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Complete Guide on How to Buy Telegram Premium Membership and Grow Your Channel

With increasing competition and ever-changing algorithms, bloggers' lives are becoming a nightmare. While they should all be focusing on creating content, they actually have to find new ways to get their blogs noticed. Number of Telegram users.

A few months ago, the creators of the messenger decided to test new ideas and released a ranking algorithm. In this article, you will learn more about the system that currently dominates Telegram and how to purchase a premium membership to make your channel stand out and become more popular.

New Telegram rating system and premium accounts

As you may know, the company behind Telegram is currently testing monetization of its app. Users pay a certain amount per month to get premium accounts, such as more emoji and icons.

But then came the unexpected news that these premium accounts would play an important role in the further development of the global messenger community. The new rules that channel owners should be aware of are as follows:

1. Premium members are more valuable to channel growth than regular members. The more successful a blogger is in attracting more paid accounts, the higher his channel will be ranked in global search;

2. If users read too many blogs (the exact number has not yet been determined), the influence of the channel on search engine optimization will be reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that valuable premium members do not subscribe to other blogs at all;

3. Premium members can vote for their favorite blogs - if they get a certain number of votes, the channel owner will get the opportunity to publish on their blog.

Thus, promotions and additional features that make the channel interesting depend mainly on the desire of these premium Telegram members. But you don’t need to waste time and effort for this. Reliable SMM panels are inexpensive, and you can easily buy everything you need to quickly increase efficiency.

How many premium Telegram subscribers does a channel need?

Getting these paid subscription accounts from our site is not a problem, but here is the real question. Some blogs have thousands of followers, while some tweets only have a few hundred followers.

Here's our opinion on how many services and premium members you should buy:

- As for search engine optimization, the creators of the messenger do not publish specific figures. You can buy premium accounts for Telegram users for a certain period (more than 7 days, up to 6 months). It depends on your budget and promotion strategy. In general, it is recommended to purchase different amounts of Telegram Premium for different periods of time to see how it affects your blog.

- Enable Stories feature - To unlock the Stories feature, simply collect 0.1% of votes from all subscribers. However, only premium accounts (boost) can vote. The more stories you want to publish per day, the more boosts you need to receive, for example, if 0.2% of channel subscribers vote, two stories will be unlocked per day.

If you don't want to wait for other people to grow up on Telegram with a premium account, you can visit the list of low-cost services on the SMM panel and order everything you need for promotion. Buy a premium Telegram membership to increase your channel's success

SMM service has long been helping many people increase their presence on social networks and attract real subscribers. With just a few clicks, you can increase the number of views, replies, and even comments on your posts. Telegram users' attention is currently focused on premium members. They are the most desired because their reactions, comments and views speak about the success of the channel.

The new ranking rules won't change any time soon, and all channel owners will have to accept the fact that they will have to somehow find paying subscribers. It's a choice between spending time finding these people, targeting them and trying to make the channel attractive enough for them to join and vote for it, or taking the easier route of buying a premium membership. Telegram brings immediate results Judging by the demand for these new SMM services, we already know the answer. If you don't want to miss the party, visit our website and place your order.

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Final thoughts on promoting a Telegram channel for premium users

Like all other social networks, Telegram relies on certain algorithms and sets of rules, due to which some channels become noticeable and successful, while others lose their attractiveness and are forgotten. If you are serious about your blog and want it to continue to grow, we recommend that you add a premium membership to Telegram and other related services.

It is expected that competition in Telegram will intensify: the messenger is becoming an increasingly attractive new platform for many bloggers. However, for readers, the only advantage is the ability to choose from thousands of channels and groups. To avoid getting lost in a sea of ​​similar blogs, channel owners increasingly have to purchase a premium Telegram membership from a reputable provider. It is also important to remember that the cheap Telegram SMM service is just one of the tools for attracting attention, and the quality of your content will convert people into a loyal audience.