Why is it becoming increasingly difficult to gain followers on Instagram?

Instagram has changed a lot over the past few years, and it's not just about updates and a new look. The very essence of this social network has undergone changes: since the introduction of so-called algorithms, it has become increasingly difficult to gain subscribers on Instagram and to receive the former number of likes on posts. Is there a way out of this situation?

In 2016, Instagram announced a new approach to ranking posts. The usual feed, where posts were arranged in chronological order, was replaced by a “smart” one. Now algorithms track the behavior of each user and offer only “the most interesting moments for everyone.” In addition, advertisements and recommendations have been added to the feed. As a result, you may not always see new posts from people you follow.

Fortunately, this battle of “human versus artificial intelligence” is not yet lost. You can still appear in your followers' feeds and even get featured. To do this, you need to understand how algorithms work.

How engagement works: it's not about likes

About 10 years ago everything was ridiculously simple. You publish a post, people click on the heart, and as a result, everyone is happy. Currently, social networks are adapting to new trends and introducing a personalized approach. This is understandable: when there is too much content, only the best can stand out.

The new business model is about keeping attention.

Here we can no longer limit ourselves to likes. You can, of course, try services for promoting Instagram, but it is also important to use them competently. Simply buying Instagram followers to reach a million will not help.

What ranking system does the social network use? It tracks:

· Niches that interest the subscriber.

· History of interactions with your account. People will see your new posts if they have liked and commented on your old posts in the past.

· Number of subscriptions. Having too many followers in your audience reduces your chances of appearing in the feed.

· Location.

How to quickly promote Instagram in these conditions? Choose the right strategy. Here are 4 ways to beat the ever-changing algorithms and get more engagement!

Forget boring content

When it comes to the quality of content, it should always be top notch. Between a bad photo and no photo, choose the latter. With huge competition, the task of gaining followers on Instagram becomes very difficult, and bad content is unlikely to add advantages to you.

Use multiple hooks to keep your audience engaged and want to see more posts. Create posts that you want to save (collections, life hacks, etc.), share valuable information, play on emotions and switch the user’s attention from Stories to posts and vice versa.

The ultimate goal of the account owner (both personal blog and business) is to get the user to stop scrolling and linger on their post! Are you able to do this?

Change your priorities: publish more Stories and Reels

Don’t understand how to quickly promote Instagram? Then look at the global trends of this social network. As you may have noticed, the platform actively promotes Reels - short videos up to 30 seconds long. In addition, the main emphasis has shifted from posts to Stories. So brush up on your storytelling skills.

With fewer users scrolling through their feed (which is filled with ads and recommendations), it’s critical to focus on other ways to communicate with your audience. Stories can help you stay connected with your followers, and Reels are visible to all users on Instagram, even those who don’t know about your account.

If you care about visible statistics (likes, comments and number of subscribers) and want people to see how valuable your content is, use Instagram promotion services. Prosmmtop offers a quick solution for both small and large blogs: unfollowers, IGTV views, post likes and comments (available in multiple languages and as emojis).

Use Instagram promotion services to improve your statistics

It's time to face the truth: everyone has fewer likes. We wrote about this in our recent article Declining reach on Instagram: the harsh reality of 2022. While followers' attention remains focused on likes, bloggers themselves need to think about other statistics:

· views - the number of unique users who viewed your post;

· interactions - reactions to Stories, replies, comments, etc.;

· activity in your Stories - clicking on links, voting.

You can get all this using Instagram promotion services. The quality of SMM services is constantly growing: for example, with Prosmmtop you can buy Instagram followers, likes and comments on your publications, and even views.

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Take a break and don't post anything for a couple of days.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your blog and yourself is to stop working 24/7 and take a break. How will this help you gain followers on Instagram?

Most articles on promotion talk about how creating more content will ultimately lead to success. The truth is that you don't have to adhere to these rules. One or two days without Stories and posts will give you time to come up with a really cool idea and your followers to miss you and visit your account.

Tip: Instead of going into “crazy blogger mode,” create an Insta-to-do list for the week.

Content plan to attract new audiences

If you want to avoid emotional burnout, but at the same time quickly promote Instagram, follow the following strategy:

1. Identify popular topics and think about how they relate to your niche.

2. Make sure the topics you choose are relevant. Summer is a great time to talk about vacations, and you can also time your post to coincide with some holiday.

3. Prepare hashtags related to the topic. Yes, it is important to do this in advance.

4. Plan your publications and stories (6-7 days is the most optimal period, and it is much easier than planning a month in advance).

5. Make sure your content is useful and interesting.

6. Add some personal content. Or vice versa, if your blog is about life, supplement it with useful things.

Don't forget to track the results of your work! It's important to note what your subscribers respond to best and remove content they're not interested in. Instagram promotion services will help you increase activity on the least popular posts, and the rest is up to you! Make an effort to create posts and Stories that resonate, and you can easily gain followers on Instagram.