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Attract more Telegram members with just one post

How to get more Telegram members with just one post

The latest statistics (2022) show that about 55.2 million people open Telegram every day. Among this insane number of visitors there is definitely your audience! So, if you're still there, it's time to create a channel and write your first post! And we are going to tell you how you can use it to attract more Telegram members.

Depending on your niche and popularity on other social networks, you can choose the most appropriate way to write an introductory post. We'll just give you some tips on how to make the most of your channel and attract new members right away.

4 Best Ways to Write Your First Post

The fear of the unknown is familiar to anyone who has begun to seriously engage in blogging. Especially on a new social media platform. Telegram is a fairly unfamiliar app that most people only use for messaging. However, it can be a great replacement for Instagram.

If you, like thousands of others, don't know where to start, choose one of the following post ideas to introduce yourself:

· Introductory Post – You explain what you are going to post on your channel.

· A navigation menu is a great idea for making it easier to find your members.

· Ending a post you published on another social network.

· Valuable advice

How to brand yourself as an expert

A classic way to start is to introduce yourself and why you created the channel. Are you an aspiring web developer looking to share your knowledge with others? Or maybe you are an experienced trader who has hundreds of ways to make money. Don't be shy: convince people that you are the best in your business. Telling your audience about your background or even sharing your success story is the best idea for an introductory post.

Such a publication will definitely get a lot of views, because people are always interested in the person behind the screen. However, reactions and comments may be lower than expected. Use Telegram's robust dashboard to increase engagement on this post. Prosmmtop has everything you need for promotion: we can increase the number of views of any publication, add more reactions and even random comments in the chosen language.

Creating a Navigation Menu

This is a great option for those who are ready to post several publications. The navigation allows you to introduce the topics and hashtags you plan to use. By the way, such a post can also be a good push: you will have to post at least one publication for each hashtag. Otherwise, half of the participants will leave the channel without finding anything.

If some of your posts receive less attention than expected, buy post views on Telegram for better boost. Don't forget your weekly analysis - when your audience isn't interested in what you're doing, pick a different topic.

An intriguing post will help you attract more Telegram members

This is one of the best ways to get your channel noticed right from the start. The more people comment, repost and read your post, the better!

You can create two types of intrigues:

Hype. When choosing this as your first post, be careful. It is impossible to predict the reaction of people who will see and comment on your publication. But at least you'll get all the attention you need to advance your career.

Ending your post on another social network. These types of posts are suitable for bloggers who want to lure their current audience to a new platform. The technique is as simple as ABC: you write a post on Instagram, share a video on YouTube, etc. and invite people to find the ending of this story on Telegram.

Sometimes such a publication may not bring the desired effect. In this case, consider changing your strategy. You can either delete the bad post or use Telegram promotion services to make it look popular.