 or more subscribers, the attitude will change.


Write about your subscribers, not about yourself


Most of your posts should be about your readers, not about you. The materials you publish should relate to their problems and challenges. Exactly This is why people subscribe to blogs - to find valuable and useful tips and information. You can use the following example:


- There are more than 300 films in my database.

- Every day I provide new arrivals.

- I know how to build muscle in 30 days. Follow my advice.

- I regularly post new finds and deals from Amazon.

- My advice will make your everyday life easier.


Add more facts and figures if they are relevant to your niche. Instead of “I love watching new movies and can share my best movies,” say “I watch over 20 movies a week so I can give you my best recommendations.” Focusing on your subscribers' needs builds trust. If you regularly publish interesting content and gain subscribers on Telegram, you will not have problems promoting your blog.