How an Instagram promotion site will help develop a blog

Whether you're just starting your Instagram journey or you already have an account with a certain number of followers, the goal is to increase your Instagram user engagement rate. This means getting more reactions – likes, comments and followers.

Luckily for all blogging newbies, hundreds of promotion sites can help you get the stats you want – buying Instagram likes is available to everyone. Roughly speaking, an SMM provider is a virtual store where you can get traffic for all the social networks of your choice, buy Instagram photo likes, YouTube views, Twitter shares, etc.

Let's see how these sites work.

Buying likes on Instagram and harsh algorithms

Most business owners and content creators choose Instagram for themselves, and for good reason. Selling through the platform is simple and fast (especially if you have customers to sell). Influencers can make money by adding paid promotions to their feed or stories (the larger the audience, the more expensive the ad fees).

So why don't we all buy likes on Instagram and turn our accounts into profitable business pages? Due to new service algorithms. Let's shed some light on the new rules that have appeared on the platform.

First of all, the reactions you get (views, likes and comments) have a direct impact on your rankings. The more popular your post, the more likely it is to be shown to a wider audience, including people you don't even know.

What, in this case, will give you a site to promote Instagram? It's simple: the very activity that will raise your account to the top.

Buying likes on Instagram and audience trust: looking for a connection

The second important thing an account owner should strive for is to gain the trust of their followers or random page visitors. What helps to achieve this? Yes, yes, a large number of likes under each post and an abundance of comments. They make people understand that your content is worth their attention.

See for yourself, who would you believe more? An unknown person with a couple of hundred followers and three photos of a cat, or a blogger with a beautiful letter "K" or "M" in the "subscribers" section? That's right!

But how exactly to turn a small personal account into a large and influential blog? With the help of SMM services such as Prosmmtop. You can choose the service you need for the rapid growth of your page - views, likes, comments that will not disappear after a week. Choose the one that suits you and watch the numbers (and audience trust) grow every day.

5 Actionable Ways to Increase Your Social Media Influence

Everyone can buy likes on Instagram photos, but you won’t become popular without blogging and some effort. Here are a few things you can do to keep your audience interested:

1. Communication with subscribers. At the dawn of your career, it is vital to respond to all comments and direct messages. Even if you leave 3-4 smileys, it will already be much better than ignoring people altogether.

2. Never delete angry comments or invitations to collaborate. Be sure to reply to these messages. Thus, instead of zero comments, you will have at least two.

3. Post regularly. Don't disappear for a month because your followers will simply stop seeing your posts in the feed.

4. Don't forget about hashtags. Yes, they still work. And yes, it's free.

5. Be visible. Interact with popular accounts, for example, leave interesting comments under their posts.

Choosing a reliable site for Instagram promotion

Any long journey starts with small steps. If you don't want to spend years building new audiences, check out Prosmmtop to increase your reach effortlessly.


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From a small number of followers to gigantic services that allow you to get 200,000 likes at a time, the service has a lot to offer. Do you have any doubts? Take advantage of the trial version and test the features of the site.

Set a budget for blog promotion and choose the most suitable option. Prosmmtop has 270 of them - there are different alternatives for everyone. The price is more than reasonable and depends on the quality of the service. For example, buying likes on Instagram that won’t be written off in a couple of days will be more expensive than activity created by bots. But do not be afraid: even with a modest budget, you can find a suitable option.

Pros and cons of using websites for Instagram promotion

Competing on social media isn't easy, as no one knows exactly what activities are beneficial and what activities should be avoided. When it comes to using an SMM provider and buying Instagram likes, we can highlight certain advantages and disadvantages.


· Instant results.

By paying for the service, you can expect an increase in the number of users overnight. And this will be a visible result, visible to everyone who visits your page.

· Establishing trust.

Other people's opinions always matter. On Instagram, numbers still play a major role - more likes and followers automatically point to worthy content.

· It is cheap.

Unlike targeting, which is a long and expensive journey to the top of the Instagram mountain, buying likes on Instagram photos will be much cheaper. Of course, it all depends on the quality of the option (for example, random comments in a certain language are more expensive than comments with emoji).

· It really saves time.

Creating a blog is a task that requires all your free time. Why involve people little by little when you can achieve the desired numbers overnight?


Algorithms can catch you using the site to promote Instagram.

And then it will be very, very bad. However, with Prosmmtop you don't have to worry. If you decide to gradually and slowly (not overnight) increase your likes, views and audience, Instagram will remain loyal and will consider this as organic growth.

· It can be costly.

This mainly applies to blogs with a huge audience. The prices of SMM providers for quality services can be quite high. However, remember that as your account grows, your earnings will also grow.

Conclusions about buying likes on Instagram

In an ever-changing digital world, it's hard to keep up with all the innovations. However, the Instagram promotion site is still one of the surest schemes for blog development. If you are serious about promoting your account, be sure to use all available options.

Prosmmtop can be your constant source of subscriber growth. The service has many different options and alternatives: with us you will have no problem to buy likes on Instagram photos. Just remember that a successful social media account requires a little more than just buying Instagram likes. Be sure to follow the tips we mentioned above and along with SMM services, your hard work will pay off in the long run.