Increasing your reach with effective promotion on Instagram

For some reason, bloggers pay the least attention to reach on Instagram. When engagement drops, fewer and fewer followers will see your posts and Stories. You may have already noticed this trend yourself: there are not only fewer likes, but also activity in general.

Why is activity on Instagram falling?

Since reach is what reflects your followers' interest in what you do, your main goal is to keep their attention. However, it is impossible to predict user behavior. One day you may be swimming in likes and reactions, and the next day you are unlikely to get even half of your usual views.

Why is this happening?

1. Shadow ban. Instagram recognizes unusual activity on your account and intentionally hides posts and Stories from other users. This should be taken into account when you use a site to promote Instagram.

2. Violation of platform rules. If you read the Terms of Use (in English), you will have an idea of what content is considered inappropriate.

3. Your account/post/Story has received a complaint.

4. You add too many duplicate hashtags or more than 30 per post.

With the help of paid subscribers and other tricks, you can avoid a decrease in engagement. Below are our 5 methods to combat low reach.

Choose the right time to post

People don't spend all day on Instagram, so your job is to make sure they see your posts and Stories as soon as they open the app. This is especially important if your audience has thousands of other accounts they follow, as algorithms will choose which content to show first.

Of course, you can buy Instagram followers and not worry about anything, but the reactions of real people are the most important part of your work. Therefore, monitoring the behavior of your subscribers is simply vital. The greatest chance of getting likes, reactions and comments exists within the first hour after the content is published. Additionally, the platform only shows new content, so your post or Story that was uploaded 5 hours ago may not be seen.

Braden Cohen, one of the leading social media specialists, believes that “it’s generally best to post early in the morning and during the lunch hour.” This way, you will have a better chance of being noticed by your followers and getting reactions from them.

The tactic of posting and Stories at the right time will not always increase your reach. In this case, an excellent solution would be paid promotion of subscribers, comments and views.

How to increase your reach using an Instagram promotion site

Once upon a time, Instagram was just an application with likes and comments, and SMM services were of very low quality. People bought bots to get a nice number of subscribers. Nowadays, when the application offers several types of content, it is recommended to choose effective Instagram promotion with a large number of useful services.

Prosmmtop can be a great option for taming capricious algorithms. We offer 445 services across all social networks and introduce new options every month. Now you can choose where your subscribers will come from, comment language and many other cool features at an affordable price.

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Keep in mind that an Instagram promotion site by itself will not increase your activity. Therefore, we offer 3 more options on how to increase your blog’s statistics.

Chat with subscribers in Stories

When you add questions or quizzes to your Stories, you get more reactions than a photo with text. The best thing is that you don’t have to come up with topics for discussion, and your subscribers don’t have much time to delve into complex discussions.

However, personal interaction is extremely important to algorithms. When a Story turns into a long conversation in Direct, the app automatically picks up that Story and shows it to even more people.

Start with simple questions (for example, everyone’s favorite “either-or”): sunset or sunrise, sea or mountains, do you have breakfast or not, etc. This is the best way to increase your reach, as many users love to talk about themselves. Such questions are the most effective promotion on Instagram, for which you don’t have to pay a penny.

Watch and follow trends

Instagram has changed a lot over the past few years. How do you respond to innovations and trends? Do you think this is stupid and will soon pass? Don't want to waste your time creating more complex content? This is a fundamentally wrong attitude.

Users with popular accounts use every opportunity to attract new subscribers. Reels in tr ende? They will start making videos and filling their feed with them. Does a carousel (2 or more photos) allow you to keep people’s attention on posts? Add as many photos (and even videos) as possible, even if they are quite similar.

Don't be afraid to try new things and use supporting apps to create creative content. Buy a new phone if necessary. If you plan to make Instagram your main source of income, then even the best Instagram promotion site will not help you succeed if you don’t make an effort.

Don't forget about hashtags under your posts

Hashtags are working again! Users report increased engagement if they add 10-25 tags under posts. We have already written several articles on using this valuable tool. Here you can learn more about what attracts subscribers and increases the reach of your posts.

Once you understand how an Instagram promotion site works and what free tools increase engagement, it will be easier for you to create content and collect a lot of feedback from real users. And Prosmmtop will allow you to buy Instagram followers and other promotion services at the best price.