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A Complete Guide to Buying and Promoting Premium Subscribers for Telegram

The latest Telegram updates have created many obstacles for channel owners, forcing them to look for new ways to promote their channels. If you want to keep up with the evolving messenger and its rules, it is important to purchase a premium Telegram subscription. Today, this is the only service that allows you to develop your channel, and the number of regular users does not affect your reputation.

When looking for a quality SMM service, it is important to pay attention to the provider. There are more and more offers to promote channels with paid subscription accounts, but not all of them offer truly reliable services, such as boosting Telegram members. In this article we have collected everything you need to know about promoting the messenger. And we'll tell you how to achieve outstanding results.

Channel promotion activities for premium Telegram users

As already mentioned in the announcement for messenger developers, Telegram is changing its development trajectory and becoming more focused on premium users. This means that those who have paid for premium accounts will gain more power and influence over channels and groups.

Among other things, Telegram premium members will be able to rank even the most modest channels higher in search. Previously, the criterion by which the algorithm decided which channels to show first was the number of channel numbers. Now the number of premium members is determined, and channels are ranked depending on the number of readers with a paid subscription. So if you want to rank #1 in search, you need to attract more premium users to your blog - either organically or with the help of a low-cost SMM service provider.

The second innovation that feeds encountered after the update: these accounts help feeds activate Stories. Upon receiving a certain percentage of votes (boosts), the functionality of the channel will be unlocked. If you don't want to waste time convincing people to vote, you can always buy boosts for Telegram on our website.

How to Buy Telegram Premium Membership for Search Engine Optimization

If you want to fly high on Telegram and be noticed by thousands of new people, a premium account is a must for your channel. Attracting these users isn't a problem for some bloggers (for example, if their channel's audience has enough money to buy a subscription), but for others it remains a pretty sad state of affairs.

Telegram owners boast that about two million people have already purchased paid subscriptions, but many still cannot afford it (or simply do not need it). In such cases, it is better to buy a premium search subscription from a reputable SMM provider rather than chase such accounts.

If a particular premium user follows multiple channels, their role in scrolling through all channels is minimized, as if they were a regular user. If you want to see which accounts only you follow, and not other users, we recommend using our service.

How to buy Telegram boosts and enable Stories

Another great feature that channel owners can now use is Stories. The ability to post stories as channel admins is disabled by default and requires a certain number of votes to be enabled. Fortunately, this number depends on the current number of readers of the channel: publishing one story requires 0.1% of votes (boost), publishing two stories a day requires 0.2%, etc.

However, only premium users can vote, which makes life much more difficult for bloggers. It is also worth noting that even if one person votes for you, he can change his mind at any time and pump up another channel. If you don't want to play these games or wait for 0.1% of votes, you can purchase Telegram boost from our provider's website.

We provide a quality service that will allow you to quickly unlock the Stories feature and publish your stories. This is a powerful tool for connecting bloggers with their audience, so it would be a shame not to use it.

Full range of low-cost SMM services for Telegram

If you want to really promote your channel and make it attractive to both algorithms and real users, you need to buy more than a premium membership or boost Prosmmtop can't write content on your behalf, but it can help you Telegram Posts can generate a large amount of engagement - reactions, views and comments.

Buy a premium Telegram membership to expand your audience with our low-cost service, and you'll also benefit from a wide range of other features needed to promote your blog:

- Order views of your latest posts (views are automatically added when purchasing a premium account);

- Get more reactions (we will provide both positive and negative reactions to your latest posts); And

- Get REAL Mentions in the language you need (we are actively working on our value proposition and want to make sure that each client receives only the best service);

- Buy more subscribers in Telegram (regular or premium).

- Give bonuses to your channel and activate Stories.

Why is it worth buying a premium subscription to Telegram from Prosmmtop?

Our reliable provider stands out in the SMM services market with a number of advantages. First of all, we have the lowest prices. Considering the quality of our services, you are paying a reasonable price for the shares. Secondly, this is the complete security of your Telegram account. Just make sure your channel is public (not private). If you need premium Telegram members or reactions, we offer a wide range of affordable and high-quality options and will quickly promote your channel.

Optimize your search rankings with a premium account or unlock Stories by purchasing Telegram Reactions. Create an account on our website and start promoting today.

And finally: promoting Telegram with a premium account

While some channel owners still refuse to believe that the role of premium accounts will disappear over time, others are actively promoting their channels, buying Telegram bonuses and unlocking the first features. It is important to remember that promotion on social networks never stops, and to be successful, bloggers need to quickly adapt to changes.

Prosmmtop helps channels grow - you can search and vote for channels, as well as receive premium subscriptions to additional services for Telegram. Check out the list of our offers and start a painless and effective promotion with our reliable providers.