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7 rules for blog promotion: organic growth and Instagram SMM panels

You've published your first post and are ready to conquer the world of Instagram, but you don't know how. Or maybe you already have your own blog, but you are not happy with its current dynamics. In this article, we will tell you about seven rules of promotion, including the benefits of using Instagram SMM panels. Our guide will be useful for both new and experienced bloggers - due to the ever-changing rules of social media, your blog may suddenly stall.


Our blogging guide will show you how to attract the attention of followers and how to get more likes on your account. And also a lot of recommendations on what to post if you want to get more likes and comments on your account. Today's post is about the physiological barriers to success in blogging and the common mistakes people continue to make despite the abundance of information. And of course, we'll briefly touch on how SMM Reseller Panel can help you revitalize your worst blogs and ensure they thrive.


Rule 1 - forget about embarrassment


It's time to come out of the shadows and start talking about your blog. Many people fail to overcome this first hurdle because they believe they will never achieve anything. The most common fears associated with blogging are usually related to low self-esteem and the idea that the Internet is already full of similar information. Thinking like this will only take you further away from your goal.


So, rule number 1: forget about embarrassment and start recommending your account everywhere - in a new company, at work, while studying, during small talk, etc. Of course, if you want strangers to be interested in your activities, you can use low-cost services from our panel of proven SMM services to boost your account. A large number of “likes” Comments, subscribers and video views will undoubtedly look attractive.


Rule 2: Do something unpleasant


Fear should never stop you from taking action and taking steps towards your goals. To overcome the discomfort of promoting a blog, just start doing it - post Stories with your face, film something on the street, make the first video of you dancing or saying something, or ask people to verbally support you.


Once you realize that there is nothing shameful about these and many other things, you can stop obsessing over this part of your blog and free your mind from the obsession. As a result, they will have more time and ideas for new posts, stories and videos. Of course, this is exactly what you need to do to improve your Instagram account.


Rule 3: Don't separate professional and personal content


Some people don't like to share details of their personal life and only focus on professional content on Instagram. However, behind every blog there is a person, and users want to know more about the creator. Only you can decide how much information to post, but try to post it anyway.


It can be difficult to gain the trust of strangers at first, so we recommend purchasing services from our panel of SMM providers - an attractive account will attract people's attention and make them believe in your competence.


Rule 4: Don’t be afraid to use the services of an inexpensive Instagram SMM panel


One of the easiest ways to get more engagement is to buy it. Every blogger suffers from low engagement: fewer likes and a passive audience that doesn't leave comments, doesn't react to your stories, and doesn't watch your videos. With our cheapest SMM panel, you can get all this and more right now.


One of the benefits of increasing engagement using social media marketing services is that they are safe and reliable. If you choose a high-quality service without reboots, the algorithm will not detect any suspicious activity. Another advantage is the price: ordering services through the SMM reseller panel is much cheaper than buying promotions or using targeted advertising.


Rule 5: Increase your use of video


Video is now one of the most popular forms of visual content. While static content such as photos is fine, video can grab users' attention. If you prefer good old photography, take a video first and save it to your mobile phone gallery. You can then upload your best shots to Instagram. Over time, the number of such videos in the gallery will decrease, and they can be created faster.


Video content like reels is more dynamic and more likely to engage users. In addition, even if the video does not go viral, the SMM panel on Instagram can be used to increase the number of likes and views.


Rule 6: Use attention-grabbing techniques in Stories


There are many ways to grab your audience's attention, but when it comes to Instagram Stories, follow these three basic steps y principles


- Vary the type of content - photographs, videos, boomerangs, collages;

- Vary angles - close-ups, long shots, text only, quizzes, questions, talking heads;

- Combine several stories and combine them into one thought (celebrity storytelling).


If your story needs a little promotion because people aren't always interested in the topic you're talking about, use a cheap SMM vendor panel to get more views.


Rule 7: Don't force me to write a post if you don't have an idea.


Even the most active bloggers need a day off from Instagram. Otherwise, you'll soon find out what burnout looks like. Plus, taking a day off gives you the opportunity to relax and come back with fresh ideas. There's no denying that posting content for the sake of posting can feel intrusive, and viewers may not appreciate such posts or videos.


There used to be a trend of actively publishing videos, stories and posts almost every day, but now it is disappearing. People usually don't have time to consume a lot of information every day, which forces many bloggers to use the cheapest SMM panels to hide the impact of mediocre content.


Needless to say, low-quality content created because it needs to be published will not get many likes and comments. Take a break and use social media panels to get more engagement and come back with fresh content ideas.