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How to correctly use the Telegram SMM panel

Social media likes, comments and subscribers are the deciding factors for every new user who comes to your channel. This is proof that the account is reputable and provides valuable information. No matter how much you pay attention to the quality of your content, it is impossible to grow without a Telegram member panel.


Creating the perfect channel that everyone will like is a hopeless endeavor. But somewhere among Telegram's 550 million users there is your loyal audience - people who need the information you provide. So you start a channel in the hope that you will magically be found and your Telegram will grow. But nothing happens.


Here is the only formula for growth:


1. unique content

2. engaging presentation

3. interaction

4. promotion (including reseller SMM panels)

5. analysis


We can't help you with content creation as it's not our area of expertise, but here are some useful tips for using the SMM panel. Below are four times when purchasing channel members or activities will be beneficial for you


The channel is relatively new


At the very beginning, every channel owner faces the same problem: it is almost impossible to organically increase the number of Telegram members. The main reasons are the lack of algorithms and internal promotion services.


This means that every new user must search for your channel name to join, or get a post shared by a friend. There seem to be endless ways to grow with Telegram in this way. If you don't have about 100 years, pay attention to the Telegram promotion service. This is the fastest way to help you reach an audience (or an attractive number of users) at the start.


It is not recommended to blindly buy thousands of channel members. The first step is to continually improve your blog. How to do this - read our article about what you need to do with your channel before buying Telegram members.


Subscribers don't read your articles


Let's say you already have about 1,000 subscribers on your channel. How many views do you think your posts get on average? I hate to break the bad news, but it could be around 100 or even less... And the larger your audience, the lower this ratio will be.


Why is this happening?


There may be several reasons. Some people change channels or open them from time to time. Additionally, some people don't bother to check for new posts (which indicates poor quality content). Others may have so many followers that they don't have time to read them all; even with 100 subscribers, it is difficult to determine which of these aspects predominates.


If you notice low engagement, order a quality SMM service that will add views to old and recent posts Prosmmtop can add views to 500 previous posts of your channel. Just send us a link to the publication you need to promote and see the results. We do not ask for passwords or any other personal information.


The masses are lazy: no response - no votes.


Even if you gain thousands of subscribers, not every one of them will be active. Then again, it may not be your fault that people adopt a silent bystander attitude. However, remember that there are two types of content that drive user activity:


1. 1. useful information (checklists, guides, book/movie selections/places to visit/where to buy cryptocurrency, etc.). People will be happy to share such posts with their friends.

2- Emotional triggers (target strong emotions). Remember the last time you saw something shocking on social media? You wanted to react immediately. Emotional value has the same effect as useful information. Sometimes subscribers don’t want to be the first to vote in polls or leave responses and comments. They need support and proof that they are not alone in their actions, and with the help of Telegram promotion services they can add as much activity as they need.


Prosmmtop offers several types of services for Telegram. In addition to channel membership, you can purchase post replies, random comments (available in seven languages), and votes. With Telegram's robust member panel, promotion becomes easier and faster.


Telegram member panels can help you with mutual PR.


Mutual advertising is one of the most common promotion methods. You can attract more Telegram members without actually doing anything. Essentially, this means that the two channels share their audience for free. However, if your blog has fewer than two to three thousand members, finding a channel for mutual PR can be difficult.


Don’t rush into mutual PR immediately after creating a channel. Add at least 30 articles, buy activity on Telegram with participants and use other development methods. It's always better to get recommendations when Yes, the channel has achieved a certain level of success. As with activities, no one trusts an unknown blogger with 300 subscribers.


Is it possible to grow without buying subscribers?

Most likely it is possible. But this will take years. Experienced channel owners will tell you that the best way to grow on Telegram is to always post valuable and unique information and spend a lot of money on advertising. Messengers will have to work hard to make their channel stand out from the crowd, because there are no traditional promotion methods like on Instagram or YouTube.


Final Thoughts on Telegram's Growth in 2023


As Telegram's profile grows as a platform for building brands and expanding influence, the battle for audiences is becoming tougher every day: although some channel owners are still hesitant to use SMM services, the number of people with subscribers, reactions and comments on Telegram is growing. And they achieve impressive results.


Remember that great content is key when using an inexpensive Telegram member panel. Like! Don't rely solely on buying likes and followers, stay tuned to news in your niche, create posts that allow readers to interact with you and each other, find your own style, and hone in on the quality and credibility of your information. These are the essential elements of a successful blog.