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What are the seven mistakes that won't lead to more Instagram followers in 2023?

You posted a photo or story on Instagram but received little response. So what exactly went wrong? When it comes to promoting on social media, people make a lot of mistakes and don't realize it until it's too late. Today we will talk about what actions are stopping you from increasing your followers on Instagram.


It's impossible to avoid all the pitfalls, but once it becomes a bad habit or custom, it's time to wave the warning flag. Instagram is the fastest-changing app, and it can be difficult to keep up with new features and trends. However, learning from your mistakes is a big step towards growing and becoming a better brand/blogger.


See how many mistakes you make in your promotions.


Boring signatures or no signatures at all


Your account is your most powerful tool for communicating with your audience and conveying your values and ideas. Sometimes users think that it is just an app for posting cute photos.


Signatures to avoid.


- Only emoticons - no one will want to decipher an encrypted message;

- Huge blocks of text without paragraphs;

- Tasteless narration;

- Weak hooks;

- No value for the viewer;

- Complete absence of signatures.


Why You Should Write Captions for Every Post First, you can encourage your followers to leave comments and save your posts. These actions increase your overall audience reach and give your posts a chance to be recommended.


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Use the application's own presets and filters.


Instagram's own filters can be found when you upload new photos and stories. These include Clarendon, Juno and Sierra. In a word, they are very, very unsuitable for promotion. However, about 10% of all users continue to add filters to all their posts. You are one of them. It's time to stop this completely.


First of all, it doesn't improve the quality of your photos. For example, you may want to lighten the background or make objects in your photo pop out. But the problem is that these filters were created many years ago. Considering the quality of modern smartphones, with these settings the photos look too grotesque.


Another reason why built-in filters won't increase your Instagram following is that they completely destroy your unique vision and make every photo look like a bad clone. The first rule of any social media promotion is to be outstanding. Luckily, with lots of great apps like Snapseed, Lightroom, and Photoshop, you won't have any trouble finding your own style.


Remove images with low engagement


Dozens of aspects influence how often users view your content. Sometimes it's not your fault that a photo or story isn't seen. Perhaps it was bad timing. Your account may have been blocked. Or maybe the algorithm doesn't work. You never know.


If you don't get enough likes or activity in the first few hours, some users delete their posts and stories. This tactic is dangerous and can result in lost stats. If you want to increase activity on less popular posts, use the services of a cheap SMM provider. Prosmmtop will not ask you for your Instagram password or any other personal information. Each order can be placed in your personal account on our website. Likes, comments and followers are added when you link to a promoted post. You can try it with our exclusive offer - subscribe today to get more followers, likes and comments on Instagram.


Don't use hashtags to get more followers on Instagram.


Or use them incorrectly. In any case, it is a crime to neglect a useful and free tool to get more followers on Instagram. Hashtags have always been an important part of promotion. Here are some recommendations for using this tool


1. use about 28-30 tags for each post; 1. use about 28-30 tags for each post; 2. use about 28-30 tags for each post; 3. use about 28-30 tags for each post; 4. use about 28-30 tags for each post; 5. use about 28 tags for each post; 6. Use about 28 tags per post

2. do not use the same tags for all posts. 3. swap tags, remove unnecessary ones and add new ones to create a new cloud of hashtags under each post

3. divide into groups of unique (personal first hashtags), low-frequency (up to 10,000 per tag) and regular (up to 300,000 per tag)

4. forget about common hashtags (#motivation, #summer, #success). You'll have one less hashtag if your posts get lost.


The hashtag cloud is a great promotion tool, but it will never replace the functionality of an Instagram SMM panel; Order quality service from Prosmmtop and stop worrying about falling engagement.


Don't add calls to action to posts or stories.


Whenever you share a post or story, you should always include a call to action. This trick helps increase audience engagement and Instagram followers (because the more engaged your content is, the more Instagram will promote your posts).


Contents of the call to action


For stories


- Quick response

- Polls

- Question.

- Quiz;

- Tag a friend from a different brand.


For the post.


- Question;

- Invitation to your website (link in profile header);

- If you agree with the post, ask users to comment or like it. Ask;

- Save the post and like it. to encourage them to save the post and click “Like.”


If you continue to communicate with your existing followers and respond to all direct messages and comments quickly (preferably within an hour of receiving them), you will have no problem gaining more followers on Instagram.


Disappearance from Instagram


Taking blogging seriously means you need to stop thinking of it as a hobby. You have to dedicate hours to content and writing articles, researching competitors, and checking analytics. So if you decide to take a two-week break from blogging, people may forget who you are and why they came to your page.


You don't have to publish five articles a day or share 30 stories. But if you notice that due to a long absence your reach is falling (by more than 30%), use the services of a cheap SMM provider to get more likes on your less popular posts and views.


Not providing value


Let's face it: no one opens Instagram to see endless ads and promotions. Even if your account is for sale (for example, if you run an online store), you can still increase your Instagram followers simply by adding useful information from time to time. Put yourself in the shoes of a stranger and answer the question: “How will this post/story benefit me?”


Of course, these seven mistakes are just the tip of the iceberg. However, they have already shown that organic growth is slow. Use Instagram's SMM panel to promote less popular posts and create activity under banned posts. This is the best strategy to get more followers on Instagram.