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7 Stories Games to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Interactive stories can liven up a boring blog and attract more people. Plus, this is another fun and different way to provide people with valuable information and improve your stats. Curiosity works wonders, and you'll be surprised how many people interact with stories that feature your game. Mastering this technique will help you increase your Instagram followers.


This article presents seven simple but viable game ideas. All you have to do is adapt them to your niche and gradually implement them. It is not recommended to create games in Stories every day. However, you can try to motivate users to participate.


How to motivate participation in the game


Simply introducing a game into Stories may not be enough, and without proper motivation, many users will ignore all your attempts to achieve greater reach and engagement. Here are a few things you can promise your subscribers before they play the game


1. rewards - prizes, discounts, promotional codes, bonuses, etc. One of the simplest rewards for winners is a “like” from their account on their post or comments on their posts. You'll be surprised how many people compete for these prizes.

2. competition - some people are ready to do anything to become the best.

3. awards - mention the winners in Stories.


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No. 1. Write the best captions for your photos


One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask users to come up with captions for funny or unusual moments you capture on camera. Remember that the moments captured in photographs should be special and evoke emotions. And, of course, think about how relevant these photos are to your niche. Many people like to compete with their sense of humor, so any funny photo will do.


Later, you can share the results on Instagram and even organize another contest by asking your followers to vote for the best photo. This way, you'll get more engagement - first when people comment with your idea, and then when people choose the winner.


No. 2. Find the difference


Essentially, this is the same trick that bloggers use by posting 10 identical photos and asking followers to choose the best one. As a result, users slide back and forth and smart bloggers get increased engagement. The same thing can be done with stories, but this time the goal is to get people to pay attention to the two photos because they are truly different.


You can offer people rewards in multiple categories, such as who will be the first to find five differences, who will be the first to find all the differences, etc. When multiple prizes are offered, people appreciate that they have a better chance of winning and will actively switch stories to win .


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No. 3. find/guess objects from photographs


Another simple game has two variations:


- Color the objects in the photo with emojis or paint and ask them to name them.

- Color the objects in the photo with emoticons or paint and ask them to name them. It's best to add questions to the next story and ask them to look at it again. For example, “By the way, did you notice the cat in the previous photo?” "


These games may seem stupid, but people actually love them. You don't need a complicated quiz to start telling your story, and if you keep it simple and clear (and related to your niche), you'll see engagement start to rise.


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No. 4. True or False is the best game to increase your Instagram followers.


This is a great way to test your audience's intuition and also teach them something. Find interesting facts related to your niche and take a true or false quiz in Stories. As always, the winner will receive fame, likes and rewards - whatever you choose to offer.


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No. 5. emoji decoding


Write any short phrase using emoji and invite your followers to decipher it. This game is usually used This is for encrypting movie titles or song lyrics, but you can also hide phrases using emoji. Again, this is great for algorithms as people will be engaged with your story. If you make it too difficult, people will not understand the phrase and will lose interest in such games.


#6: Math Puzzles


This is a difficult story game, but you can try it too. People solve your story using riddles and try to guess the answer. You don't have to come up with your own mathematical counterexamples; there are plenty of them on the Internet.


If the game is not successful, don't be upset. Blogging is a process of trial and error, and if real users are not willing or interested, there are always cheap SMM services that will help.


No. 7. Guess the colors


Upload a black and white image and ask viewers to guess the color of the item. You can also use question stickers. It might be best to start with this trick and ask the audience to choose from several options.


If you introduce games and start adding interactivity to your blog, you will see significant improvements. And don’t forget to buy activities on the cheapest SMM panel for Instagram followers - sometimes it can be difficult to motivate people, but SMM services never fail.