How to make your audience active and increase the number of subscribers on Instagram

Engagement rate plays an important role in the growth of your Instagram account. It includes all types of audience interaction with your content and the overall percentage of people who are “truly interested.” If you learn how to increase your engagement, you can increase your Instagram following. Why? Because algorithms promote the most engaging content!


There are two ways to get interaction: real activity from real subscribers and fake interaction received from the Instagram SMM panel. Both methods are good for blog development and can be used together. Don’t rely only on SMM services: after all, your main goal is not to get nice numbers, but to attract real people to your page.


Let's see how interaction will rule social media in 2023!


Why does interaction matter?


First of all, interaction is necessary for your self-esteem and motivation. Especially if you work hard to create your content. When you see your posts and stories resonate with your audience, you become even more motivated to keep going.


Secondly, it creates activity on the page that will be quickly detected by algorithms. For example, you shared a story and received an unusually large number of reactions - just because it was a beautiful photo. Algorithms detect this spike in activity and consider this story important. So they show it to more subscribers.


Satisfying Instagram algorithms is not an easy task. You can get all the necessary services from a reliable SMM panel for Instagram. Yes, these services are known for only providing likes and followers, but they are getting better and new features are appearing. With Prosmmtop, every account owner can increase the number of comments, likes, views and even impressions and saves. Below we will discuss organic ways to increase your engagement rates.


Types of interactions that help increase your Instagram followers


In addition to a cheap SMM provider, there is still the opportunity to get a real reaction from your audience. However, you need to work on the quality of your Stories and posts. We've already shared 7 tips for writing compelling stories, but you need more than that.


Improving engagement means working on the following aspects of your Instagram activity:


· Comments;

· like;

· saves;

· views of stories and videos.


We've prepared a complete guide to improving the interaction between you and your audience. Follow these guidelines and you will notice that more and more people begin to respond to what you do.


How to promote comments


Let's start with the most difficult part - comments. While users can be generous with private messages, it is nearly impossible to get them to leave a comment that is visible to everyone. Whether they are embarrassed or simply do not want to express their opinion, it does not matter. There are certain tricks that will awaken even the most passive audience.


Reply to all comments. Emojis also count. Your goal is to get as many comments as possible, so reward people for their activity. Yes, it may seem trivial when someone leaves you a flower or a heart as a comment, but be sure to respond anyway.

Always add a question at the end of your post.

Explain to your subscribers that you don't expect them to write anything smart. Ask about simple things - such questions are easier to answer.

Give your subscribers something in exchange for a comment - a useful guide, a file with some information, a link to a useful product or video, a chance to find out the price of your product, etc.


If your blog is relatively small and doesn't have many active followers, don't expect hundreds of topics and active discussions to appear under your posts. Continue with your plan and use your Instagram follower panel to get more comments. Fake comments will serve as an example for inactive and shy users.


Prosmmtop offers you high-quality SMM services: receive comments in YOUR language with us! We have comments in Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, German, Chinese and English, as well as custom emojis that also count as full comments for Instagram's algorithms.


How to get more likes on Instagram


The number of likes on your post depends on many factors: the quality of the photo/video or text, time of publication, hashtags and geotags, how relevant this post is, etc. It is almost impossible to predict whether a publication will be trending. or forgotten.


Either way, there are still some things you can do to increase your likes:


1. Gently and politely remind your followers to like your posts. Explain that it is important to you/allows you to analyze people's preferences/or makes you feel useful. As a rule, people are happy Tweets like posts with useful information.

2. Exchange likes for additional content. For example, “if this post gets 100 likes, I will share my secrets on how to make money online/where to buy a cheaper iPhone/how to block ads on YouTube, etc.” Make sure you give something truly valuable in return, otherwise users won't even like your post.

3. Use hashtags and geotags.


More likes will make your page attractive to real users and will increase the number of followers on Instagram. If you are not getting enough activity from organic methods, visit our website and buy them.


How to get an insane amount of saves


A post that people will definitely want to save meets 2 criteria: it is short and useful. That's all. No tricks, no complex or long texts.


Here are some ways to increase your save count:


1. Create travel guides, place lists, and to-do lists. People love to save useful posts for later.

2. Focus on instructional videos. Users “love” with their eyes. Video is more visual than photos and text.

3. Remind your audience to save the post. Short calls to action still work!


Again, saves can be purchased in the SMM panel for Instagram. This is a relatively new option that not every provider offers. If you want to increase the number of saves, try Prosmmtop.


How to increase the number of views on Stories and Reels


Stories and reels are two of the most popular types of content on Instagram. Both users and bloggers prefer them to posts. They are more lively, honest, active and attract more attention. And this is the main type of content where bloggers make the most mistakes. In our article you will find the 3 most common Stories mistakes and ways to avoid them.


In addition to creating interesting content and following all the rules of storytelling, you can use a cheap SMM provider to increase the number of views: Prosmmtop works with Reels, IGTV and Stories. Create an account on our website and enjoy low-cost services with a reliable panel for followers, likes and comments on Instagram.