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Introducing a premium SMM panel service for Telegram at a low price

Last month, the Telegram messenger changed its ranking algorithm, which caused many difficulties for channel owners. The old approach of having channels and groups with the most subscribers appear first in the search bar no longer works. Now, even if they continue to increase the number of channel members, taking advantage of the low price of the SMM panel, they will not be able to get to the top of the list.


But does this mean that the only possible way to get to the top in Telegram searches is through organic growth? Not really - after the founder of Telegram explained how the new ranking system works, our SMM provider Prosmmtop added a new service that will help thousands of group and channel owners stay afloat and gain even more popularity.


What has changed for Telegram channel owners?


The messenger has focused on increasing the role of premium users. Telegram channels with a large number of premium subscribers appear higher in search results than channels with similar names and fewer users who have purchased a premium subscription. The founder of Telegram announced this.


Previously, public channels with large numbers of subscribers appeared higher in search results. This system worked well for both owners and viewers for a while, but with the new rules introduced by Telegram, it is becoming increasingly difficult to notice. The only option to increase the reach of a group or channel is to have a large number of premium subscribers to increase its ranking. Fortunately, this is possible with the help of a panel of low-cost SMM providers.


Can I promote my channel on SMM providers?


Yes, you can use all the services offered by the platform, including post views, reactions and comments. This won't get your channel to the top of searches, but these actions will improve the overall impression and authority of your channel. If users see that your channel is live, they will be more likely to trust you and subscribe to your channel. Metrics such as reactions, comments, and shares of posts on your channel or group can serve as valuable social proof. The higher the level of engagement, the more active and engaged the community.


Thus, it is still important to combine an organic approach to growth, buying Telegram subscribers and other activities. This is the only way to achieve faster results, and since the number of blogs and channels is growing along with the popularity of instant messengers, competition will certainly increase in the future.


What new services can channel owners order?


The following services can improve search engine optimization, increase the effectiveness of your channel and make it more visible

- Telegram Premium Member (7 days, 30 days, 90 days, no discount) - if you want to improve the search engine optimization of your channel and attract more real users.

- Telegram Premium Member + Views and Reactions (random views and reactions added to recent messages from your Premium account).

- Views of messages in Telegram from Premium accounts.

- Reactions in Telegram from Premium accounts.

- Activation of channel history.


It is important to note that even the best SMM providers will not be able to make your channel attractive to real Telegram users on their own. You need to be creative in creating posts, stick to relevant topics, and communicate with your followers.


Benefits of premium SMM services for Telegram


1 - Increased search engine optimization

Since Telegram gives preference to premium members, their subscription can change the fate of any channel, even the smallest and most modest. Now, when choosing the cheapest SMM panel site service, it is recommended to add a premium account to your channel and give preference to the one that includes views from premium users and the reactions they leave. Prosmmtop already offers this wide range of services that will help make your the blog in messenger immediately stood out.


2- You can unlock the Stories feature in your Telegram feed.

The Stories feature appeared in Telegram earlier this year. Initially, it was available only to Telegram Premium users, but then became available to everyone, including channels and groups. However, only Telegram Premium accounts can help channel owners activate the Stories feature by voting for their favorite channels. Try our new low price SMM Panel specials to help you activate Stories and improve your blog.


Why choose Prosmmtop as your SMM service provider?


If you are looking for a reliable panel to grow your Telegram blog, Prosmmtop is the right choice due to its many advantages. First of all, we constantly adapt our services to new changes, and at any stage of promoting your channel, you can always count on positive changes and good results if you decide to buy Telegram subscribers and post views.


In addition to modern and high-quality service, our panel SMM provider offers favorable prices and guarantees the security of your personal data Regardless of whether you are starting to work with Telegram or already have a large channel, you can stand out from the competition and make your blog real. To fill it with users, we offer hundreds of options: register in four simple steps and start improving your groups and channels within a few minutes after ordering.


Conclusion: how to develop your Telegram channel in 2023


Social proof on Telegram is a big part of the success and influence of a channel or group. However, to establish long-term trust, it is important to prioritize genuine engagement, authenticity, and quality posts. Relying solely on numbers can quickly waste time and money.


Remember that growth takes time, and most importantly, consistency. Constantly study audience feedback and adapt your strategy accordingly - creating a Telegram channel in 2023 may require patience and persistence, but with the right approach and the use of an inexpensive SMM panel, you can achieve your goals.