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How exactly does the Telegram promotion service work?

Telegram has become a very popular platform for creating a blog or running a business. This article describes a Telegram promotion service that will help you develop your channel. Since Telegram is a cross between a messenger and a social network, users spend a lot of time on it. As a result, the average reach of posts on Telegram is much higher than on Facebook or Instagram.


Let's look at the numbers. Overall, the organic reach of Instagram Stories is around 3-8%, and that of Facebook posts is just over 5%; for posts on Telegram, depending on the number of channel members and topic, this figure is 20-70%. Really impressive.


Brand promotion on Telegram is no different from promotion on other social networks. This is more difficult because there are no useful algorithms, hashtags, or recommendation pages. However, it's worth it. Below we have collected six tips that will help you attract subscribers to your Telegram channel.


No. 1. Messenger does not offer promotion


One of the main advantages of this social network is that it does not offer any internal promotion methods. This means that the popularity of your channel depends solely on your efforts and efforts. Unique, high-quality content attracts the attention of subscribers, but how to attract them?


To attract subscribers to your Telegram channel, you need to make your channel known and your posts worth sharing. The best marketing strategy is word of mouth. One person passes your post to their friend, who subscribes to your channel, you pass your post to another, and so on. This is a dream come true.


Except for one thing: this promotion method only works in theory. If you only have 100 subscribers, most users will not follow your blog. To get started, build your reputation with an inexpensive Telegram panel: buy a Telegram channel membership and post opinions and reactions. This way, real people will find your content interesting.


No. 2. Simplify management with bots


Development in social networks is a complex and time-consuming process. If you want to succeed, don't treat it like a hobby. Luckily, in the world of Telegram there are many useful tools and bots that can help you manage your channels.


Simply put, these are small programs that run inside the messenger and automate the daily process of blogging. The bot functionality makes Telegram channels more interesting and user-friendly. If you are better than your competitors, you will have a better chance of attracting more people.


Bots can't attract subscribers to your Telegram channel or increase engagement on your posts, but they can do 100 other things: create polls, find the latest GIFs, schedule posts, check your channel stats, check your channel stats, or add self-posts.


No. 3. Increase your statistics using the Telegram promotion service


In social networks, everyone starts from scratch. There is no magic that will automatically add thousands of active and loyal users to your channel. At first, it won’t hurt to use cheap panels to buy Telegram members or reactions and views of your posts.


Most people are afraid of being banned, but we assure you that there is no punishment for such activity in Telegram. If you are still doubtful about this way of growth, check out our recent article Is Investing in Telegram Advertising Services a Good Idea?


With Prosmmtop you don't have to worry about poor quality services. For those who care about their channel's reputation, we offer great options such as purchasing unfeatured channel members at an affordable price, adding random comments to increase engagement, and increasing the number of votes in polls. Remember that an active channel is the best promotion strategy.


No. 4. Give your channel something special (compared to other social networks)


No matter how good and useful your channel is, people may not find it. Telegram does not have keywords or hashtags. Additionally, the search results are very limited. Therefore, you need to make an effort to get as many people as possible to open and watch your channel.


And there are simple ways to do this.


When you post useful information on other social networks (be it Facebook, Instagram or YouTube), leave interesting information for Telegram. Let's say in a YouTube video or Instagram post you presented seven stocks to buy in September. Why not keep two of them for your Telegram feed? Tricks like these will keep your audience coming to your blog.


Of course, there's no guarantee that they'll subscribe right away, but you can at least give them the opportunity to read your posts and decide if your content is worth their time.


No. 5. Keep an eye on your competitors


One of the easiest ways to attract subscribers to your own Telegram channel - use what works for others. Analyze all the popular channels in your niche, their strengths and weaknesses. Which publications are most viewed? How owners interact with their audience. Plagiarize some ideas (but never copy information).


In fact, you can learn a lot by spending a week as a subscriber to a competing channel:


- Frequency of posts;

- the stories they tell

- Images and videos they post

- Level of involvement;

- Trends and topics.


Tip: Feel free to comment on your competitors’ posts and try to get them to switch to your channel. Before doing this, fill your channel with useful information and use the Telegram panel to improve your statistics.


No. 6. Don't chase unrealistic statistics


Another reason to spy on competitors is to analyze their audience. Telegram has about 550 million active users, so you shouldn't count on a large number of subscribers - this must be taken into account when purchasing Telegram members. On the Prosmmtop service website you can order as many participants as you need (minimum 10).


Telegram promotion services can speed up your channel's growth, but should not be considered the only solution. Outstanding content and audience engagement should always be your top priority.