Накрутка подписчиков в телеграмме на канал

Telegram is not recruiting participants Check your channel!

Attracting a loyal audience is a pain that every blogger understands. It's a rollercoaster ride with unexpected twists and turns. But there are social networks in which promotion can seem like an endless vertical loop. If you are also struggling to increase your audience on Telegram, we can help.


Creating a channel on Telegram is a great idea and quite practical: people open the app every day to chat with friends and colleagues, so they will check your channel too. The only disadvantage of a blog on Telegram is its promotion! .


But this is exactly what we want to talk about today.


Why people don't subscribe: the most common mistakes


No matter how experienced you are in blogging, it is natural that you will make mistakes from time to time. But learning from your mistakes is the path to improvement.


Trying to become popular as quickly as possible, most newcomers buy thousands of subscribers using cheap telegram bars. However, this step alone is no longer enough to attract real users. People also evaluate the quality of information and overall engagement before clicking “Join.” Post views, comments and reactions are also important and Prosmmtop provides you with all the necessary tools to make your channel interesting.


People make a lot of mistakes in promotion, even with trusted providers... But they will not help you get subscribers to your Telegram channel. Be prepared for the truth. Open your channel and check how many subscribers you already have.


No. 1. You don't know who your target audience is


There is a common belief that good content attracts millions of people to your blog. Every channel owner is convinced that people wait their whole lives for exceptional information. But in reality, you need to know exactly who you are creating articles for.


To better communicate with your channel members, you need to know a little more about them. Write down on paper the main characteristics of your average subscriber:


- Age and gender

- Where do they live?

- Work and income

- Hobby.

- His difficulties and expectations;

- What he can gain or learn from you.


To complete this task you will need a couple of hours of free time. Clear your schedule and focus on creating an image of the average reader. This will give you a better understanding of what information should be published. After this, you will be able to fill your channels with content and order promotion services in Telegram.


No. 2. Don't care about subscribers


Before clicking the “Join” button, users ask themselves, “What will I get if I subscribe to this channel?” Go beyond their expectations and explain what they will gain from reading your blog.


There is no better way to increase your Telegram subscribers than to understand your strengths and offer what people are looking for. In this age of virtualization, we look for advice on the Internet (some people even Google their symptoms instead of going to the doctor). The best advice we can give is to put other people's needs first. Successful blogging is about giving and sharing experiences.


As you can imagine, a feed filled with "photos of my life" or "me and my days" has literally zero value to people. Think about how you can turn your daily life into something inspiring and educational for people.


No. 3. Not focusing on engagement


Gone are the days when only the number of subscribers mattered. Now we are dealing with a completely different approach, where the main thing is involvement. Users want to feel connected to you - they want to show off their knowledge in the comments, see your reactions and answers, or just chat with like-minded people. How can you give it to them? First, open the comments below the post so you can react. Allow users to freely express their opinions - Telegram has many tools for successful communication. Create surveys and quizzes to learn more about your subscribers' preferences.


Sometimes subscribers are not as talkative and active as we would like. Luckily, the Telegram promotion service can help you. Buy reactions, comments and votes with a cheap Telegram bar and your real users will cast aside their shyness.


No. 4. Catchy names help attract more Telegram users.


All channel owners agree that searching in Telegram is terribly inconvenient. To find the channel you need, you have to type the full name in the search bar. So make sure the name is easy to remember.


I can't think of a great channel name. There are some recommended channel names that you can follow if you want to get subscribers to your Telegram channel.


1- Include keywords of your niche in the channel name (for example, “Investor wisdom” or “Learn English with TV series”).

2- Be creative and take your time; class Cute titles like "Buddha Said Once" (great for quotes) or "Territory of Sarcasm" (memes) are catchy without being boring.

3. be concise.

4. Use only letters and numbers, no special characters.

5. Use the same language you use when writing content.


Spend as much time as necessary on this step. It is highly recommended that you stick to the name you choose and never change it.


No. 5. Believe that you can grow organically


Free methods of blog development are the first thing that interests everyone. Unfortunately, like all free offers, they are of low quality; We have already discussed possible promotion methods using Telegram (spoiler: there are not many of them) in our review of the most popular promotion methods.


If you really believe that you can grow without a cheap Telegram panel, think again. Just posting good content won't get you very far. Or maybe in 1000 years. Unfortunately, you don't have that much time. Take as much time as you can now and use a Telegram promotion service like Prosmmtop. Our cheap option is accessible for beginners and convenient for those who already have a large audience.


Come to Telegram with intelligence and knowledge, and you will probably have thousands of questions about how everything works here; In one article it is almost impossible to talk about all the ways to increase the number of Telegram participants. We invite you to take a look at our blog. And if you need high-quality SMM services for your social networks, Prosmmtop is always ready to help you develop.