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How to get a premium Telegram membership and ensure your channel grows

Telegram premium membership has become a hot topic on forums lately, and is not only discussed by regular users who want to get interesting benefits from their favorite messaging app. As the creators of the messenger stated, further promotion would be impossible without the help of premium users.

Telegram big boss Pavel Durov previously stated that the new promotion rules will improve the ranking system. Some channel owners believe that this innovation has only created a bigger problem, but the answer is already there. For those who can't organically attract real premium accounts, there is a solution. Recently it became possible to purchase premium Telegram members and additional services (post views, corrections and reactions) necessary to take the channel to new heights.

The role of Telegram premium members in the success of the channel

Telegram is actively promoting its new subscription features, so premium accounts are essentially a very powerful deity. The question of how to increase the number of premium Telegram members has become quite common in recent weeks, because the messenger’s ranking system takes into account the participation of such premium members in the life of the channel.

Broadly speaking, such users provide value on two levels:

- They can promote the channel through search;

- They can help the channel publish stories.

How premium accounts optimize channel search

Searching on Telegram is a blogger's nightmare. It doesn't make any sense, and now the new rules make it even more difficult for regular channels to get fair ratings from Telegram's ranking algorithm. No matter how popular your blog is, you can order thousands of subscribers or buy views on your posts on Telegram, but this does not work in the new reality: Telegram's current goal is to give more power to its premium members, and only they can influence search. can now influence search engine optimization.

The rule is simple: the more premium members read your channel, the higher your ranking in search results. However, there are a few clever exceptions to this. For example, if a premium account subscribes to too many blogs, the impact will be minimal. How to achieve success in this situation? Buy a premium Telegram account from Prosmmtop - we have top-notch, quality accounts that will help boost your search rankings. With a no-drop subscriber, random views and reactions are added to recent posts from your premium account. All our premium services are provided for a specific period (from 7 days to 6 months).

Enabling Stories on your Telegram channel

In order for a channel to publish Stories, its owner needs to collect votes from users with a premium subscription. Telegram's premium subscription comes with one vote per day, allowing users to vote for the channels they want to support. The more voices, the higher the channel level. For each additional level, the channel gets the opportunity to publish one additional story per day.

Currently, these voices and boosts are only available to all premium users. Channel owners can see how many votes their channel has already received and how many votes remain to unlock stories or move to the next level. Luckily, this service is now available to everyone at Prosmmtop, a reliable SMM service provider for all social networks. When promoting your channel, it is also important to increase activity from a premium account, but you already know that you can buy it online. Services such as viewing messages from Telegram Premium Members and reactions left by these privileged accounts will play an important role in the development of the blog.

Number of premium members required to enable Stories

Initially, access to the channel's Stories is blocked. However, channels must receive votes from 0.1% of all subscribers. Let's say your blog has 10,000 readers. A simple calculation shows that you only need to get 10 votes from premium users. Sounds simple enough.

But here’s the problem: not every channel with 10,000 readers has 10 users ready to cast the coveted vote. This is when Prosmmtop services come to the rescue. Our service is ideal for channels with between 50,000 and 50,000 viewers, and you can order this feature for any period (from seven days to six months). Prices depend on the number of enhancements required and the selected period.

SMM service for Telegram: premium accounts

Prosmmtop offers you to improve your blog with high quality services. In a few clicks you can get more premium Telegram accounts and order additional options. We test all proposals and can say that they work perfectly and accurately. In addition, all premium accounts ordered on our website come with an avatar and a guarantee:

1. choice of positive or negative reaction from premium users;

2. number of views Type of publication from Telegram Premium users (randomly distributed among the 10 most recent publications); And

3. increasing involvement in the channel (all Premium subscribers who made an order receive an additional service: random views and reactions to the latest publications); And

4. promotion function in telegram, which allows you to publish stories on your channel.

Conclusion: seriously promote your channel with the help of an inexpensive SMM provider

Telegram channels have become a necessity. Users are abandoning outdated methods of obtaining information and are moving from websites and social networks to instant messengers: in Telegram you can subscribe and read only interesting blogs, there is no news feed with recommendations, so people are endlessly exposed to digital noise from the Internet.

Nevertheless, competition is growing, and channel producers have to fight for their place in the sun. New rules, including the role of premium users, may create many problems, but solutions are already in place. Thanks to reliable SMM services, even in these turbulent times, there should be no problems attracting premium Telegram members and developing the channel.