Телеграмм каналы на которые стоит подписаться

How to enable Channel Stories as a Telegram Premium member

Since Telegram introduced channels (public blogs similar to Instagram accounts or YouTube channels), people's lives have changed. These channels have become the main source of information for millions of users, but as blogging becomes more popular in this chat, another problem arises: in 2023, there is only one way to do it - get a Telegram Premium membership.

With the advent of paid subscriptions, Telegram creators are trying to make the most of this new feature and gain more power and influence over the messenger ecosystem. And they discover that without their help this is impossible.

In this article, we will reveal all the secrets on how to unlock the stories feature and get the most out of your users.

How to publish stories in Telegram channels

Channel Stories are similar to Instagram Stories. They contain short, temporary announcements, updates, or snippets of content to grab readers' attention. This feature has proven to be very useful as it allows admins to get feedback, increase engagement on the channel, and even place ads in stories.

Initially, channels were not allowed to publish stories. This feature was activated on September 22, 2023. However, it will remain inactive until the channel reaches a certain level. To reach this level, administrators will need to get a boost for the Telegram channel. The problem, however, is that Telegram premium members are entitled to such a “boost”.

Simply put, a "boost" is when a premium member votes for a channel of their choice. If they receive 0.1 percent of the total reader votes, administrators will be able to publish one news story per day. Sounds like a lot of work - Prosmmtop has a special offer for you. Now you can buy a Telegram scroll on our website and activate as many stories as you want on your blog.

Buy Telegram boost for your Telegram channel from cheap SMM providers

That's why you should just buy cheap SMM services for your Telegram feed rather than worry about attracting real users with paid subscriptions. Only Telegram premium subscribers can promote your blog - and searching for real users and asking them to vote for your blog can waste your valuable time and bring you absolutely no income.

Premium subscriptions are not a magic wand. Users can only vote once per day. Now think about how many real users you will have to contact to get the required number of votes - 50,150. It may take several weeks for your post to be published. Alternatively, you can visit Prosmmtop and get all the services of a premium account - purchasing a premium member, public comments, positive/negative reactions not only for Telegram algorithms but also for real users who visit it. Make your channel better.

All the pros and cons of activating stories in Telegram

Stories (temporary posts) originally appeared on Instagram, and as the feature became popular, many other social networks introduced it. However, unlike other apps, Telegram not only freezes this feature by default, but also creates its own rules for stories. The difference is this:

- Stories can only be seen by channel subscribers.

- The number of stories per day is limited by the channel level, while there are no restrictions on other social networks.

- To increase the channel level, you need to receive likes from Telegram channels (to reach a new level you need to like 0.1% of the total number of channel subscribers). - Telegram stories have reaction stickers that allow users to express their emotions directly in the story.

- You can include your own audio in these stories, such as music or recordings.

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Telegram premium membership in channel rankings

If you think that channel promotion is the only innovation that can make blogging on Telegram more creative and interesting, then you should know a thing or two about promotion. Previously, the ranking system in the messenger was based on the number of subscribers, but with the advent of Telegram Premium Membership, the situation has completely changed.

Now, to rank higher in Messenger search results, it is important to have as many paid membership accounts as possible. They have a positive impact on the channel's rankings, and even if we didn't have thousands of readers, all of our blogs would rank at the top of search results. There's only one in important exception. If a premium account participates in too many blogs on Telegram, it will be much less useful in rankings.

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Conclusion: Telegram Premium Membership and Why You Need It

Recent statements from the creators of Telegram suggest that paid subscribers will play an increasingly important role in the future. Therefore, if you want to get an edge over your competitors and other bloggers who are looking for sunshine and audience attention, you need to purchase a premium Telegram membership and grow your Telegram channel.

Promoting on Messenger is still easy, and Prosmmtop can help you take your channel to the next level. Whether you want to activate Stories or get to the top of the search list, you can attract more channel members by purchasing Telegram customization services on our website.