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A few months ago, new Telegram rules shocked users. The added features and improvements have caused headaches for many bloggers. This update caused a lot of trouble for channel owners, who had to redirect their attention to finding new Telegram Premium members instead of creating quality content.

Your channel may have thousands of subscribers, but only a few of them may have premium accounts. The messenger developers made it clear that promotion and success directly depend on the behavior and support of these users. Therefore, as a smart solution to your problems, you can forget about them by purchasing a premium membership on our website.

In this article we will tell you how the new Telegram features work and why you should not delay your purchase.

New ranking algorithm for Telegram channels

The topic of ranking messengers has caused a lot of controversy and has been very misunderstood by both users and channel owners. It's all cleared up now, but some confusion still remains (mostly because many people still aren't used to the changes).

Here are the main points to remember about Telegram's new search rankings

- To find your channel, users need to enter the channel name or keywords;

- To find your channel, users will need to enter your channel name or keywords; and The number of readers you currently have will still play an important role in your initial ranking - with a few exceptions: from September 2023, only Telegram premium members will matter for SEO;

- If a premium member follows too many channels, the impact on promotion will be minimal;

- Even if a channel has a relatively small number of subscribers, accounts that are premium members will still be able to bring it to the top of search results.

This news means that all channels have opportunities for promotion, regardless of their size and popularity. On the one hand, this creates a huge competitive advantage for small and medium-sized bloggers. However, the question of how to find such premium Telegram members remains open. In the next part of this article, we will tell you how to solve this problem.

The impact of premium Telegram accounts on SEO

As mentioned earlier, premium accounts have a higher level of access and influence when it comes to promoting groups and channels. However, if you check your list of followers and find that Messenger has very few accounts with paid subscriptions, there is no point in looking towards other social networks. You can get the necessary services at a low price in our SMM panel.

High-quality SMM services are the best way to increase awareness and attract more real subscribers. Prosmmtop offers you many options - buy Telegram subscribers, add views and replies to posts on premium accounts. This will show the algorithms that your blog is popular with valuable premium subscribers, leading to higher search rankings. All of our premium services reboot for free, so you don't have to worry about performance.

Buy Telegram Boost to activate your channel's stories

Another useful feature for users is Stories. Initially, this feature was only available for personal accounts. But recently, Telegram developers took a big step forward and improved the connection between bloggers and readers by enabling the Stories feature in all channels.

However, there is no need to rush to check this now. By default the feature is disabled and guess what you need to enable the Stories feature in Telegram? Yes, you will need the help of a premium account.

But here's something to consider. To unlock the Stories feature, it is not enough to purchase a Telegram premium subscription. You need to collect "boosts (votes)". When you reach 0.1% of the channel's total subscriber votes, you will reach level one and be able to publish your story. For each boost level (0.1% of votes) you can publish one more story. Remember that only votes from premium subscribers count.

Can I develop my channel without the Premium SMM service?

As you can see, the connection between subscribers and channel growth is becoming stronger. Previously, to become viral on Telegram, a few thousand subscribers were enough. Now that the big blogs have been forgotten, new players can enter the game. We may continue to deny the inevitable, but the fact remains that a premium Telegram membership is a modern necessity for any blogger who wants to stay afloat.

Fortunately, with new challenges come new opportunities. Cheap SMM services are now available to everyone and all you need to do is find out where you can get them for very little money.

Where to buy a premium account on Telegram

Where to buy a paid subscription account is another question for channel owners. There are not many SMM services that offer this service, and to be honest, if you want to choose between several service providers, the quality of service they offer does not match the price you are asking.

Prosmmtop has solved this problem by creating some first-class premium account services: Now you can buy Telegram subscribers of a premium account that will not disappear (subscribers will not drop out), as well as other Telegram services to promote your channel:

- Premium channel subscribers who will not disappear + views (accounts with personal photos). This service can be purchased for different periods - test the 7-day version or subscribe to the full version for 6 months.

- Reactions from premium accounts. You can choose what suits your channel better - mixed positive reactions or random negative reactions.

- Stories activation service. 0.1% of premium accounts will vote for your channel.

Conclusion: How premium accounts can help Telegram in 2024

The new Telegram promotion rules are confusing and complex. In addition, there are not enough premium users to ensure that everyone grows equally and at the same speed. Our robust SMM panel and low-cost services will help you gain a competitive edge in this race for reputation and growth - visit our website to find out how we can help you become popular on Telegram.

By purchasing a premium Telegram membership from one of our premium providers, you can reach new heights and grow your brand faster than anyone else. Don't miss out on the opportunity to purchase the best premium account for your blog as prices may increase in the future as demand increases.