What ways to gain subscribers in Telegram still work?

If you already have your own blog and are trying to gain subscribers on Telegram, you understand that this is not such an easy task. You won't see smart rankings here like on Instagram or Reels, which can go viral in minutes.

Here, a balance is struck between competent promotion and unique content. We won’t be able to help you choose a channel topic, but we know something about promotion and are ready to share with you the most relevant tricks on how to promote a Telegram channel.

In this article, we will share three DON'Ts and four DON'Ts regarding the promotion of the Telegram channel. Follow these rules so that your channel in TG constantly grows.


This method works for new and relatively small channels. It has 2 advantages: it's completely free and works for both parties. However, everything else will be difficult.

First of all, you need to find another channel for joint PR. He should have about the same number of followers as you.

Make sure you have a similar audience (in terms of interests and age). It would be a little strange to see ads for computer games on a channel full of quotes from classic literature. In this case, it’s better not to waste your time and just buy Telegram subscribers.

Suppose you still found a suitable channel for PR. Make sure you and your partner follow these 3 rules when posting:

Do not post promotional post at night

The publication should look like an honest recommendation (native advertising)

Be sure to mention the personal account of the channel owner

Don't: spam in other people's groups is a bad way to promote a Telegram channel

When self-promotion turns into spam, it becomes a red flag for most users. No one wants to see repeated messages where a person obsessively asks everyone to “go to his account.” The same goes for sending private messages to unknown people (for example, members of another channel with a similar theme).

Telegram has already come up with several ways to deal with spammers: special bots can detect duplicate messages and block the person who sends them. In some groups, extraneous links are completely prohibited. And finally, remember about reputation: spamming is not the best way to present yourself and your channel.

You can: get into the selection of channels

A channel collection (or a list with recommendations) is a paid advertisement where links to several channels are published in one post. This method of promotion has its pros and cons.


It's cheaper than paying for personal advertising

The selection looks more native than the promotional post


It won't help attract a lot of people. Cheating subscribers to the Telegram channel works much better (and it is much more economical)

The presentation of each account will be short (2-3 sentences)

Location in the selection directly affects the success of advertising

You can try this method if you have extra money to promote. However, in the long run, it is worth buying Telegram subscribers. This is a more reliable option. The selection does not give any guarantees in principle.

Don't: add your contacts to a channel without them knowing

This is a pretty popular hack to get your first 100 followers. But you should NEVER use it. Put yourself in the place of another person: you open the application and see new messages from an unknown group or channel. How would you feel?

If you want to gain Telegram subscribers by inviting your friends, do it unobtrusively.

Send them a private message (because Telegram is, first of all, a messenger), ask a few questions (How are you? What's new?). At some point, you can mention that you created your own channel and ask the person if they would be interested in seeing what you are doing.

You can: call the audience from other platforms to promote the Telegram channel

This method only works for people who already have an impressive amount of followers on other platforms (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). All you need to do is to regularly remind your audience about your Telegram channel.

Also use this simple trick: offer subscribers exclusive content on a new blog. Let's say you have a finance blog on Instagram. You can post "5 Tips to Make Your First Million" and invite people to follow your Telegram channel to learn 3 more tips. Intriguing? And how!

If the number of subscribers still does not satisfy you, you can always buy Telegram subscribers. This is a faster option that requires little to no effort on your part.

Cannot: add your channel to all directories in a row

Catalogs were useful when the number of channels in a TG was relatively small. People could open the directory and select a channel according to their interests. With the growth in the number of groups, supply now far exceeds demand. Now channel owners are fighting for subscribers - and users are lazy about looking through offers.

Therefore, we advise you not to waste time by adding a Telegram channel to all possible directories that you find on the Internet. But be sure to include it in TGStat - the most extensive catalog on the Web.

You can: cheat subscribers to the Telegram channel using the SMM panel

All of the above options will bring you a few hundred new members at most. But is this really the amount you need? If you don’t have time for slow promotion, you can promote your Telegram channel using SMM services and attract as many subscribers to the channel as you want.

Prosmmtop brings you over 300 quality services for all social networks. As for cheating subscribers to the Telegram channel, you can get up to 700 thousand members of a group or channel.


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Each option has a different price, as the cost depends on the quality of the service and the number of units you order. Members without unsubscribes will cost more than subscribers with a 10-30% unsubscribe rate. But regardless of your budget, you can find the most suitable solution and see how your channel grows before your eyes.

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